There is a new bail bondsman (uh bondswoman) in town

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    She isn’t “Dirty Harry.” She doesn’t drive a pink Cadillac or carry a gun. But if she pays your bond and you skip town, Diana House and her two dogs will hunt you down and drag you back to court.
    “What do you see, a dictator?” House said, tossing her long hair over a shoulder. “I make mental notes, and from what they (the bond) tell you, you go and hunt them down.”
    House, 43, is petite with reddish-brown hair that is just beginning to turn white. She wears hoop earrings, silver rings on every finger and loves toe rings. House wears leather, fringed flip-flops and chain-smokes when nervous, fidgeting with her cigarettes and flicking invisible ashes. She listens to bluegrass music because, “Every song sounds like you when you get divorced.”
    House’s two dogs go with her to meet potential bonds. She keeps them on a leash or in her fenced-in yard, she said.
    Fancy Face is the female American Shar-pei who comes with House when she needs added protection and confidence.
    “Fancy Face is very protective,” she said, petting the large, creamy-colored dog.
    Her Chocolate Labrador, named Milk Dud, is the friendly male dog who looks into car windows with all paws on the ground and stares the driver in the eye.
    Both dogs are intimidating in different ways, House said. She doesn’t carry a gun or a knife. She uses her dogs as tools to get jumpers to behave and to decide if she will bond a potential client in the first place.
    “Dogs are very good judges of character,” she said. “People should be more like dogs.”
    Move over Dog, you got company
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