These Children are NOT Missing!!!

Discussion in 'Missing Archives' started by Paradise, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I stumbled upon tonight and came up with a list of missing children e-mails that were hoaxes. After someone posted about Christopher Mineo a few weeks ago I thought this might be good to have here so if someone searches the board for one of these kids they'll realize it was a hoax. I also included children that actually were missing and have been found since their e-mails could still be circulating. If anyone has any more to add to this list please do.

    Kelsey Brooke Jones

    Christopher John Mineo Jr.

    Penny Brown

    Danielle van Dam

    Krystava Patients Schmidt

    Ashlyn Sarkies

    Nicholas Farber

    Briana Hennigan

    Jessica Koopmans

    Cecilia Zhang

    Aaron Russell Steinmetz

    Elizabeth Smart

    Wendy Bott

    Dru Sjodin

    Lindsey Ryan

    Shyanne Josephine Godron-Wood

    Unknown Tsunami Victim (Boy)

    Unknown Tsunami Victim (Girl)

    Laci Peterson
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