These Dogs Are Perfectly Imperfect

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    Every county in the U.S. needs to have this type of foundation for dogs, cats and other animals. It made me happy to find this.

    In Salt Lake City, Utah, Jennifer Clayton (Ruby’s adoptive mother) and co-founder Marjo Korb run the Utah Animal Advocacy Foundation, which specializes finding dogs with special needs forever homes......

    "UAAF believes that every animal deserves a home regardless of age or disability. We specialize in the rescue and rehabilitation of 'special needs' animals including orphaned newborns, senior animals, animals with behavioral issues, injured animals, and animals with ongoing health problems," .......

    "We live in a disposable society," she said. "And these dogs are often the first ones to be disposed of. But they are not disposable."

    Bonus smilie link: Cats are Basically Magic

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