They Have Declared War

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    Public enemy No. 1: a street


    NewsWhile the justice system deals with accused cop-killer Alberto Alvarez, East Palo Alto Police Chief Ron Davis is going after his main accomplice:
    The one-block-long cul-de-sac called Sacramento Street. This gritty tenth of a mile is close to where police officer Richard May was gunned down the night of Jan. 7 after responding to a disturbance call at a nearby taqueria. It's where Alvarez, now being held without bond in San Mateo County Jail, was discovered hiding the next morning. And for over a decade, police say, it has served as an open-air drug bazaar for the Sac Street Gang, one of the city's three major crime groups and Alvarez's suspected crew.

    Drawing on a variety of tools -- including a ``Most Wanted'' television show, stepped-up graffiti removal and temporary restraining orders pioneered 16 years ago by the city of San Jose -- Davis hopes to formalize plans this week to avenge May's slaying. Part of that effort features a crime-busting magic trick: He would like to make Sacramento Street disappear.

    I was watching the local news, and of the known 72 gang members, 50 are in prison, and 22 are out.
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