Thief checkmated at bank

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    “What's the luck of being in the bank at the same time?”

    It was the worst place to pass a stolen check, and the worst time.

    But when the suspect walked into a Prairie Village savings association on Wednesday, police said, she couldn't have known her victim was already there filling out forms about her stolen checkbook.

    “What's the luck of being in the bank at the same time?” Prairie Village Police Sgt. Craig Caster said Thursday.

    It all began about noon Wednesday when the victim, a 76-year-old Leawood woman, was shopping in a Kansas City grocery store. She stepped away from her cart and someone swiped her purse.

    The victim immediately called her savings association and was assured that her account would be flagged, she said. But three hours later, she started wondering what exactly “flagged” meant. She drove to the Capitol Federal Savings branch at 75th Street and State Line Road to inquire.

    Full Story from Miami Herald
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