Thieves steal truck containing 25,000 sets of Billy Bob Teeth

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    Putting a bite into crime, thieves stole a White River Township man’s pickup truck and cargo trailer Thursday, apparently not realizing that it contained at least 25,000 sets of Billy Bob Teeth.

    A distant cousin of plastic Halloween vampire fangs, the Billy Bob novelty items make the wearer appear to sport crooked, decayed, tobacco-stained teeth.

    Greg O’Dell, a distributor of Billy Bob Teeth in Greenwood, reported that he had a delivery of between 25,000 and 30,000 sets of teeth stored overnight in his cargo trailer, hitched to his white-and-tan Ford F350 pickup. Between 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and 7 a.m. Thursday, someone made off with the truck and trailer near Sugar Grove Elementary School, and the cargo along with it.

    “I’ve got a feeling someone is going to be disappointed when they get into the back of that cargo trailer and think they’ve got computers or construction tools and find out they’ve got Billy Bob Teeth,” said Chief Deputy Doug Cox of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

    O’Dell had been a partner in the Greenwood-based Billy Bob Teeth online sales company but recently stepped down to become a distributor of the novelties and start his own company, he said.

    “I’m just a guy who sold crooked teeth for almost eight years,” O’Dell said. “I wanted to sell other items and was in the process of moving inventory to our new office, and basically I got ripped off.”
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