Thomas Hargrove and Bessie Featured in the latest edition of The New Yorker


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Sep 13, 2003
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Congratulations to Tom Hargrove, Bessie and The Murder Accountability Project for their work being featured in The New Yorker

From the article:
Thomas Hargrove is a homicide archivist. For the past seven years, he has been collecting municipal records of murders, and he now has the largest catalogue of killings in the country—751,785 murders carried out since 1976, which is roughly twenty-seven thousand more than appear in F.B.I. files.
Websleuths is very proud Thomas Hargrove is a member at Websleuths.
When you read this article you will discover just what an amazing man Tomas Hargrove is and how he spends his time trying to keep all of us safe by finding serial killers.
MAP, The Murder Accountability Project is a great tool but you have to understand how to use it properly.

Bessie has been a member of Websleuths since 2008 and is one of our best mods especially when it comes to mapping, using figures, all of the things that I absolutely cannot comprehend let alone try and use when I am posting.

The New Yorker reached out to Bessie and she explains how the Murder Accountability’s website helps her when she works on cases.
To have The New Yorker reach out to Bessie is a huge testament to her abilities.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find out the many different paths Mr. Hargrove took that led him to finally put The Murder Accountability Project together.

LIke this: In 2007 one of those paths led him to discover something so surprising about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome that his research is the reason SIDS is looked at completely different than before.That's just one.

Please post and let Thomas Hargrove and our wonderful Bessie know how much we all appreciate their hard work. CLICK HERE for the article

Thank you,
Congratulations to you both! Awesome work you two!!
Wow! Congratulations! 🏵🌻

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Great stuff Thomas and Bessie! Thank you for everything you do for VoC and WS x
wtg Thomas & Bessie!
also I noticed MIchael Arntfield is also featured in the article

That is a fantastic article. This is a huge win for anti-crime advocates. The New Yorker is traditionally an anti-victim, pro-criminal outlet. They never talk about crime unless it's cops or prosecutors doing wrong. Big hugs to everyone involved. What a great road. Science will get them.
What a great article....I learned so much. What you are doing Mr. Hargrove is sensational. Finding patterns is such interesting (and addicting) work. How very cool you get to do that for a living (or non-profit I believe now?) Thank you so much for sharing MAP with us...I love using it.

Bessie you are have every state exciting. Thanks so much for all you do and the inspiration I receive from what you have collected and created.

I am just so grateful to have found WS and like-minded people who love finding patterns and putting pieces together. I lose track of time doing this hobby (I have a real job that I really need to get sleep for!!)

Thanks again Tricia and all!!
Very nice work, Mr. Hargrove! Thank you for persevering.

Bessie, you always amaze me!
Fascinating article. Congratulations to all involved!
What an interesting article. And what an incredible brilliant mind made this project happen. Great work Thomas Hargrove. And Bessie you are just incredibly awesome as usual. Congratulations to you both!
What a great article, kudos to you Thomas and Bessie!

Data and analytics are my thing, and I truly believe in the power of them to transform many industries including law-enforcement. It is an uphill battle, however as the article speaks about, to change the culture of law-enforcement and detectives who Have relied on tedious work and intuition for so long to trust the findings of a computer, but there are police departments around the country that have been adopting more analytic-based techniques into their processes. The future is here!

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Fantastic news!! Keep up the good fight Thomas and Bessie and all Websleuths!
Great job guys. Im glad to hear this. Keep up the good work.
Awesome work! Y’all are amazing.
Congrats Thomas and Bessie! You may be pioneers for change in how things are done in this country in the pursuit of justice for all.
Congratulations Thomas and to Bessie my all time fav Mod!
Wow fantastic to both Thomas and Bessie
What a great article that was to read, very interesting

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