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Discussion in 'Luka Rocco Magnotta AKA Eric Newman' started by JBean, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Threads will be moderated for awhile-meaning they will not appear when you create them. As moderators approve them, they will become visible.

    The threads should be topic specific and we should all try and stay on topic as much as possible.

    Because there were general discussion threads open, there will be confusion as to where to post things.
    If we keep the threads more focused that confusion will disappear.
    If you have a thread called The Smiths it doesn't tell anyone what belongs on it.
    So break your thread into topics about specific things about the Smiths
    1. Background
    2. Arrest- release information
    3. Timeline
    4. Evidence to date
    and so on.

    if you have a thought about something, look and see if it is being discussed. If it is ,bump that thread and continue discussion there. Don't start a thread just to ask a single yes or no question. Look and see if your question fits into a topic. if you have a new topic idea and it is not being discussed go ahead and start a new thread. Be sure to search first.

    Please don't post the same thing on 2 threads. I know it may have overlap and can go on two threads, but please pick the best one or we have parallel discussions going on.

    Think about being able to retirve information at trial or as new developments come up. It is hard to isolate discussion in a general discussion or broad topic thread, but it is easy to find a specific topic and update it with information.

    You will get into a groove before you know it and follow the lead of posters that have been here a but longer.They can be very helpful and provide guidance if you are unsure.

    Thank you! the goal is to be able to discuss every aspect of the case and devote threads to those apsects.

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