Three-year-old hurt when firecracker explodes in mouth

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    t's a horrifying thing to imagine. Fireworks exploding in the mouth of a 3-year old little boy. In this case, a bottle rocket.

    "I thought he was dead for a minute," says the victim's uncle DeAngelo McKee.

    Family members identify the boy as Amendo McKee. It happened behind the family's apartment at 532 Smythe Curve. McKee suffered burns in his throat. He walked out of Children's Hospital today in Birmingham after two days worth of treatments. It's not known if McKee will suffer long term effects from the explosion.

    Now investigators want to know how this happened. An accident? Maybe but maybe not.

    "That someone may have given the fireworks, actually told him to place the fireworks in his mouth. That's something we're checking into," says Lt. Huey Thornton.

    That version of the story seems to square up with what McKee tells WSFA 12 News; a13-year old neighborhood boy told Amendo to put the bottle rocket in his mouth. It's not clear who lit the fuse.

    "He told him to put it in his mouth and it went down his throat."

    Reporter: "Why did he do that?"

    McKee: "I don't know, but I don't think he was trying to hurt him."
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