Thurs Aug 27th Elaine Redwine 9 PM Eastern

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    Yes, Elaine will be here. She sends her deepest apologies for not being in an area where they had cell service which prevented her from appearing on last week's show but it all worked out. She'll be here this coming Thursday, August 27th a few minutes past 9 PM Eastern AND we'll even have more time to discuss the latest in Dylan's (her son) murder case.

    Also joining us is Candace Camille. Candace will discuss her chilling story of a stalker who, after seeing her picture in an advertisement, stalked her relentlessly. Candace also offers tips on how to protect yourself when someone is stalking you.

    Rounding out the show Websleuths Admin Bessie will be on hand with the latest in our "The Next Step" series of cold cases

    To listen to the show live at a few minutes past 9:00 PM Eastern on Thursday go to click on the blue "Listen Now" at the top of the page. This takes you to the live iHeartradio show every Thursday night just a few minutes past 9 pm Eastern.

    Don't forget the chat room opens every Thursday night 8:30 PM Eastern.
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    Chat room is open. Join in!

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