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    Originally Posted by nursebeeme
    My try at a timeline (please add/subtract)

    2005/Australia: at age 5 Zahra battles and beats bone cancer and loses her leg

    2007/Australia: at age 7 Zahra has a secondary Lung Cancer and chemo damages her
    high frequency hearing

    2007 ish Australia/US: Adam and Elesa meet online

    July 2008 (?): they marry and Adam comes to the US with Elesa

    2008-2010: the couple lives in numerous places around the area and Zahra attends
    Caldwell county schools. Neighbors and family describe frequent abuse

    May 2010: hearing resource teacher from zahra's school tells her family about the
    hearing aid giveaway and she receives bilateral hearing aides at the
    the Charlotte Motor Speedway on 11 May 2010

    August 2010: family member states that adam tried to run her off the road with a car
    and also states that Elesa threated to kill her and her family while aiming
    a tazer at her

    mid august/early september: Zahra is not enrolled in new school when family moves
    to new house in hickory. None of the new neighbors
    have reported ever seeing the child

    thursday 7 October: dad says he last sees Zahra when he gets home from work

    friday 8 october: Elesa calls family member and asks her to drop the charges. Family
    member says this is the first that she has heard that the family had
    even moved to a new house

    friday 8 october: father states zahra was in bed when he left for work and in bed when
    he got home from work

    saturday 9 october: 0500ish am there is a brush fire reported on a mulch pile behind
    the house. LE called by FD at 0520 because they found gas
    poured inside one of the vehicles and a ransom note. Adam's boss
    and daughter are named in the note. They are checked on and
    ok. LE/FD leave around 0640. Zahra is never checked on.

    saturday 9 october: Adam says he goes to a job and doesn't see Zahra. He returns
    home around 1300 and works in the yard. His wife runs out of the
    house screaming that Zahra is gone. LE is called at 1400.

    sunday 10 october: Elesa is arrested on unrelated charges with a bond of 31,500.
    She is a POI in Zahra's case.

    Monday 11 October: there is a press briefing. LE is trying to establish a timeline for
    when Zahra was last seen by anyone other than the family.
    Later in the day the SW is released that states there was evidence
    of human remains in both vehicles and possible blood in one.
    The ransom note is also released. Elesa is interviewed in jail by
    LE that night.

    Tuesday 12 October: at a presser LE says that this is now a homicide investigation and
    the amber alert has been cancelled. Elesa has now been served
    with a felony warrant for obstruction of justice and has admitted
    to penning the ransom note. She asked for a lawyer after that
    admission. LE continues to ask public help for anyone who has
    seen Elesa in the past month and asks for anyone who knows
    anything about an inspection at the house or an inspection that
    was scheduled at the house to come forward. Le says that info
    to the public will now be limited due to the fact that it is a
    homicide investigation
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    Here is another timeline...

    Speedway Children's charity helps bring hearing to those in need
    Ten-year-old Zahra Baker was all smiles as she was fitted with her device.
    Baker lost her hearing during chemotherapy treatments for two bouts of cancer.
    According to her mother, Elesa, Baker suffers from what is known as high frequency hearing loss. As such, she has a difficult time hearing "s" and "f" sounds.
    A hearing resource teacher at Baker's school in Hudson, N.C. mentioned the Speedway Children's Charity giveaway to Elesa, who jumped at the chance to help her daughter regain her normal hearing.
    "She said this would be a wonderful opportunity to open up other opportunities," Elesa said.
    Elesa, who fought back tears as volunteers walked her daughter through how to use the new hearing device, said she looked forward to the opportunities the gift will bring Zahra - opportunities to better understand her teachers and friends at school, and better communicate with her family.

    GMA video

    Zahra Baker case: Police searching in Burke County
    Hickory police and search dogs are canvassing an area in Burke County in connection with the Zahra Baker case.
    A man who lives near the property told NewsChannel 36 that crews also combed the area off of Hartland Road yesterday.
    That neighbor says a police officer told him a cadaver dog smelled blood on a mulch pile and on a wood chipper on the property.

    Raw Video:Zahra at Speedway Children's Charities in May
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    From http://www.wsoctv.com/news/25801554/detail.html

    Oct. 22: Elisa tells attys she knows circumstances of death and disappearance; that night attys find evidence in case and “later” turn that evidence over to law enforcement

    By Oct. 24: “Within 48 hours, police were told that Zahra was dead and that her body was dismembered and would be recovered at different locations, according to the document. Elisa Baker’s attorneys suggested that she could show police the exact locations.”

    Oct. 25: EB accompanies LE on “drive bys” in the red SUV vehicle.
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