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Timeline - Background, June 18th, and follow up

Discussion in 'Cooper Harris' started by Salem, Jul 7, 2014.

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    This was sent to me and I want to put it here to share it. If there are changes, updates, revisions, etc. let me know and I'll update. Thanks!

    Timeline for Cooper Harris Case (in 3 parts)


    RH's Reddit
    MSM Reports
    Published Search Warrants
    Probable Cause hearing 03Jul2014

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Background Timeline

    2011 RH quits his three-year job as a police dispatcher in Tuscaloosa AL, in order to attend college full-time. He and LH move in with her mother (parents?). His education is 100% funded by student loans.

    2011-2014 RH posts frequently at ***********. Topics include his schooling and career, career advice to others, football, coaching/officiating, web-development advice, his guitars and guitar-playing virtuosity and tips, advice to others about the best places to eat/drink, his anti-abortion stance, his claim to be closely related to Elvis Presley (says his great-grandmother was the sister of Elvis's grandmother), a desire to become VP at a Fortune 50 company (relative to the parents of a former girlfriend who felt he was “going nowhere,”) and more. He claims he earns $61,500 in his position with Home Depot.

    MAY 2012 RH and LH move to Marietta GA from Tuscaloosa AL immediately following RH's graduation from UA, for Ross's new web development position with Home Depot. LH is ~7 months pregnant with Cooper at this time. They join a local church, where RH plays guitar for the worship band and LH volunteers in the nursery. LH is a registered dietician. RH also coaches/referees high school sports.

    AUGUST 2012 Cooper is born. He is an only child. His parents, who allegedly suffered with fertility issues prior to his conception, have been married since 2006.
    2013-2014 RH sexually interacts electronically as well as in person with females he meets online, including at least one who was only 16. LH is said to be aware of infidelity at some point. Some electronic sexual sessions occur in the presence of his baby and his sleeping wife. He researches GA criminal statutes and penalties related to sexual activity with a minor.
    AUGUST 2013 Cooper turns one year old.

    APRIL 2014 RH is unhappy w/Home Depot; says he was passed over for promotion. Feels angry.

    Within two months of JUNE 18, 2014 RH accesses the “Child-Free” Sub-Reddit, reading at least 4 articles (and discussion threads?) on the subject. He researches “How to survive prison,” watches a TV program on the Turn Around (or Look Back) program, which reminds parents to always look in the back seat to prevent forgetting a child there; RH would later tell LE he had practiced it often. He also visits several web sites showing graphic images or videos of people dying or being killed.

    MAY 2014 RH interviews with Chik-Fil-A Corporate; does not get the job. Feels depressed.

    MAY 2014 (6 wks before 6/18/14) Cooper gets a new forward-facing big-boy car seat.

    JUNE 5, 2014 RH is sexting w/a female whom he informs that his child and wife are present. When the other participant, upon learning this, asks RH whether he has any conscience at all, he answers: “Nope.”

    ~June 5, 2014 Although Cooper has been riding in his new car seat for ~4 weeks, RH switches with LH at this time, going back to using the too-small, rear-facing car seat Cooper will die in two weeks later, on June 18.

    JUNE 13, 2014 RH watches a video for the second time: Veterinarian Ernie Ward's demonstration of the suffering dogs are subjected to when left in a hot car, including details of temperature increases and effects as time passes over a 30-minute period. Closing himself inside a vehicle on a hot day, with all four windows cracked open at least one inch, Dr. Ward documented his own physical and mental distress as the minutes ticked by and the temperature rose, noting that it would be much worse for a dog who has no control and no understanding of what is happening to it. Emphasized in the video are the dog's helplessness, fear, panic, vulnerability, suffering, and the despair of awaiting a rescue that does not come. Dr. Ward stresses that his own significant discomfort as a human is a fraction of what a dog would experience. (Unclear: date/time RH watched this video for the first time.)
    Some time prior to the evening of JUNE 18, 2014 RH has deleted multiple records from his phones, computers, and presumably other electronic devices.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    JUNE 18, 2014 – the day of Cooper's death

    06:30 LH gets up, gets ready for work.

    07:00 RH and Cooper are up “after 7:00.” They watch cartoons in bed.

    07:15 LH leaves the house for a work . She is a registered dietician, reportedly for DaVita.
    * Note: LH works “out of the home,” per Stoddard @7/3/14 hearing.

    ???? (After 8:30) RH leaves w/Cooper, allegedly headed for Chik-Fil-A, then day care, then work.

    * Note: RH usually took Cooper to day care; he drove him 6 of the 9 work mornings prior to June 18.

    * Note: RH & LH usually traded off picking up Cooper, based on schedules/convenience.
    * Note: Cooper's day care is Little Apron Academy, Home Depot's proprietary day care, located at Home Depot Corporate, 2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta, GA.

    09:00 RH & Cooper arrive at the Vinings Chik-Fil-A, 2485 Cumberland Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA.

    09:00 to 09:19 RH and an alive, happy Cooper have breakfast inside CFA, confirmed by video.

    09:19 RH says he buckled Cooper “tightly” into his rear-facing car seat & exchanged kisses w/him.

    * Note: Cooper was several inches taller than the maximum guideline for this rear-facing car seat.
    * Note: The car seat was situated in the center of the back seat, rear-facing.
    * Note: Cooper's head would have been in clear sight and approx. 6” away from the driver (RH).

    09:19 RH & Cooper leave Chik-Fil-A.

    09:19 RH glances right at the Cumberland turnaround; heads toward the Paces Ferry intersection.

    09:19 30-40 secs. later, RH stays on Cumberland instead of turning left at Paces Ferry.

    * Note: This means he failed to turn toward Little Apron, and headed toward the Treehouse.
    * Note: From Chik-Fil-A to Little Apron Academy is approx 0.02 mi.
    * Note: From Chik-Fil-A to the Treehouse building is approx. 0.6 mi.

    09:25 RH arrives at work, drives past a parking space, then reverses to re-position.

    *Note: He parks in the back of the lot, between another vehicle and a grassy area.
    *Note: Address of the Treehouse building is 2600 Cumberland Pkwy SE, Atlanta GA.

    09:25 Once parked, RH looks to his right to pick up his laptop on the front passeger seat.

    09:25 RH remains in the vehicle for approx 30 secs. before exiting it and walking to the building.

    * Note: He has just left Cooper in a sealed vehicle on the day predicted to be the hottest yet this year.

    All day: RH juggles “up to 6” electronic sex conversations, including sexting graphic photos.

    All day: RH participates in open chat w/3 friends who work at a different HD office.

    10:25 After one hour, Cooper has most likely expired from hyperthermia after suffering greatly.

    11:30 Lunchtime (11:30 – 12:30)

    * Note: Lunch partners that day were Alex Hall and Winston Milling. They both work at the Corporate Home Depot location, not at the Treehouse building where RH works. They both went to school with RH at UA. The two friends, along with a third friend, Jason Abdug(sp?), are RH's business partners in a side web-development company called “Ninth-Hour.”

    11:?? Two HD employees, AH and WM, pick up RH for lunch in a green car. AH drives.

    Lunch – They eat at the Publix “hot bar,” go to UPS store. (This Publix is near the Chik-Fil-A.)
    Lunch – At RH's request, they then go to Home Depot store for 10 minutes for vanity light bulbs.

    12:42 Green car drops off RH at his car in the Treehouse parking lot and drives off.

    12:42 RH opens driver's door, tosses bulbs into front seat w/head turned to left, toward front of car.

    * Note: The “tossing” and description of the head turn is from Stoddard's testimony 7/3/14.

    12:42 As RH walks away, another person on foot approaches. Once they pass, RH stops, looks back.

    12:42 RH watches the other person walk past the death car; RH appears to make a cell phone call.

    12:42 RH returns to his office inside the Treehouse building.

    After lunch – RH is still sexting; also has made arrangements w/friends re movie after work.

    01:30 RH receives a group email from Cooper's day care teacher. (Unknown: Did he read it?)

    03:16 RH messages LH, “When you gonna get my buddy?” (alleged by defense @ 7/3/14 hearing)

    * This may conflict w/Stoddard @ 7/3/14 hearing, regarding whether texts were received/exchanged.

    03:45 RH posts msg to open chat, telling friends he'll be late for the movie.

    * This conflicts w/RH's statement to LE that he left work early @4:16 in order to make the movie.
    * Note: The movie theater is approximately a 5-10 minute drive from the Treehouse.

    04:04 LH calls RH's cell phone; there is “phone tag,” then a brief apparent conversation (1 min?).

    04:16 Outside temp approx 89 degrees. Est. temp in vehicle interior approx 120-140 degrees.

    04:16 RH leaves building, enters stifling car, drives away immediately w/o opening any windows.

    04:?? RH later claims he noticed Cooper when glancing right to change lanes heading to movie.

    04:22 (6 mins. after leaving work) RH speeds into Akers Mill Center entrance, screeching tires.

    * Note: Distance from Treehouse to scene is approx 1.8 to 3.2 miles, depending on route.

    04:22 RH abruptly stops in the opposite lane of the Akers Mill Center roadway, near Uncle Maddio's.

    * Note: Address of Maddio's is 2955 Cobb Pkwy, Ste 290, Atlanta GA.

    04:22 RH opens driver-side rear door, removes Cooper from car seat with assistance from a bystander.

    * Note: One or more witnesses thought RH claimed Cooper was choking; &/or yelled “Call 911!”

    04:22 RH lay Cooper's body on the hot pavement next to the car.

    * Note: Witnesses/LE observe Cooper is discolored, in rigor mortis, eyes half-open, tongue protruding.

    04:22 RH may or may not have attempted CPR. The bystander begins CPR efforts.

    04:22 RH moves away to other side of car, begins to make phone calls. Does not call 911 himself.

    04:22 Witnesses observe erratic, dramatic, inappropriate behavior from RH.

    04:22 Witnesses hear RH yell, “What have I done?” “My son/child is dead!”

    04:23 First LE units arrive on scene. RH is allegedly on his cell phone at this time.

    * Note: RH's phone shows calls to LH, Treehouse, Little Apron Academy. One is a 6-minute call.

    ???? EMT's arrive. CPR is suspended when Cooper is pronounced dead.

    04:24 Lt. Farrell(sp?) approaches car, notes strong foul odor of death/decomposition, as do other LE.

    * Note: Unit Commander at the Akers Mill scene was Lt. Farrell.(sp?) Witnesses at the Akers Mill scene were interviewed by Det. Raissi & Det. Murphy. Lead detective for the case is Phil Stoddard.

    04:?? RH is instructed to get off the phone. He refuses, shouts “F*** you” angrily at officer.

    04:?? RH uncooperative. LE takes away RH's phone and detains him in back of LE vehicle.

    04:45 LH is allegedly due to pick up Cooper at 4:45.

    04:51 LH arrives at day care, learns Cooper not there; is calm. First remark is that RH left CH in car.

    05:00 Start time for “22 Jump Street” @AMC Pkwy Pointe 15 Theater, where RH's friends are.

    *Note: Address for theater: 3101 Cobb Pkwy, Atlanta GA, approx 0.3 mi from scene @Maddio's.

    ???? LH's repeated calls to RH go to vm; day care employee TJ accompanies her to Treehouse.

    ???? LE meets LH at Treehouse, tells her Cooper is dead. She says, “This was my worst nightmare.”

    *Note: Detectives who informed LH were Raissi and Stockinger.

    05:?? RH's friend who paid for his movie ticket texts him from inside the theater, gets no reply.

    05:?? 30 minutes later, friend exits movie to try to reach RH; several calls go to vm.

    ???? LH notifies her mother by phone that Cooper has died. LE overhears her mother's loud emotional reaction; notes that she asks LH why she is calm and not reacting. LH answers that she doesn't know, and that she must be in shock.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Subsequently, after RH is in the custody of Cobb County LE:

    RH is questioned; admits to having seen videos about leaving dogs in hot cars, seeing a TV documentary about leaving children in hot cars and how to prevent it. RH uses law enforcement lingo with investigators. LE notes that he does not seem to show legitimate emotional distress over the loss of his child.

    He does repeatedly stress that “this was my biggest fear.”

    *Note: Similarity to LH's statement, “this was my biggest nightmare.”

    RH tells LE he had been a stickler for always following car seat guidelines to protect Cooper.

    * This conflicts with the evidence that RH was using a car seat that day which was too small for Cooper, and that the straps were set in the lowest slots, appropriate for a small infant and not for a toddler.

    RH tells LE that he and Cooper exchanged kisses before leaving Chik-Fil-A that day, because he always did this, every single time he buckled Cooper into his car seat. He claims it was because he always feared Cooper would be killed in a car accident, and wanted the child to know that “daddy loves him,” just in case.

    LH declines to see Cooper, asks to see RH. Alone together in an interview room, they are surreptitiously observed by LE. After RH goes through his story with LH, she asks him, “Did you tell them too much?”

    RH lies to LH regarding Cooper's appearance after death. He tells her Cooper looked “peaceful,” with eyes and mouth closed. He admits to her, “I dreaded what he would look like.”

    The only time RH shows significant emotional distress is when discussing with LH that he will now lose his job, his fears for the future, and the unfairness of what is happening to him.

    During the early moments and hours of the investigation, LE become aware of certain facts; warrants are issued; RH's office at HD is searched; Home Depot is cooperating completely. RH's vehicle is impounded as evidence.

    LH tells LE that there have been intimacy problems in the marriage (and RH has been unfaithful?). She says that they have financial problems like so many other people these days, and that RH is in charge of the finances, as of recently.

    RH tells LE there are no financial problems, and that the $4,000 recently charged to their credit card was for the purpose of racking up airline miles.

    * Note: RH likely has significant school-loan debt, as he financed his entire education with loans. There are also two vehicle loans, plus a substantial amount charged to at least one credit card.

    RH is arrested at approximately 10:00pm. When LE informs him he is being charged with murder, RH protests, “But there was no malicious intent.” He is booked and incarcerated.
    Sometime shortly after his arrest and incarceration, allegedly “within 5 hours,” RH is giving someone information and instructions relating to how to cash in two insurance policies which existed on Cooper's life. One is a Home Depot employer-offered policy for $2,000. The other was obtained in November 2012, for $25,000.

    Additional search warrants, are used to gather evidence from the Harris's home, Home Depot and the Treehouse, Little Apron Academy, and various computers, phones, and other electronic devices.

    JUNE 25, 2014:

    The Cobb County Medical Examiner announces the results of Cooper's autopsy. Cause of death is consistent with hyperthermia (extreme overheating). Manner of death is consistent with homicide based on known “investigative information.”

    The CCME's autopsy report also noted (but these details were not disclosed until the 7/3/14 hearing) multiple fresh, unhealed scratch-type injuries to Cooper's face, as well as multiple abrasions on the back of his head; injuries that were presumably self-inflicted while Cooper was suffering, sealed up alone to die in the hot car that day.
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    Thanks so much. While everything is fresh, can we help you to put links for each of the listed facts in this master timeline ?

    There has already been discussion on how he parked in the parking lot and having a link to facts and where they came from .. that would help out longer term : moo:

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    Thank you so much for this. I knew nothing about this case, and reading this post has provided a huge amount of information.
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    Post 396 here: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?248989-LeAnna-(Mom)/page16

    Sometime after 4:51pm:

    After LH made that infamous statement about how 'Ross must have left him in the car' when she found out Cooper was not dropped off at daycare, LH tried to call RH's phone, but no answer. She then asked a male daycare worker to ride with her to RH work place (Home Depot, Treehouse location). Once she got there LE told her what happened to CH.


    5:30 p.m. - When Harris didn't show up 30 minutes into the movie, James Alex Hall stepped outside to contact him. Harris didn't respond to texts, and phone calls went straight to his voice mail, Hall said.



    4:24pm LE arrived/responded. They were right there in the parking lot already,
    On 06/18/14 at 1624 hrs Pct 3 officers responded to 2955 Akers Mill Rd, Atlanta GA regarding a person down call.



    the above notes taken from here: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?249061-Timeline-of-Events-June-18-2014
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    What is it that makes this a homicide instead of manslaughter or negligent homicide? Does anyone know the point of law?
  9. JerseyGirl

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    additional timeline info: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/ross-harris-trial/a-timeline-of-the-justin-ross-harris-case/217015136
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    Hope4More did this awesome timeline for us:


    Feel free to add what you will if you will, verified from testimony only.


    5:30 Cooper wakes up, wakes up RH, RH puts him in LH-RH bed, Cooper goes back to sleep.

    5:46. Text, RH to Ms. Meadows: ”Morning.” (no reply).

    7:15. Leanna leaves for work.

    7:37. RH replies to Whisper meme “I hate waking up this early.” RH: Then go to bed. (end of chat).

    7:41-7: 41 RH sends 3 quick replies to Fridayloves’s meme about coffee enemas.

    7:43-9:14 magnolia blonde (Whisper meme-last reply by Ross at 9:14, 4 minutes before he left CFA).

    7:49-8:08 manolia blonde (Whisper meme, last reply by Ross at 8:08

    8:16-8:16 RH replies to Bronze Light’s “ I love my MAC book air”

    (It's not known when RH left his house that AM. RH told LE that he left around 8:30, but that can't be verified. LE testified the drive from his house to CFA would take about 20 minutes, but they never drove the route, just Googled it).

    8:34. Email from project manager about postponing 10AM meeting

    8:43-8:48. RH replies to Oily Truth’s Whisper meme: why do teachers assign you homework and never check it. (6 replies from RH over 5 minutes).

    (LAA teachers say RH typically dropped Cooper off between 8:30-8:45,one teacher said up to 9:15))

    8:46 RH responds by phone to project manager’s email about postponing the 10AM meeting, saying he prefers it rescheduled to 3:30 rather than the suggested 12:30.

    8:48-8:48. RH replies to Visual Blonde’s Whisper meme: “anyone like a tall girl? RH, 2 replies: “ I do but I’m not very single, “and, “ Y’all girls are sexy.”

    8:55. RH replies to the Whisper meme by Alwaysinmyfeelings about marriage with kids and having nothing to show for it

    “I miss having time for myself and going out with friends.”

    9:00. RH and Cooper on CFA video, walking up to the counter.

    (Over the next approximately 3-4 minutes: RH orders food, walks out of sight still carrying Cooper, returns to pick up the food (no Cooper), returns to the “dining area” with the food.

    9:12. AIMF: “Yes, I have nothing. Every oz of me is in being a perfect unappreciated wife with two little ones that drain out the rest of me. I don’t resent my kids. I resent him.”

    9:15.15 RH: “My wife gets upset when I want to go out with friends.”

    9:15:33. “I love my son and all but we both need our escapes.”

    9:18 RH is seen on CFA video, shaking hand with someone behind the counter, on his way out the door, carrying Cooper.

    9:18:09. AIMF: Maybe that’s our issue too. I need a break from “love.”

    (The next three messages are sent over 13 seconds, and almost certainly when RH was stopped at a red light at the intersection).

    9:24:15 RH: Agreed.
    9:24: 23 RH: Hug
    9:24:28. RH: We both need that.

    ((There’s a break in RH’s Whisper activity from 9:24-9:49.))

    9:24: Treehouse surveillance video shows RH pulling into the parking lot’s drive.

    ((Times for when folks close to/near RH’s car in parking lot: 9:44, 10:08, 10:21, 11:06, 11:17, 11;24)
    9:35 Travel agent emails RH about cruise.

    9:47. RH googles info about a grand suite room aboard a Carnival cruiseship.

    9:49-9:56. RH replies to Truckgal’s Whisper meme: “2 weeks until I go to PCB ” saying he loved PCB too, because of the bikinis, she says haha.

    9:56-9:58. RH replies to I am human’s Whisper meme, “I need to wake up. Can’t get out of bed, lol.

    RH: Why still in bed late night? IAH: Because it’s comfy. RH: good point. End of chat.
    10:30. RH goes to work meeting

    10:46. Whisper Meme: Having an extremely boring and slow day. Can anyone help the day go by faster? 20F

    10:46am. RH: “My day just started too. Just started and I feel like I’ve been been awake forever. I woke up at 5:30. Kill me. Haha.”

    ((10:49. LH to RH, text. Get to work OK?

    RH to LH, text. Yep Yep.))

    Reply: Ha. Geez. that sounds horrible.

    10:53. RH: Well, I have a son, that joker decided that “hey, im gonna get up early”

    Reply: Ha. Ohhhh, gotta love kids

    RH: Lol yeah.

    Reply: How old is he???

    RH: Two.

    Reply: What a great age.

    11:17. RH: He’s awesome

    Reply: I bet J (end of chat).

    10:58: Replies to a Whisper meme by I am human “Gorgeous day outside and I don’t have to work today. Score!” while he is also chatting with the “ boring day “ meme chatter.

    RH: “Go do something.”

    11:12. IAH replied “I should.” (end of chat).

    11:21-11:38 Discussion about lunch, RH, Alex, Winston.

    11:25. RH says he may skip lunch, “ if we’re going to leave between 4:15-4:30.”

    ((Alex testimony: We put the hard sell on him to go. Picked him up in front. Went to Publix, then to the UPS package store, then HD, then back to the Treehouse)).

    12:25. RH to LH, text. “We’re gonna go to the early movies, home by 7.”

    LH to RH. ok

    12:45. RH returns from lunch.

    1:17 Alexandra Swindell initiates sexting with RH

    3:16 RH : When are you getting my little buddy

    LH: Call me? Are u not going home first

    3:30 RH’s project meeting.

    3:49-3:54. phone tag between Ross and Leanna, LH initiates.

    3:54. RH to LN. Talk, less than a minute.

    4:04 RH to LH, Talk, one minute and 40 second phone call

    4:14 RH walks out of Treehouse. He does not tell Wesley Houston the guard that he is going to the movies.

    4:24 RH to Leanna. zero length of call

    4:24 LH calls RH, goes right to VM, zero

    4:25 RH to HD direct number, 27 seconds

    4:25 RH to HD direct number, 5 minutes 13 seconds. Went through switchboard, then to classroom 5. Two minutes until VM would kick in. No VM left. Gray: phone did not ring. Stoddard: “No one will admit to answering the phone.”
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