GUILTY TN - D'Angelo Carr, 15, beaten to death, Goodlettsville, 3 April 2006

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    Tuesday, 07/11/06

    Police arrest woman whose son killed teen
    She’s accused of telling her boy to defend self

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    A Goodlettsville mother was arrested Monday for her role in the fight that led to 15-year-old D'Angelo Carr's death in April, Goodlettsville police said.

    Tianna Onyebuagu, 30, was indicted by a grand jury last week based on witness statements and on her own testimony that she brought her son back to the scene of a fight with Carr and told him to stand up for himself. Her son, Kenneth London, 13, was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide in Metro Juvenile Court last week for fatally striking Carr in the head with a rock during a second fight, which Onyebuagu admitted observing.

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    I see the mother's point about bullies but it would have been best to just take her son home and then talk to him about what to do if he is bullied again. Good grief her boy is only 13 yrs old. He probably didn't think he had a choice but to fight with mom right there making him. Poor kid.

    I remember a bully in Middle school who just wouldn't leave my son alone. He would shove him against lockers and was just plain mean. My son would tell me about it but wouldn't do anything about it because he was afraid he would get into trouble at school. It got really bad and I finally told him not to put up with it anymore. With bullies you have to stand up for yourself or they won't leave you alone. If you turn around and knock them flat they will stop it.

    My son went to school the next day all set to knock this boy on his butt. The bully must have sensed that something was different because he didn't bother my son that day or any day after that. They became friends. They were the same age though and it would have been a fair fight.

    This 13 year old has to carry this death for the rest of his life and he will probably go to detention until he is 21 yrs or so. I wonder if the mother still feels that she was right?

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