Identified! TN - Gatlinburg, under OberGatlinburg tramway, WhtFem 30-45, UP1589, clothes, Dec'74 - Charlotte Roberta Henry

Janice Kay Baze missing from Texas July of 1974 (Not reported missing until November 1974).

Brown Hair and Green Eyes.
36 years old
Height is close, weight was reported as much more than the UID estimate.

The recon looks quite similar to Janice.

“She did not have a vehicle. She departed home with our father (recently deceased) in the family car. He returned without her.”


Posted: Jan 6, 2023

"A woman whose remains were found below a tramway station in Gatlinburg 48 years ago is still unidentified.

The only name given for this woman is #UP1589, an identifier given to her by the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) in 2008. The woman was estimated to be between the ages of 30-45, but when she was found on Dec. 22, 1974, her remains were no longer recognizable according to her NamUs entry. If the estimate of her age was correct, she would be between the ages of 78-93 in 2023.

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office found her body near Cove Mountain chalet, below a tramway station at Gatlinburg Ski Lodge, according to NamUs. It was estimated that she was found two months after she died."
We can’t be certain she’s been identified until an announcement is made.
The removal coupled with the solved cases increasing is a good indication in my experience, but there’s been an instance recently where the profile came back up and the solved cases went back down. Also, there are profiles removed where an announcement has never been made.
Her family last heard from her by letter in August and she was found in December, so not that long of a PMI assuming she passed shortly after the letter. The family last saw her in person in April, at her father's funeral.

Sad that they couldn't figure out a COD. But with her having just lost her father, and the way she seems to have just sat down and died, I wonder if she may have taken her own life. Perhaps by overdose/poison. In which case she may have disposed of her handbag to get rid of anything identifying, though that doesn't explain the lack of shoes unless she took them off and they were taken by animals or stolen.
Wow, I think this is the case I first joined Websleuths to discuss! I've been to the area where she was found many times and every time I've been on the tram I thought of her. After so many years I was afraid she might never get her name back. I'm glad she did and that her family members finally have at least some answers, though not all the answers, as to what happened to her.

What a beautiful photo this is of Miss Charlotte, taken in happier times. May she rest in peace.
Her name is Charlotte Roberta Henry. She was identified after a DNA sample from her remains was submitted to Othram, Inc.

Othram was contracted by the Gatlinburg Police Department within the last year to continue investigating the identity of Henry’s remains. The release from the City of Gatlinburg said that in Othram Laboratory officials contacted Detective Cindy Meyers in February 2023 with Gatlinburg Police about a possible DNA match for a relative in Arkansas.



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