TN TN- Hawkins County, male, bib overalls with grayish ponytail, found in Holston River 15 June 2019

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    The Hawkins County Sheriff's Office released a report of the body found Saturday in the Holston River.

    According to the report, the body of a man was found lodged under a tree by a man while fishing.

    The unknown male had grayish hair and a long ponytail.

    The report says he was only wearing bib overalls and no shirt or shoes.


    Emergency officials with Hawkins County confirm a body has been discovered in the Holston River near Church Hill.

    The body was reportedly found early this morning after 9 a.m. The body was found near private property.

    There have been no recent reports of missing people from the area in Hawkins County, according to officials.

    Property owner Danny Cooter was running an errand when the teams arrived at his home.

    "We had went to food city to walk and got back home and saw all this going on and that's about all we know about it," he said. "It really surprised me when I saw the rescue squad and the police cars when I got back. We go down there occasionally but I haven't been down there in two weeks."

    Hawkins County officials were on scene with TWRA and Church Hill Rescue Squad.

    TWRA spokesperson Matt Cameron issued the following statement via email:

    TWRA and the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office are investigating a body found floating in the Holston River near Christian‘s Bend boat ramp in Hawkins County. Investigators say it appears to have been in the water for quite sometime. The Hawkins County Rescue Squad is on the scene and TWRA and HCSO are jointly investigating as it is undetermined if the incident is boating related at this point. Contrary to early reports the male victim is not wearing a life jacket.

    Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson tells News Channel 11 the body has been sent off for an autopsy. We'll continue to follow this story as details become available.

    Body of man found in Holston River sent off for autopsy
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