GUILTY TN - Kelly Sellers, 23, tortured & murdered, Sevier County, 22 April 2005

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    A convicted sex offender charged with first degree murder in the death of his neighbor appeared in court Monday morning.

    John Wayne Blair, 49, is charged with murdering Kelly Sellers in April on English Mountain. Her body was found in the woods near her home five days after she first turned up missing.

    The Blair sat calmly in court, even making eye contact with Casson-Peterson.

    Casson-Peterson told 6 News she knows in her gut Blair killed her daughter and she knows how he did it.

    "What was told to me was that he took a claw hammer and hit her in the head with it, but she didn't die from that. She bled to death," Casson-Peterson said. "Even after he hit her in the head, he left her there and she bled to death."
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    From March 2007:

    Book excerpt about the case:


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