Identified! TN - Maryville - White Male, Jan 2006 - John Woodrow Witherspoon, 37

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    An autopsy has not yet been done. Here is the Preliminary information from the article:

    Sex: Male
    Race: White
    Age: Undetermined
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Facial Hair
    Where Found: In the Little River, near Rockford Dam

    Estimated Time of Death: "Extended Period in the water", A week to two weeks ***Note this is a diver's estimate NOT a Coroner's estimate

    I wanted to see where the Little River Flowed. According to the sites I read it is a popular canoe, and in some places White Water spot. Fishing is good along most of its banks.

    The River is 60 miles long, and starts at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the lower part of Fort Loudoun Reservoir.

    Major tributaries: The Middle Prong and Ellejoy, Pistol, Hesse, Crooked, Short, Nails, Reed, and Stock creeks

    There are many boat lauching areas, as well as picnic areas at various spots along the river. Also there are roads that cross the river in various places.

    In the Maryville area it runs close to Route 33. If you wish to see it on a map here is a link:

    Since there is no local missing person who matches the description, Authorities are going to begin checking out of State missing persons.

    The only East Coast Missing Man, that fits the timeframe, and the general identifying information.

    On the National Center For Missing Adults is:

    Michael Sean Bradley-Missing Since January 5, 2006, has facial hair but is from New Jersey. Could he have travelled to Tennessee? (650 miles - 13.5 hours away)

    On the Trucker Boards is:

    Paul Nick Menser - Missing Since January 12, 2006, has facial hair but went missing from Indianapolis
    (377 miles - 8 hours away).

    Kenneth McIntyre -Missing Since January 13, 2006, has facial hair but went missing from Greensboro, NC (301 miles - 6.5 hours away)

    Matthew Kruziki - Missing since December 24, 2005, has facial hair but went missing from
    East Dubuque, Il (a layover as he was heading to Hucksley, Iowa) and he's from Wisconsin. Authorities are currently searching the Mississippi River for him... but what if he went elsewhere? East Dubuque, il to Maryville, Tn (750 miles-15 hours away)

    Stanley Whyte - Missing since January 1, 2006 has facial hair but went missing in MD (635 miles - 14 hours away)

    Justin Baker - Missing since January 7th? Jason is 16 and there is no mention of facial hair. He went missing from Andalusia, Al (930 miles - 9.5 hours away)

    Douglas Poach - Missing since January 3, 2006. No mention of facial hair. He went missing from New Haven, WI (977 miles - 18 hours away) but may be heading to Indianapolis (377 miles - 8 hours away).

    Steve Guest Jr. - Missing since Dec 29th?. Has facial hair. He went missing from Sumter, SC (323 miles - 7 hours away).

    ***Please note: the information provided above is only intended as a list of POSSIBLE people. I am not suggesting a match to any individual as there is insufficient information.

    The unidentified man could still be from the local area, just not reported as missing. Or he could be someone that has been reported as missing, and that information is not publically available.

    I also concentrated on East Coast Missing people, but the man could have been from elsewhere and visiting during the Holiday period.

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    Petra has just advised, on another thread, that the man has been identified as John Woodrow Witherspoon, 37. He drowned but it hasn't been determined if it was an accident or not

    More at link:

    Mr. Witherspoon was not on my original missing person's list (below). I did a search for him at the National Center for Missing Adults, and a google search and turned up nothing.

    Perhaps he was never reported missing, or the information was never publically released.

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