TN TN - Nashville, Harpeth River, "Sherry", NativeFem 14-17, UP8494, Mar'76

So I couldn't post my scribble scrabble bc the pick was too large but these are some screenshots of the mental institutes I did research on. The pic from Google is mostly likely where she was discovered.
Only thing that makes it less likely is the 4 year PMI interval between Sherry missing and Jane Doe being found.
Technically, Sherry could have lived as transient for 4 years but somehow normally people turn out to have died closely around the time of going missing.
Right but the detective stated that they both said they were coming from the mental institution and when they called those places at.the time she was found that no one was missing, which could also mean. She and her friend were recently discharged. Which some of those discharged and admissions are actually still available. Which I did tell the detective if he could possibly get those records and look up those to see if she was and if she had a pic.
The Rapid City cold case detective contacted me back to say he found some info on the girl in question. Her name wasn't Sherry or Shannon. Her name is Donna Marie Larrabee.

She was reported missing in May 1976, and by LE located her shortly after that in Wyoming with two female friends. If in fact she was seen by LE in May, then she would not be our Jane Doe (who was found in March 1976). However, it appears that she was not seen after the brief LE contact in Wyoming. I am still interested in finding out more about her, if not for this Jane Doe, possibly for some other Jane Doe found between Rapid City South Dakota and California.
That's interesting that they were supposed to go to CA. This may be 2 separate cases.
I sort of think the whole story is BS. probably made up by the victim and her friend, because idk why the guy would come forward if it was his BS story.
Detective that I spoke to 2 days ago stated that when she was found and police did their investigation that the places they called were not missing anyone. Which got me thinking if she was discharged or they put her as deceased then if she was giving them trouble at the time since she was being g treated for alcoholism. Coming off that someone would be definitely pissed and unruly. Mist of the time.
I found other info online that gives the address of the cemetery she was buried in. It was a local potter's field. Not surprising as that is where many Does end up buried. The graves may never have had any markers. However, LE etc have successfully found other Does buried similarly, either in potters fields or in rundown or rundown parts of cemeteries, in other cases so it's too bad this particular county cemetery as they are/ or are sometimes called didn't keep better records. Of course, she's not the only Doe whose body can't be found under similar circumstances. DNA could solve this eventually.

Also, given that she apparently claimed to be from MN, was any story about her ever run in a noticeable place in the Minneapolis Star Tribune over the years?
Harpeth River Jane Doe

On March 24, 1976, a fisherman found a teen’s body in the Harpeth River about 200 yards from a bridge on McCrory Creek Road and downstream from a recreational area near the border of Cheatham County.

Authorities determined the female had died due to drowning, but it is unknown whether it was accidental or the result of a homicide. Several abrasions were found on her body that indicate she may have been held underwater.

Known as the “Harpeth River Jane Doe,” the girl was estimated to be around 14 to 17 years old with brown eyes and brown hair. She likely died just hours before her body was found, and had a stature of around 5-feet, 2-inches.

Other identifying factors included a mole on her left temple area; two surgical scars on her abdomen area; old scars, possibly cigarette burns on both arms; and an oddly positioned left “fang” tooth.

She was wearing a rawhide bracelet and a choker-type necklace with beads and a white dove. A blue blouse was discovered in the river the day after her body was found, but it’s unclear if it belonged to the girl.

She also had a black comb, one nickel and a photograph of a young blond-haired boy with “Little Charlie” and a phone number written on the back in the back pocket of her jeans.

The phone number belonged to a Nashville man who told investigators he and his brother-in-law had seen the girl about 10 days before she was found in the river. He claimed they picked up the teen and her friend on Highway 24 as they were hitchhiking.

He also told police the two girls had run away from a mental hospital in Minnesota and were on their way to Florida. The men, who claimed they dropped the girls off at the Winchester exit, were never labeled suspects.

The teen’s female companion was described to be about the same age with sandy blonde hair, but she was never located or interviewed

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