Found Deceased TN - Riley Strain, 22, missing after leaving bar, Nashville, 8 March 2024 #3

MAR 22, 2024
MNPD, along with Nashville Fire and the Office of Emergency Management, are at 1740 61st Avenue North in the Nations.

Officers at the scene said a body has been found but no further details have been released. Metro Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron is on the way to the scene.
Looks like a concrete business is at that area, and looking at Google satellite images, it appears there's a barge area on the river at the business. That may be what stopped the body from going further downstream.

JMO. Screenshot attached is my own.
Where does it say he was on the phone with his frat brothers? The eyewitness couple at the crosswalk said it sounded like 2 women and he was on speakerphone.
Do you have a link to the couple saying he was on speakerphone talking to 2 women? I didn't hear that in the ABC news video you posted above. A link to that information would be helpful.
I just woke up and came straight here. Well, someone will have answers. For Riley’s family’s sake, I pray it is him and that he can be laid to rest and that they will have that small solace. So heartbreaking. Offering prayers because I’ve got nothing else to offer.
It’s horrible to say, because I certainly was hoping for a better outcome, but I do hope it’s Riley. At the very least, his family and friends will now be able to get some answers and grieve.

Such a sad and tragic ending.
Press Conference link

I think he was getting directions from 2 girls he just met and being lured to a location where he could be abducted. The parents already said they can’t ID the last person he spoke with and the eyewitness couple at the crosswalk said he was on speakerphone with 2 women.

9:52PM: Body cam footage Officer Young
9:57PM: Last ping of phone within 100 yards of officer interaction

He vanished within 100 yards and 5 minutes of seeing the police officer.
The family have said that they believe that on the last phone call of which they are aware, they think he was likely talking to his fraternity brother(s). I posted this with the link upthread.

And they believe he was looking for his hotel, headed in the wrong direction based on a misreading of the link he found on his cell phone based on another building in town with a similar name to his hotel.

A mistake that turned into a tragedy.

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