TN - Roberta 'Raven' Pemberton, Memphis, 1 Nov 2015

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    Roberta" Raven" Yolanda Pemberton
    Mother worried about her daughter who may be missing in Memphis
    "An Illinois mother is desperate to find her daughter. Roberta Pemberton’s family says she was at Baptist East Hospital on her birthday November 1st. That was the last time the mother of ten was heard from.

    Pemberton's mother Joanne Leavitt says her daughter left Carbondale, Illinois for Indiana, and Memphis in August.

    "This is very different she has not contacted her sisters who she speaks to on a daily basis," Leavitt said.

    Memphis police say there is no official missing person’s report that has been filed. However, they are aware of the situation and have been in contact with the family."
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