TN - Shooting at private Christian Covenant School, Nashville, suspect dead, multiple victims, 27 Mar 2023

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That school was a soft target. She surveilled the building. She knew there was little resistance.

Police earlier said Hale had drawn a detailed map of the school, including potential entry points, and conducted surveillance of the building before carrying out the massacre, authorities said.



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Feb 3, 2023
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Katherine Koonce: A teacher who "encouraged students to grow"​

Angelica Casas
Video journalist, BBC News

Robert Gay is calm and thoughtful as he speaks to me by phone about the Katherine Koonce he knew while in grade school.

Koonce, one of the victims of Monday’s shooting, was the Head of the Covenant School.

She was also a teacher at Christ Presbyterian Academy, which Gay attended from 2000-2006. He and his brother were good friends with Koonce’s son, David.

“She always made her students feel that they were loved by a God who cared about them personally and that it was our job to show that love to each other as fellow people,” Gay said.

“She was so engaged with all the students.”

The school community was tight-knit, with less than 150 students enrolled there at the time. Gay says everyone knew everyone.

“She helped identify the best ways for students to learn,” he said. “She could speak really carefully in a way that would encourage students to see the best in them and to grow.”

“That encouragement is one of the biggest things I remember about her along with an incredible intelligence. Students walked away feeling empowered and maybe smarter than before she came into the room.”

Koonce was 61.



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Long article:

Drake praised the response time of responding officers during Monday's shooting, saying that by the time he arrived, officers were “coming out bloody” and assisting survivors.

“I was really impressed that with all that was going on, someone took control and said ‘Lets go, lets go.’,” Drake said at Tuesday's briefing.

Drake said the officers were trying to decompress the day after the shooting. Drake spoke to President Joe Biden, who was planning to reach out to the responding officers this week.

Following extensive interviews with the parents of Audrey Hale, Metro Police were able to determine that Hale was “under doctor care for an emotional disorder,” and Hale's parents believed Hale did not have any firearms at the time of the shooting, Drake said Tuesday.
Drake confirmed that law enforcement were previously unaware of Hale or about his treatment. Drake said that had it been reported to police that Hale was suicidal, MNPD would have intervened.

Police also confirmed that there is “no motive” at this time—the previously found manifesto in Hale’s vehicle on scene had “talks about the school, a map, a drawing of entry points and assaults that would take place.”

Drake added that no specific student or faculty member was targeted in the attack. According to Drake, Hale appeared to have “some training to shoot from a higher level,” and knew to stand “away from the glass so (he) wouldn’t be an easy target.”
Drake said that Hale suffered from some type of emotional disorder although it is unknown exactly what. Hale's parents believed that due to Hale's emotional state, Hale should not have owned weapons.
In an interview with CBS Mornings on Tuesday, Metro Nashville police chief John Drake said there were other targets, including a mall, outlined in materials obtained at Hale's residence following Monday's shooting.
"… We strongly believe there were going to be other targets, including maybe family members and one of the malls here in Nashville."
"What detectives have said so far is there is possibly some resentment for having to go to that school. There's a connection with that family."
"As Christians I think we’re always ready to help play our part in bringing back that which has been not unified to unification," Pastor Nathan Parker told The Tennessean. "That reunification work is really gospel work that we were honored to be a part of God’s plan in that moment."
As Englebert moved to the second floor, eight gunshots can be heard down the hallway. The officer rounded the corner and fired four shots. Officers approached Hale, who was laying on the ground next to a wide window overlooking the parking lot. Hale is visible in the video but is partially obscured by a blurred box.

About the four-minute mark, the video cuts to Collazo's body camera. As he ascends the stairs to the second floor, an officer ahead of him looks left out.

"We've got one down," he says before turning right down the hallway.

Collazo follows closely behind Englebert, then moves to the right of him firing four shots at Hale.

"Suspect down, suspect down," Collazo calls over the radio.
Much more at the link.


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I can stomach a lot of things… a lot. But seeing that first part about Noah, I lost it. I’m not far from Newtown and for myself and a lot of people I know, elementary school shootings are especially triggering. There shouldn’t be events such as yesterday’s to just add to the list.

While I appreciate the article (and your warning), I understand some may not be able to view it. I think there are a lot of people who should, though. This was very informative for me. Thank you for posting.

Same, I saw his little face and read the description as far as the bathroom and then I closed the article :(


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This was in no way the parents fault. They hadn’t kicked her out of their home. There are lgbt young adults who have been kicked out of their homes and they don’t go on rampages like this. It sounds like the parents were trying to find a balance between helping her and their own personal beliefs.


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Personally, I don't care if she identified as male, female or anything else... unless that was part of her motive.

The biggest problem to the rest of the world was... AH was "confused" about being an empathetic human being.

The bottom line is she is and was a killer no matter what she wanted.

jmo (of course)
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It's happened far too many times that the media tries pointing out bad things that have happened in mass murderers' pasts while obviously painting them in sympathetic light as someone who was driven to crime.
Thank you for clarifying, and yes, that makes sense. Unfortunately it's already happening though, if you sample some the MSM headlines about her Christian parents, etc.


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Media Thread.

DS, Thank You for setting up the Media thread for this case.

We've added the link into the Opening Post of this thread so it will be carried over into successive threads.


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I wonder what therapy/treatment would work besides starting with Anger Management?
One huge stumbling block to seeing if such therapies and treatments would work is that it is very, very hard to force people into any kind of treatment or therapy against their will.

Those with some types of criminal convictiions can be ordered to take "this or that" type classes as part of their rehabilitation. But... those with out such convictions essentially cannot be forced to take any kind of therapy.

Evidently, neither this rampager nor the last rampager in Texas had criminal convictions. Rather, I think a substantial majority do not.

Needless to say, a significant majority of "angry" types dont view themselves as "angry"- intense? Possibly. Focused? Probably. But "angry" and in need of voluntary therapy? Not very likely.


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- Good afternoon, I'm Don Aaron with the Nashville Police Department. We want to give you a brief update this afternoon, as to what we know about the Covenant murders, yesterday. There's one rumour going on throughout the community that we want to take a moment to clear up. There are those who think that specific individuals were targeted by the shooter who entered the building on Monday. We have no evidence that individuals were specifically targeted. This school, this church building, was a target of the shooter, but we have no information, at present, to indicate that the shooter was specifically targeting any one of the 6 individuals who were murdered. Chief John Drake will now update you on the progress of the investigation, overnight, and this morning, including what we know about the individual's purchases of firearms over the past couple of years. Again, this will be a brief briefing today. Chief John Drake.

CHIEF - Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you again for being here. Just a brief update. What we know right now. We've interviewed the parents of Audrey Hale, and we've determined that Audrey bought seven firearms from five different local gun stores, here, legally; they were legally purchased. Three of those weapons were used yesterday during this horrific tragedy that happened. We know that they felt that she had one weapon and that she sold it. She was under care, doctor's care for an emotional disorder. Law enforcement knew nothing about the treatment she was receiving, but her parent's felt that she should not own weapons, they were under the impression that when she sold the one weapon that she did not own any more. As it turned out, she had been hiding several weapons within the house. We also don't have a motive, at this time. We feel that these students that were targeted were randomly targeted. There was not any particular student that she was looking for, at the time of the incident. And that's what we know as I speak, and we'll take any questions.

REPORTER - What was in that manifesto?

CHIEF - So, in the manifesto, there's several different writings about other locations, there was talks about the school, there was a map of the school, a drawing of how potentially she would enter and the assaults that would take place. It's quite a bit of writing to it, I have not read the whole entire manifesto. Our team and the FBI has been working on this.

REPORTER - Chief, can you say where exactly the victims were located? you said the common area, were they all together, the students and the adults?

CHIEF - So, they were spread out in different locations. When I went into the actual Church, the kids had already been transported to the hospital. Also, the two other adults, I did see the head school person and she was in the hallway by the office. They were spread out they weren't in one common area, but they were spread out.

REPORTER - Can you talk about (inaudible) in terms of targeting other buildings, other places?

CHIEF - There was some writings in the manifesto about other locations, but as far as it being an actual target, I can't confirm that at this time.

REPORTER - About the 6 victims who were killed - Where exactly were they? Were they walking through the hallway when it happened? and I also heard, perhaps, the head of the school may have ran towards the shooter?

CHIEF - It's very possible the head of the school could have done that, I can't confirm that one way or the other. I do know she was in the hallway by herself, there was a confrontation, I'm sure. You can tell the way she was laying in the hallway. There was the custodian, the African American as she shot through the door to enter. She sprayed rounds through the glass, striking him, you can see where he came to rest. As far as the others, they were just spread out in different locations. I can't say it was a confrontation, but she met the head person in the hallway.

- Chief, you mentioned the guns, the multiple guns and that the shooter was under the care of a doctor. Is there any law in this state that would have allowed police to take those guns away from this person, had it been reported?

CHIEF - If it had been reported, there's not a law for that, but had it been reported that she was suicidal, or that she was going to kill someone, and had been made known to us, then we would have tried to get those weapons but, as it stands, we had absolutely no idea actually who this person was, if she even existed.

REPORTER - What else did the parents say? Did they expect anything like this to happen?

CHIEF - So we know, yesterday, Miss Hale was leaving out of the residence, she had a red bag. They asked her what was in the red bag and I think she just dismissed it because it was a motherly thing and didn't look in the back because, at the time, she didn't know that her daughter had any weapons and didn't think any differently. Again, they lost a child. So it's very traumatic for them.

REPORTER - Can you talk about the police response? I know they engaged the shooter pretty quickly, once they got to the school, but can you talk about the events that led up from when they got the call? What time did they arrive at the school? and could you talk about that time, it's like 14 minutes or so?

CHIEF - Yeah, so they got the call at 10:13 and by 10:24 they had engaged the suspect. As they arrived on the property there were police cars being hit by gunfire. The suspect was in an upper level. We believe there has been some training of being able to shoot from a higher level and her gunfire.. from the video I've seen, she stood away from the glass so she wouldn't be an easy target to be shot. But as officers were approaching the building, there was gunfire going on. They went in, they went through door by door, as we clear buildings. They heard gunfire and immediately ran to that and then took care of this horrible situation.

REPORTER - And how long did it take officers to actually get to the school, initially, from when the first call came in.

CHIEF - From the time it went out from 10:13 to 10:24 it was over. The exact time.. arrival time - I'm not sure I know that, myself, I ran emergency and as I got there, they were coming out, bloody and all kinds of things were happening. And so, I barely missed being able or being there to go in as well. So it was really quick, the response.

REPORTER - I was going to ask you about the two officers on scene, have they every been placed in a situation like that before?

CHIEF - To my knowledge, I do not remember if those two, in particular, have been in that situation. Also Kalozo (?) has worked as a paramedic with the SWAT team, so I'm sure he's had some type of weapons training. I was really impressed that with all that was going on, the danger, that somebody took control and said let's go let's go let's go and went in and took care and just tried to end this situation, but as far as being in this before, I'm unsure.

REPORTER - A friend of the Hale family have reportedly said that Audrey was autistic. Can you speak to that? Do you know if that's true?

CHIEF - I can't confirm that. I've heard that, but I can't confirm if that's true or not.

REPORTER - Do you have any indication of the significance of yesterday, why the shooter may have done this yesterday? and also, do you have anything that could indicate whether the school was targeted (inaudible)?

CHIEF - I can't confirm, either. Not sure if that.. we're approaching a holy period at Easter and all of that. I can't confirm any of that, I do not know and so why she targeted that particular church - we do know she was a student at that church, at one point, but unsure right now if that was the reason.

REPORTER - The two officers who were there, how are they feeling today, 24 hrs. on?

CHIEF - So, I talked to them earlier and they're trying to decompress, trying to make sense of all of this. I've talked to President Biden, he's going to reach out and talk to them as well. They're just trying to do whatever they can with their families, and just kind of remove themselves from all of this.

REPORTER - The response time (inaudible) getting to the school, is that acceptable? Is that something you want to look back at and see if there could have been a quicker response time?

CHIEF - We evaluate each and every situation and so, one of my principles is - we're always looking to be innovative and evolving to get better and so we look at every single incident we have and if there's a way to get better... we feel the response right now, from what I've seen, I don't have a particular problem with it, but we always want to get better. We always want to get there in two or three minutes and so there's a lot of things that could have happened, traffic was locked down etc. but we're always looking to get better.


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It seems that some of the public regard school shootings like a hurricane or tornado, something that can't be prevented like a natural disaster. The only answer is to prepare at the point of impact with bullet proof glass and armed teachers.

Every day, dozens, maybe hundreds of school shootings are prevented.
Parents, teachers, school and other counselors, family members, neighbors, LEOs, school staff and others intervene with students and others who are the next school shooter.

The thing is, we don't hear about those prevented shootings. We don't read articles like this:

Today, School announced that working together with the parents, counselors and LE, Student was identified as a potential school shooter. A wide range of interventions was put into place to help student; with all parties working together as a team. The District Intervention Team, which meets monthly with all stake-holders, has policies and procedures in place to intervene when, and sometimes before, a student is suicidal and/or homicidal.

Parents don't get letters from the school that say:

That student in your child's fourth grade class is very troubled. In spite of their parent's objections, Team was able to convince them that intervention is necessary. Student is now receiving treatment in a facility and we are hopeful they will be able to eventually return to School.

Family Christmas Letters most likely don't include news like this:

Child is struggling so badly that we are all getting counseling as a family. They were hurting themselves and had some very troubling and violent writings. We are working with the school too. We don't know if the family history of mental illness has anything to do with this. Please pay attention to your children.

No, this doesn't happen all the time at every school and every family. But it happens a lot, many horrible tragedies are prevented before they get to the school house door.

So I'm thinking today also about those other "heroes" who see something and do something.


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So far, judging by her last message to a friend, it seems like her main motive was a death wish. She chose suicide by cop as the method. Even so, there was no need for anyone else to die. Like too many before her, she deliberately ruined innocent people's lives to achieve infamy. (JMO)


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"Police also say she planned to attack a mall and family members, but she was shot dead at Covenant before she could murder any more."

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