TN TN - Timothy White, 38, Palmer, 15 Sept 1999

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    28 Feb 09

    I am trying to help my mother-in-law find her missing baby brother Tim of 10 years. She is getting up in age and cries for him all the time. She misses him dearly and needs some closure.

    We have heard about three different horror stories as to what might have happened to him as to him being dead, but we just need some closure. I believe he's still out there somewhere and she does too deep down despite all the stories.

    They've called TBI and the FBI and America's most wanted with John Walsh. His story aired on there, but it brought no real leads.

    One story was that three men stuck him full of acid-filled needles, shot him up and then put him in a barrel of acid on Cordell Mountain in Grundy County. Another is that someone was suppose to have hit him in the head with a concrete block and buried him. Still another is that some boy in Dunlap was suppose to have killed him and buried him in a cave near the railroad track in Sequatchie County.

    The sheriff's office didn't seem to help much there. He disappeared before and they found him in a Florida jail under a different alias or name. The last time he was seen was in Tracy City walking in a field.

    His name is Timothy Dale White. He was born in Altamont and grew up in Grundy county. His birthday is March 18, 1961.

    If he was murdered we would like to know and at least bring his body back for a decent burial or at least have some closure. I have written Oprah, Sylvia Brown and tried to get hold of America's Most Wanted again recently, but haven't had much luck.

    Please help us as we are very desperate. There is a reward for information leading up to Tim White. If you have any information, please contact Gina Whitman....

    Gina Whitman
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    The Doe Network:
    Case File 4161DMTN

    Timothy Dale White
    Missing since September 15, 1999 from Palmer, Tennessee
    Classification: Endangered Missing


    Vital Statistics
    •Date Of Birth: March 18, 1961
    •Age at Time of Disappearance: 38 years old
    •Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 72"; 200 lbs.
    •Distinguishing Characteristics: White male. Brown hair; blue eyes. Wire rim glasses.
    •Marks, Scars: Scar on back of head, deep scar on back, calloused hands.
    •Clothing: Commonly wears T-shirt or button up shirts, blue jeans, ball caps. Possibly wearing a watch and necklace (description not available).
    •Dentals: Two caps on front teeth.
    •AKA: Tim
    •Medical: Timothy has a medical condition and requires medical attention.


    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Timothy is a drifter and was last seen in Palmer, TN during the month of September 1999 but never picked up his government check for the month of October.
    It has been rumored by several acquaintances Timothy was a homicide victim, possibly when he went to go pick up his guitar at one of the individual's residence.


    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

    Agency Case Number: GCSD0018

    Source Information:
    National Center for Missing Adults

    Tim is not listed in NamUs at this time.

    No archived articles.

    This month marks 11 years that Tim has been missing. Come home soon.

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    Sending prayers of strength, love and comfort to Timothy's loved ones. I wish with all of my heart he is found.

    Praying for love and comfort for Timothy - wherever he is.

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