Today (June 14) should have been Devon Rush Routier's big 30th birthday!

Discussion in 'Darlie Routier' started by dreamer1985, Jun 14, 2019.

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    If only the only sad thing about today was maybe him freaking out a little about hitting the big 3 0! Sadly he did not even get to see age 7! :(

    Exactly 23 years ago today he and his little brother Damon's grave got a silly string shower on TV. It was said to be a posthumous birthday celebration for little Devon.

    Today I would like all of us in this forum and beyond to honor him and his little brother in our hearts.

    Here is a video I found on Youtube playing "My Heart Will Go On" in a tribute to the boys.

    Don't worry the video presents both sides of the trial.

    I know we are all Devon and Damon supporters.
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    No argument there , Thank you !
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    My feelings is heart break for both of these boys. I have followed this case for years and I do believe Darlie did it. However, I also think Darin knew that she did it or was somehow involved. I know Darlie's Mother would like to believe she did not do it but I she knows she did it. There is way too much evidence against Darlie and she has been caught lying so many times. Darlie said she got convicted because of the silly string event but that was just a public display of her true feelings that she could not hide. When you really research this case and listen to an interview with 2 people who were involved: the first responder and Darrin's friend/co-worker your blood will run cold.

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