Toddler's Mother/Peaches/Jane Doe #3

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Mar 7, 2019
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l to r: 2 inch peach/heart tattoo on left breast; Rubbermaid container held torso of black female; floral pillowcase and red towel also found inside container

Hempstead Lake State Pk, Lakeview
Nassau County, NY

28 June 1997

West side of Lakeside Drive, 200 yards north of Peninsula Boulevard, Hempstead Lake State Park. -- Black female torso. Arms, head, and legs below the knee severed, found in green Rubbermaid container, with red towel and floral pillow sham, 16-30 years old.

She had an abdominal scar from a cesarean section and a tattoo of a peach in the shape of a heart with a bite taken out of it and two drips falling from its core on her left breast.

Dead up to three days.

"With no leads to the woman’s identity, the police published a picture of the approximately two-inch wide tattoo in a national tattoo magazine, in the hopes of finding the artist who did the work. They received a call from a man in Connecticut who claimed he remembered giving the tattoo to a woman.

The artist said he remembered the customer as a young black woman, about 18 or 19 years old, who was accompanied by two women, an aunt and a cousin. During the session, he also claimed she told him she was from either the Bronx or Long Island and that she was in Connecticut because having trouble with her boyfriend at the time. It is possible the woman had other tattoos on her arms or lower legs that the killer did not want found." (Doe Network)
“'They call her Peaches,'” Nassau County Medical Examiner Eric Smith says of his law enforcement colleagues, as he thumbs through photographs of unidentified bodies in the back room of the county morgue—some battered, swollen faces, others clay reproductions with glass eyes.

Her official name is U-037859772."

"A scar on the woman’s lower abdomen showed she had given birth by Cesarean."

"An autopsy revealed she had been dead no more than three days when she was found." (LI Press)

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I’m curious if the mother and daughter missing from Washington are linked? They were actually missing 20 years before it was reported
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