Toilet paper pays off

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    HUDSONVILLE, Mich. (AP) — What appeared to be nothing more than another roll of toilet paper in the boys' restroom turned out to be a bankroll for fourth-grader Cody Yaeger.
    That's because Cody discovered a $100 bill neatly folded and tucked inside.

    The position of the bill — and the pristine condition of the toilet paper roll — left Jamestown Elementary Principal Jack DeLeeuw wondering if the bill was rolled in from the start.

    "It's as if someone at the factory put it in there purposely," DeLeeuw told The Grand Rapids Press for a Saturday story.

    DeLeeuw also said he was impressed with 10-year-old Cody's integrity after the boy took the $100 directly to his teacher.

    "I didn't think it was right to keep it," Cody said.

    DeLeeuw said he checked with school staff and called leaders of a congregation that meets at the school on Sundays, but no one claimed the bill. So it looks like it's going to Cody.

    DeLeeuw said school policy requires staff members and students to turn in found items to the school office, but if the owner cannot be located in two weeks, the finder can claim it.
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