Tonight (Thurs) Aug 21st 8 PM EST Sheryl McCollum and Levi Page on True Crime Radio

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    If you missed tonight's show you can find all the past True Crime Radio shows at

    Hello My True Crime Lovelies,

    Tonight on we discuss the highly emotional events in Ferguson Mo. The shooting death of Michael Brown, the protesting, video tape, witnesses, it is
    combustible in Ferguson MO as I type this. Everyone is on pins and needles hoping things will calm down and the truth will come out.

    Levi Page from the Levi Page and Sheryl McCollum from the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute join me and trust me, their opinions are strong.

    All you need to remember is every Thursday night 8 PM Eastern go to for the link to the live show on iHeart and the chatroom which opens 30 minutes before showtime.

    See you there,
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