Tonight Thursday March 12th 8 PM Eastern Beth Karas/Marc Klaas

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    Tonight, Thursday March 12th 8 PM Eastern we have a great double shot of guests on True Crime

    First up, Beth Karas wraps up the Jodi Arias re-sentencing fiasco. Will Juror 17 face any consequences if proven she lied during Voir Dire?
    Any more news on how the hell Jodi was able to tweet pictures? You know Beth will have all the answers we need.

    The second half of the show that really shy and quiet Marc Klaas joins us. Ok he is not shy nor the least bit quiet but he is a wealth of information on all things true crime.
    Marc will talk about the upcoming emotional press conference this Saturday announcing the last official search for Sierra LaMar.

    All you do every Thursday is go to Click on the, "Listen Now" tab and you can hear my show live on starting a few minutes past 8 PM Eastern.

    Our CHAT ROOM opens at 7:30 tonight and every Thursday.

    Be sure and join us TONIGHT!
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