Tonight Thursday Sept 8th Marc Klaas and more

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    Hear the Interview with Marc Klaas after 10:30 PM Eastern TONIGHT by CLICKING HERE

    Tonight our wonderful friend Marc Klaas joins us to discuss the craziness happening in California.

    Here's the deal. I am a mushy bleeding heart liberal type. It actually makes me sick at how mushy liberal I get sometimes.

    One thing I am iron clad anti-mushy about is keeping violent criminals behind bars. They've shown society who they are and we need to be protected from them.

    How the criminals became violent is a whole other issue and in my opinion, we need to stop the violent criminals from being created. However, until we figure how to stop them from becoming violent criminals we need to protect society first.

    So why in the world is California letting out violent criminals EARLY??????
    One person who lets us know loud and clear what he thinks the problems are facing us is Marc Klaas

    Marc has been very vocal on this topic.

    Tonight on True Crime Radio he will explain what is going on and why this is happening.

    eWe will also talk about the Jacob Wetterling, Brittanee Drexel and other missing person's cases that are now solved.

    You can hear Marc and me whip each other into a frenzy about these topics and more tonight.

    You can hear the interview after 10:30 PM Eastern by clicking RIGHT HERE

    See you tonight,
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