Town and Country Theatre and a $1.75 movie ticket


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Jan 13, 2023
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Movies. Some people like to sneak in, some like to sneak out.
I included a map of key points of interest in Georgia. The map is not supposed to be precise. The map is suppose to be a general view of key interests and the amount of time it takes to travel between each of these interests. The QuickTrip location where supposedly an ATM transaction had taken place is based off the latest google maps. I am not absolutely sure this is the QuickTrip, but it can be verified in person at the Library of Congress under Georgia telephone books or a local library in Georgia. There also images of the former Marietta Star Cinema(formerly known as Town and Country Theatre).

Here is a link about the theatre Marietta Star Cinema in Marietta, GA - Cinema Treasures and don't forget to read down on the link page to see user comments about this theatre like this one:
"When was it gutted the first time? I went to lots of movies there in the nineties when it was a dollar movie theatre, but it was always gross and sort of smelled bad. Broken seats, sticky floors, that sort of thing. I always thought that walking down the arcade to the theatre was the best part of going-well, that, and stopping at Rocco’s for chili after the movie.

The newspaper image included states Town and Country Theatre became Marietta Star Cinema. The owner mentioned the theatre is to be a budget theatre featuring second-run films.

Discount theatre "...that show motion pictures for reduced prices after those films depart first-run theaters.[1][2] Originally, they would receive release prints of 35 mm films after those prints had been shown already at first-run theaters. Therefore, the film's quality was significantly lower because the release print was worn out from dozens of showings, and the potential audience for the film would be smaller since it had been already released weeks or months before (meaning that most people who wanted to see the film would already have done so at a first-run theater).

Also included in the images is the matinees and evening showings for December 25th 1996 for Marietta Star Cinema(formerly known as Town and Country Theatre). According to s-john-andrew-ramsey.htm a movie was to be watched at this theatre at 10:30 P.M. According to the showing times, the latest movies was "Long Kiss Goodnight" (2HRS 1MIN) at 9:45 P.M.; "Fly Away Home"(1HR 47MINS) at 9:40 P.M.; "First Wives Club"(1HR 43MINS) at 9:50 P.M.
Either someone was going to be very late for the movie, the book cited in the above link did not accurately report, or an investigator incorrectly wrote details of the interview or the interviewee misspoke.

Have you heard about the one where three wealthy guys walk into a sketchy, budget theatre late Christmas night at the back of a strip mall? Neither have I.


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It was a tight schedule. If a flight was used then the person(s) really wanted this done. Jealousy, vengeance, or for personal glory could be fueling this possibility.

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