TRANSCRIPTS of the Interrogation Videos of Jodi Arias

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    Websleuther TxJan1971 has dedicated an enormous about of time & worked hard transcribing the unedited versions of the interrogation videos. :great: She couldn't be online this morning but wanted to make sure these got posted ASAP for your reading pleasure. She emailed them to me this morning so I am posting them for her this time. Below are the transcripts of interrogation videos #1-4. She will be transcribing and posting more transcripts as she finishes them.

    THANK YOU TxJan1971!!! :bowdown: I have worked with her in other cases and her work is amazing!


    This thread will be locked and used only as a reference thread. If you are able to decipher any portions she has indicated are "unintelligible", please send TxJan1971 a message and we will make sure the edits are made so that the transcripts are as accurate as possible.
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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation
    Video 1

    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 1 - YouTube

    JA = Jodi Arias
    DF = Detective Flores
    FO = Female Officer

    Prepared by: TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com

    Jodi is in a police interrogation room, handcuffed with hands behind back, sitting on a chair, with her head/upper body laid across the round table.

    01:30 through 01:27
    Jodi gets up from the chair, sits on floor with her back up against the wall – shoves the chair away from her with her feet.

    01:42 - Approx. 01:47
    Jodi bends at the waist and then quickly raises her head which flips her hair from front of her head to the back (like a woman would do to flip her hair to make it “fluffy”

    Still sitting on the floor with her back against the wall, Jodi stretches her legs out in front.

    Remains sitting on floor until approximately 02:40

    Female Officer (FO) enters the room.

    JA: JA asks FO a question (unintelligible)

    FO: No. (unintelligible)

    FO: Can I get you to have a seat here?

    JA: Gets up and sits in the seat.

    FO: He’ll be right in.

    JA: Can you take the handcuffs off?

    FO: What’s that?

    JA: Can you take the handcuffs off?

    FO: As soon as the detective gets in here, Detective Flores, he can take those off for you. I think that’s what he told you anyway that he would allow you to have your handcuffs off.

    FO leaves room

    Jodi’s lays her head/upper body back on table, then sits back up

    Jodi sits up.

    JA: Talks/whispers to herself. It’s really cold in here…

    Jodi lays her head/upper body back on table

    Detective Flores (DF) enters room

    DF: Okay, I’m going to get those off you.

    JA: Okay.

    DF: Can you stand for me. Face the other way. I’m going to get you a bottle of water, okay

    JA: Thank you. Any chance you can get my purse?

    DF: Yeah, we’ll get that from the house.

    JA: Will they bring it to me?

    DF: Umm… it will probably be put in your property.

    DF: Here’s water for you

    FO to DF: Do you want one for yourself?

    DF: Ummm, yeah.

    JA: Any way you can turn the heat up in here or do you have a sweater I can borrow or something?

    FO: I don’t have any sweaters, umm… I’ll see if I can turn it up. It’s hard to control the heat in this building

    JA: That’s fine.

    DF: Sure don’t bottle myself in here. So, you remember me?

    JA: Of course I do

    DF: I traveled all the way up here to talk to you because … you know I’ve been working on Travis’s case ever since it happened, okay, and I know exactly when it happened, when he was killed, and a lot of details, and just recently we found quite a bit of evidence, and I’ll discuss that with you. The main thing that I’m looking for though is answers on why certain things happened… why they went so far and also to get your statements.

    JA: Okay.

    DF: Umm…a lot of details on this case that haven’t been released to the public and not even to Travis’s family, and those details are known only by us and the person who did it, okay, and that’s one of the reasons I’m here because I believe you know some of those details, and I think you can help us.

    JA: I would love to help you in any way that I can.

    DF: Okay. Umm… because we’re here at the Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department here in… what’s it … Siskiyou County…

    JA: Siskiyou.

    DF: this is called? Okay. Umm and you’re considered under arrest or detained. You’re not free to go, and I’m a police officer and I have to read you your rights. Okay? I’m sure you’ve heard them on TV. You’ve, you know…I have to read them off this little card here but they’re pretty much the same but I’ll explain them to you as we go, okay?

    JA: Okay.

    DF: Let’s see this is July 15, 2008. Correct?

    JA: Mmm, yes.

    DF: Let’s see what time it is. It’s 10:01.

    DF: This is case # 2008-1610844. Okay. You do have the right to remain silent. Okay? Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to the presence of an attorney to assist you prior to questioning and to be with you during questioning, if you so desire. If you cannot afford an attorney you have the right to have an attorney appointed for you prior to questioning. Do you understand these rights?

    JA: Yes.

    DF: And what I’m gonna’ do is just ask you some questions, ask you what you’ve been doing umm… you know certain dates what you were up to…umm…

    JA: Yeah

    DF: You mentioned you were traveling on some of these dates.

    JA: I traveled to…
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    Transcript of Video 1 continued...

    DF: I want to kind of clarify some of these things and, you know, if there’s a question that you don’t want to answer or you don’t feel comfortable you can say no, you know, or you know you can elaborate as much as you want, it’s completely up to you. It’s at your speed. I don’t want to pressure you…

    JA: Is this recorded at all, or should we…

    (JA turns her body around toward the corner table and picks up two recorders and moves/puts them on the table in front of Detective Flores)

    DF: I don’t… I don’t know if there’s a recording or not.

    JA: I don’t know if these are voice recorders. I noticed them. I don’t now if they have video or audio or batteries or what…

    DF: I don’t think they’re on.

    JA: (Unintelligible).

    DF: That’s okay. Yeah, I haven’t touched those or anything, but uhh…

    JA: Oh, okay. (JA is examining the recorders)

    DF: Umm… they’re not on, so…

    JA: (Turns around and puts the recorders back on the corner table)

    DF: What I want to do is just get to the bottom of it. Everybody wants to know, okay, and….so I’m going to ask you some questions and you can voluntarily answer them if you want, okay? Is that cool?

    JA: Yeah, that’s fine.

    DF: (Sighs) There was some question about you being… umm… well, let’s start with this. What have you been up to since Travis’s death? What have you been doing?

    JA: Umm… well I’ve been working. I haven’t been really working at Prepaid Legal. There’s not a whole lot um here in this marketplace which is…

    DF: It’s kind of a small area.

    JA: It’s small here and really could be seen as an opportunity, umm…rather than umm…a hindrance, because that just means the market is untapped in a large way, so I could have if I wanted to but, I am…I’m kind of like a deer in the headlights when it comes to Prepaid Legal and I just kind of have a fear of approaching people. Umm…so I’ve been working at a Mexican restaurant on the north end of town. Umm….I’ve been….. I’ve been kind of in a daze at least for the 1st few weeks. Um…

    DF: Like everybody… you know…

    JA: Yeah, umm …I know that a lot of people have been posting on Facebook really nice things… you know in memories and, at one point I was like well maybe I should do that so I posted this thing and I just said all my memories, and …I realized looking back on it that it was kind of …it kind of sounded immature because it’s more of like My Dear Travis kind of letter – and so I took it down because…

    DF: more personal?

    JA: Yeah, some of it was… (JA’s words are unintelligible as Flores coughs/clears his throat)…. not too personal -- nothing inappropriate. Just umm…I just felt funny. I think because I’m a photographer I tend to communicate more through pictures, so I posted a ton of pictures that I had of him, umm… and I have a ton more but I just can’t access right now, and videos and things that I know his family would want, but… umm…so I posted pictures and I took that down, and I posted something last week, but other than that I’ve been on Facebook and My Space a lot looking at his profile, looking at his pictures, reading things umm about...his obituaries… and umm…any news updates…and, you know, there’s where you can write something about him…

    DF: Yeah.

    JA: Umm…

    DF: I’ve seen a lot of those postings.

    JA: Mmm hmm…Umm…I didn’t realize until I actually spoke with Ryan Burns, he…he told… the guy that’s in Utah…

    DF: Uh huh…

    JA: …and we’ve been talking a lot. We try not to talk about that, because it’s kind of like --- ugghhh …. and plus Travis is my ex boyfriend but at the same time he’s my friend, so while I’m mourning my friend how do you talk to your new potential, possible, maybe person that you might start dating about your friend even though he’s your ex boyfriend. So it’s kind of a grey area. I try not to talk about him too much, but he comes up a lot, umm….and it was through him that I learned that he said, you know if you come out to Utah things are really weird because everyone thinks that you could have had a hand in this…

    DF: I’ve talked to a lot of people and everybody’s pointing the finger at you…

    JA: I know…

    DF: You know, everybody is saying I don’t understand what happened to Travis. I don’t know who killed him, but you need to look at Jodi, and sometimes the simplest answers are the correct ones, and that’s one of the reasons I started looking at you a little bit closer, and over the last month or so I’ve gotten into Travis’s life, talked to all his friends, his family. I got a really good understanding of who he is now, and I got a very good understanding of your relationship with him, and I’m kinda’ just putting 2 and 2 together

    JA: Well, I think, too…

    DF: …and…and it kind of matches, so…one of the reasons I’m here is to talk to you to figure out what was going on between you two. What… I know the relationship that you guys had was of convenience sometimes. Obviously you weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend anymore…

    JA: Mmm hmm

    DF: but you were still having a sexual relationship which…

    JA: Does his family know about that? Just curious…

    DF: No, his family doesn’t know anything.

    JA: Okay. I just… I’m… I’m interested in protecting how he’s remembered as well, and… you know… he was very…he was… umm…

    DF: Well, I’m sure if Travis could speak right now he wouldn’t care what people thought about him, because they knew who he was. Okay? A sexual relationship here or there, because of the fact he was a member of the church, really doesn’t matter and…

    JA: A couple times I asked him if…

    DF: a whole range of things…

    JA: Yeah. I think in the broad scope of things that that could be right. I just think that…the reason I care about that is because he was adamant about that. A couple times we prayed about it. It didn’t work, or we didn’t stick to our… you know our guns on it and umm one time a girlfriend of mine just said, “Why don’t you just go to your bishop and talk and ask Travis the same,” and I talked to him about it and he got really angry. He said I’ve already had problems with this in the past. I’m embarrassed by it…I don’t want to go to my bishop, and so we just kind of stopped for like a few weeks, and then that must have been in I think it was August, and then it just resumed

    DF: Well the way Travis uhh… by getting into his head and everything – written in his journals and everything I found out about him… he truly had feelings for you, and for some reason, he felt that the relationship between you and him was somewhat unhealthy, but he couldn’t stop it… and I assume it’s probably …maybe the same way you felt about him… or

    JA: It’s probably…

    DF: maybe you didn’t understand why he didn’t believe it was healthy?

    JA: No. I didn’t think it was healthy either spiritually at least and probably emotionally, but mostly spiritually and I think that kind of …once you have something that’s not healthy spiritually it filters through all aspects of your life. Umm…it’s … it’s one of the main… it’s either … there’s three main reasons I moved back to Yreka, and one was I was in financial dire straights. Umm…I was not getting ahead. I was not… I just… things were not working. Everything in Arizona was like…except for the wonderful friends that I made in my ward, umm …and the opportunity… it’s like the Mormon land of opportunity there which is awesome but…except for all that like… every sign was pointing …just …just go, you know. You know, I wasn’t able to hold a job, and that had never happened before. Umm…it…you know…too much of my… my nightlife was … was without him... you know he would text me and hey I’m getting sleepy… dot dot dot. That was his code to like come on over kind of thing -- “coast is clear” you know… So umm…you know and that was just…I lived 5 minutes away to maybe ten…depending… and it was just too convenient and too easy and it was fun and we had fun when we were together and so it wasn’t healthy and I totally agree with that. Umm so that was one of the – Well, financially I wasn’t doing well. I missed my family. I moved away shortly after high school and I come back to visit but I realized over the years I missed out on a lot of things – (voice starts to shake) my little brother and sister. I missed out on their karate or their baseball or cheerleading or just whatever and umm my dad is not doing well. He doesn’t think he has very long to live, but he always says that. It’s been that way for a decade but he’s still here, thank goodness. Umm my grandparents aren’t getting any younger, and I just have an awesome family, and I wanted to be able to just be here for a little bit and regroup… umm…financially. I owe my parents a lot of money, and I owe my grandparents a lot of money, and I owe friends money and I owe… I owe... I umm…the guy that I bought a house with – I owe him a lot of money. He doesn’t ask me for it but I intend to pay him back because he really footed the bill on the mortgage for a few months, umm… and the third reason, and I like to put this third because I like to think that second of those reasons I would have been strong enough somehow but the third reason was to put a distance… a physical distance between Travis and I because… I know that he really liked me and he said he did – ummm… he just… I kinda’ felt guilty, and I know they weren’t dating, but I just felt guilty, somehow, and I didn’t know Ryan at the time. I met him in March at… in Oklahoma City, and it was just brief, and I remember seeing him and saying, Oh, I really want to go say Hi to him, but he was surrounded by people, and he was kind of unapproachable. Umm…and he says he remembers meeting me, too, and it wasn’t until Zion, my friend, umm…texted me…and I think I told you that …
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    Transcript of Video 1 continued...

    DF: And this was all after …

    JA: This was all after…

    DF: …you had broken up? You broke up with Travis? Everything was all over?

    JA: Oh, yeah. Because part of the time when we broke… well, it was kind of a mutual thing but I sorta’ more broke up with him… umm and it was hard to do because I really loved him, but I just realized that without trust you can’t have anything and I had violated his trust.

    DF: Is that… is that the main reason you guys broke up is the trust issue?

    JA: Trust. I think that…there’s…

    DF: Not that this relationship was unhealthy because of sexual activity or promiscuity but just that you guys couldn’t trust each other.

    JA: Umm…I think that…and this doesn’t make it right. I think that, you know…being a convert, you know, I’ve had…I’ve… I’ve been …I’ve had a couple of serious relationships before where I was intimate with a few people, and…it’s kind of silly, but I used to always joke that…umm…regardless of what the Bible says, and yes, I’m Christian, I just live my life by the 10 Commandments, and that’s my…those are my rules dot dot dot dot dot… you know…Thou Shalt Not this or that, but it doesn’t say (JA Whispers) “Thou Shalt Not Fornicate” (giggles) so, I just.. I just used to joke about that. It’s a bad philosophy…umm…I think that with Travis, umm…there was…there is a part of me that felt really guilty because there’s something inside that thought you’re…you’re…you know, this is nice for instant gratification but you’re destroying what you could have with Travis, and that’s why we did pray about it. I remember we knelt by his bed once and umm… and… surprisingly, he suggested it. Normally, you know, we would… I would suggest that we pray before we go on a trip or before we would eat, before lunch…

    DF: It was kind of unusual for him, huh?

    JA: Yeah, ‘cos he was very resistant to prayer … with me…I mean, I think (unintelligible) I feel it may be because we were driving away the Spirit constantly, umm…or maybe he felt that by inviting the Spirit he would feel guilty about later on in the evening or… I don’t know what the deal was…or the excuse he used was because I’m a convert I need more practice saying prayers. He was like…so I’d say, Would you say a prayer? He’s like, Why don’t you say a prayer? I’m like, Why don’t you say a prayer? Why don’t you say a prayer? So we’d go back and forth, and… I don’t know…until… I don’t know… it was just… one time when I was on the trip to Havasupai we were all getting on the road and I think... it was with Dan Freeman and his sister, Desiree, and they were all like, “Jodi, will you say a prayer?” and I said, “Sure” and Travis was like… (giggles)… anyway… I didn’t want to argue with them so… umm…anyway, what was I saying?

    DF: Well, he’s umm… you know the whole trust issue keeps coming back into my mind.

    JA: That was the big reason.

    DF: He was… He was a big time flirt, and that’s the one thing everybody says about him. He flirts a lot. Umm…does he mean anything by it? No… not really, that’s just who he is. He did have, you know, girlfriends here and there, and he was at a point in his life where he wanted to really start settling down. He felt like he needed to kinda’ grow up…

    JA: Mmm hmm…

    DF: You know… become a husband… become a father. You know that time had come and he felt that time had come he felt that time had come and gone, and he was falling behind…

    JA: He told me that, too. He said he felt like his time was running out, and I told him that, you know, despite the fact that that he is not going to be in the singles ward very much longer he still has a lot of options. He’s still a very eligible bachelor, and he just didn’t see it that way. He was like, You don’t understand. That might be true but my chances are severely reduced once I turn 31. It was like this ticking time bomb.

    DF: Well, finding a good Mormon girl, you know…was… was difficult… because…in that church, you know, that most of the girls get married early 20’s

    JA: Yeah.

    DF: You know…

    JA: He said he didn’t want to marry a girl in her early 20’s because he said that he noticed a lot of pattern in the church with girls that marry between 19 and 24, so to speak, would you know, they’d start having babies and growing their family and umm then they would look at their single girlfriends who were still having fun with no responsibilities and they would regret getting married, and I think if you’re strong in the church it’s not so much a problem, but …

    DF: Depends on who you surround yourself with, too. If you surround yourself with right people, you know, it’s a different story. But, you know, that’s who he was, and, did you guys ever discuss possibly getting married or anything?

    JA: When we were dating, we did.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: Once we broke up…he brought it up. He actually proposed to me… a lot of times, but he wasn’t serious. Umm… I think he was serious once, and it was when we broke up, and umm… that was really hard because we were on the phone, and it was just ….like…none of that stuff should be done on the phone anyway, but I was 100’s of miles away and ummm I told him that I loved him. We didn’t say I Love You during our relationship but we said it afterward. It was weird.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: Umm… umm… I said, you know…this isn’t… breaking up with him on the phone wasn’t really the way I wanted to do it, but it was kind of a situation that had just come to a … a point where it just couldn’t be ignored anymore

    DF: Let’s move to after the breakup…

    JA: Oh, okay.

    DF: What umm…kept you in Mesa at that point?

    JA: I actually moved to Mesa a few weeks after we broke up.

    DF: Really?

    JA: Mmm hmmm… I mean as far as the timeline goes… but, and if you want to call it our official breakup… shortly thereafter it’s like we were still seeing each other.

    DF: So you guys were seeing each other but it was a long distance type relationship?

    JA: It was always long distance when we were officially dating. We dated from about the beginning of February to about the end of June, so… February, March, April, May, June, about 5 months total.

    DF: Okay. In June of 2007 you guys broke up and…

    JA: June 29th.

    DF:And then you moved to Mesa.

    JA: Umm…Yeah, I moved to Mesa, sort of… he was…

    DF: Most people when they break up they kinda’ go their own way…

    JA: I know…and it was… and plans were already in order for me to move there. Umm…I was already speaking with a friend who was… you know…I was going to be her roommate, and I was her roommate for a short time.

    DF:Mmm Hmm.

    JA: Umm…she was kind of flighty but she’s a great girl though. Umm…I had talked to Travis about maybe going to southern California instead.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: And, he’s really… he’s really…persuasive.

    DF: Did he persuade you to stay there, in Mesa?

    JA: He’s… he kind of was playing up all the advantages if I did come to Mesa.

    DF: Uh Huh

    JA: And if I did, you know, umm… he said, You know, it’s a great place. We can still see each other and hang out on occasion. Umm his church is very strong, you know you’ll make a lot of friends, and I already knew all this stuff prior because I had… we talked about that,

    DF: Uh huh

    JA: Umm… you know, and so, I went ahead and just made the move. It sounded at the time like a good idea.

    DF: And you guys continued to kinda’ see each other at that time?
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    Transcript of Video 1 conclusion.

    JA: Yeah. At the time I was sort of living more across town over by Greenfield. Do you know where that is?

    DF: Okay. Yeah.

    JA: It was at Greenfield near Broadway. Greenfield and Broadway were the nearest cross streets and that’s where the girl who I was originally talking with I moved in with her

    DF: That’s kinda’ far from…

    JA: Yeah. Yeah.

    DF: Travis’s place.

    JA: Umm…the thing about her, and… and… just to give you a background of why I moved suddenly, umm… she approached me the weekend after I got there and said, Hey…she knocked on the door and said, Can I talk to you for a second, I said, Sure, and she moved in with her boyfriend, umm, and they were engaged.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: And she said, Hey, I just wanted to let you know that Scott and I went to Vegas last week and tied the knot, and I was like, Really? And she was like Yeah, we haven’t told anyone but we didn’t want to live in sin, and she had already been sealed in the temple once and was waiting for her cancel

    DF: (unintelligible)

    JA: So they were going to have a civil wedding on a beach in Oregon and they did that the following weekend. She told me that on a Monday or Tuesday. It was the beginning of the week. She said the reason I’m telling you that is because I’m getting married this weekend and I have to go to town a few days ahead of Scott, you know, make arrangements, and now that he’s married man we don’t feel that it’s right that you were here in the house. She was like, I don’t want to inconvenience you but is there anyway you can stay with someone else or just find another place? At the time I was waiting on a house in Gilbert,
    because I already knew they were getting married so I was kinda’ looking anyway, and there was a great girl named Brenda, and she was waiting on her keys for the mortgage to go through and it was great ward and it was a great house and there was planning (unintelligible) construction and all of that. It was really nice ummm but she didn’t get her keys for months and months. I think she’s in the house now but I don’t know I haven’t talked to her. So I scrambled. I went to the institute. I wrote down a bunch of phone numbers. I called them all. I got voice mails. One girl that answered, her name was Tiffany, and she knew Travis, and she was at his services in Arizona, and umm…as well…and we’ve just remained friends, sort of, like on MySpace and Facebook and that kind of thing and she said, Hey, sorry that’s an updated posting I forgot to take it down. Go to this website, so LDS, I went there. I made three phone calls for the places that were within my price range. I didn’t think to look where they were. Umm…the one girl that called me back her name was Shannon Derricott. She said here’s my place, here’s the directions go ahead and go out and come see the house, it’s available, so we did.

    DF: Go ahead

    JA: Do you have to get that?

    DF: No

    JA: Okay. Umm, so I moved out there, and when Travis found out it was so close to him he freaked out about it, and, I made sure to check that it wasn’t, that … that we wouldn’t be in the same ward, and it was within his ward boundaries but it was also within another singles ward boundaries so of course I’m going to go to the other one because it would just be kind of weird. I mean…I didn’t know about him and Lisa, at first...

    DF: Uh huh

    JA: So… I don’t know if they were even dating at that time. I don’t know what their whole timeline was. Umm but it still would have been weird, and it wouldn’t have made Travis very …

    DF: During that time he was seeing Lisa did you continue to see him as well?

    JA: Yeah. And I didn’t know that he was seeing her.

    DF: Okay. But he would call you and have you come over?

    JA: Yeah.

    DF: I know there was a time when you, I guess were cleaning his house, too, for extra money or something he hired you.

    JA: Yeah. I did that. ‘Cos he knew that I was struggling and he… he’s like… I’ve been doing the math…and that happened pretty much right on. That started in August. He’s like, I’ve done the math and I feel that I can be more productive. My time is more valuable than x amount of dollars per hour, so why don’t I pay you this per hour and I’ll work, and you can make a little bit of money.

    DF: Okay. That makes sense.

    JA: So that…

    DF: So that was around the same time timeframe as the move and back and forth and…

    JA: It was like a few weeks after the move. I was still living in…with Rachel over on Greenfield

    DF: okay

    (JA plays with hair)
    JA: when that started, and he sent me this picture, and he’s like, this is your uniform, have it by Friday, Thursday, or whatever, and it was this French maid thing and I was like, No…

    DF: (chuckles) Yeah, that’s him. Typical! Like I said, He’s a very flirty guy and…

    JA: He is…

    End of Video 1
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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation
    Video 2

    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 2 - YouTube

    JA = Jodi Arias
    DF = Detective Flores

    Prepared by: TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com

    DF: Now, obviously the Rachel, err... not Rachel…

    JA: Lisa?

    DF: …Lisa relationship didn’t work out, and um, time period he really wasn’t seeing anybody and then Mimi came into the picture. Umm what did you think about her and …

    JA: I didn’t know a lot about her. She seems like a really nice girl. He showed me her picture on Facebook, you know, I don’t think she had a lot of pictures on there. Umm he said that he’s not sure why, but he’s pretty sure that she could be it,

    DF: Uh huh

    JA: and I was happy for him. Umm I didn’t find out about Lisa….

    DF: This conversation you had face to face with him or ??

    JA: Yeah. It was in his room, ummm and he had his laptop. It was on his bed. Umm I didn’t find out about Lisa until after we broke … We had this conversation where we decided to all just come clean, and that was quite a conversation, umm because I was never unfaithful, but when we started dating that timeline around February. The reason I remember Feb he had told me in December you know go date other people kind of thing, and so I did, so January 10 that I went on a date with umm…my friend, John, for lunch… we just went out and had sushi nothing romantic happened. We didn’t hold hands. We didn’t kiss. I think we hugged, and I guess it was considered a date cos he asked me and I accepted and he paid for it, umm and that was in Pasadena.

    DF: Yeah, if he pays for it, it’s a date.

    JA: Yeah. That was in Pasadena, and the following evening I went out with my friend, Abe, and he drinks, he just got like a Maker’s Mark I think was his drink, and I got cranberry juice, and we just talked forever. He talked about politics which is

    DF: Are all these guys in the Marine Corp or something…?

    JA: They’re both in Prepaid Legal. John Dickson is not in Prepaid Legal anymore. He’s moved onto other ventures.

    DF: No, but the Marine Corp, are they in the service at all?

    JA: No

    DF: Okay

    JA: Abe is kind of … he’s a little bit older. He’s just sort of a businessman. He has a background in … I don’t remember… (unintelligible – sounds like production ???) or something

    DF: And this is during the time that you guys were broken up or still kinda’ going out?

    JA: I’m sorry. This is before we started dating. The reason I say this is because he told me a few times. He told me during that conversation, too, that he’s like you seem to have a very convenient timeline for when we started dating because I used to ask him, when did we actually started dating because I figured if we ever made it to a year we might as well celebrate, umm and he’s like I’m not really sure, and the reason I think it was February 2nd is because, we… do you know of Chris and Sky Hughes?

    DF: Mmm hmm

    JA: Okay. Umm…I used to spend a lot of time at their house, and ummm you know, they’re a wonderful family and uh…. Sky was… she’s someone who I really opened up to, and, you know, umm I told her a little bit about how I just wasn’t sure I got Travis at the time and I wasn’t sure what was going on there and she wrote in this long letter or she didn’t write a letter, Travis wrote the letter, but she umm kind of got on his case, and.. I was… and they told me all kinds of things about Travis that I wasn’t aware of.

    DF: What kind of stuff are you talking about?

    JA: Ummm (pause)… they said if I don’t get away from Travis I’m going to become just like Deanna, which is his ex-girlfriend. Umm… you know, do you want to waste 6 years of your life waiting for him, umm

    DF: 'Cos he can’t commit

    JA: He still tells Deanna I love you and I’ll say, “What?” you know…and that kind of thing

    DF: Yeah…and… and I truly believe he does love her still but,

    JA: Oh, he does. (Unintelligible)

    DF: Travis he’s what you call a player. You know what that means? He kinda…

    JA: He doesn’t intend to hurt anybody, though

    DF: Pulls girls in… but he can’t make a commitment -- portrays himself to be a certain way, but he’s really not. He portrays himself to have a lot of money. He’s not.

    JA: (Giggles) He’s got a lot of things. He told me the first night that I met him, or was it the second night… it was at the MGM Grand he invited me to this Executive Director Banquet, and you know, he was kind of talking about what his earnings were the last year and how he almost made his six figures, and that kind of thing, and then he leans in and he goes, in this business you have to show off your money a little bit, and in Prepaid Legal it is, people want to see that you’re actually being successful. So, you know, he’s done a good job of that.

    DF: It’s about making money.

    JA: Yeah. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, so Chris and Sky were just …by the end of the conversation they started calling me Deanna and I was just like, shocked. I didn’t want to… I certainly…the last thing I wanted…

    DF: How did you feel about that?

    JA: Ummm my biggest concern was losing respect in their eyes, because I really, really looked up to them, and umm…I would have laughed it off, and I thought it was kind of funny, but my big… but I feared inside that I was losing their respect. So when I talked to him next I was like ehhh, you know, what do I do, what do I say, and he ended up writing this long, long, long letter to Sky saying I just got off the phone with a very reluctant to talk to me Jodi and she wrote back saying something to the effect like, you know, I wouldn’t want my sister to date you.

    DF: Mmm hmm.

    JA: Umm…why do you kiss Jodi in the dark and then act like you guys aren’t even together in the daytime. Things like that.

    DF: That’s a good statement because that kind of sums up the relationship that you had with him. It seems like…

    JA: Especially…

    DF: he liked you. He loved you. He wanted to be with you but he was … he was reluctant to make a commitment first off, and truly, he didn’t think that you were marriage material, and I don’t know why not. I mean I see you, you’re a wonderful girl, you know you’re struggling. You’re trying to make your way through life, and I don’t see why you guys couldn’t have made it. You know…

    JA: I think we’re just – we have very many different philosophies in a lot of ways. Umm we would argue about the dumbest things and he would want me to admit that he was right, and I would happily do that... but it...

    DF: That’s a man thing... that’s…

    JA: And I should have just known better and admitted it. I eventually learned how to argue with Travis and it’s...

    DF: Talk to my wife. She’s like okay fine you’re right...

    JA: Yeah. Eventually that’s what I began to do with him. It’s like the more I just agree with him the sooner the argument gets over and the sooner we can make up, and the make up was always great. Umm…but, umm…there were so many times I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what he… I could… but I would try to get him to do the same for me…like there was a time I broke down on the way to LA once when I was going to watch Chris Hughes do a training, umm and this was January, umm mid January maybe of 2007, and my car got a flat tire, so I had at the time roadside assistance cos my car was still under warranty, and they went to take the car in to change the tire and realized that when they sold me the car they didn’t give me the wheel lock key
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    Transcript of Video 2 continued...

    DF: Oh man…

    JA: for anti-theft wheel locks so… I had to get a hotel room, I had to get my car towed, it was a big nightmare ummm and I was kinda’ hungry, it was dinnertime, it was 7:38 and it was dark cos it was January ummm…and the tow truck guy said you know there’s a Denny’s two blocks down here, and there’s a Jack in the Box there and he was driving me to the motel I said is there an IHop around, cos I really like IHop he’s like yeah but it’s like 5 miles back in the other direction. I was like uhhhh… okay. He says I can drive you there if you want. And I was like... he’s like this short Mexican guy and he seemed really harmless and I was like… ahhh okay and he, you know, I asked him about his life and he had a wife and kids and… so he wasn’t flirting… or he had girlfriend or something…

    DF: he’s just trying to be nice to you

    JA: Just being nice. And so I ended up telling, and he didn’t ever say anything inappropriate. And then he drove me and dropped me off and that was that. And umm…and I got to eat. And so I told that to Travis and he didn’t say anything at first but it got back to Sky and sky was like why didn’t you call me and then I think eventually that was used against me to establish a pattern that I do weird things like that.
    So, umm that’s something we had arguments about a lot was umm he’s just like…

    DF: So he was really upset with you about that. He felt a little jealous, but…

    JA: And…I… I…He told me once that he was a little bit jealous when he found that I went on one of those dates but he said I know we’re not dating. And he’s like I guess I am a little bit jealous, but with these other incidents he says it just concerns him because he thought that I would get myself into a situation where I’d get hurt because I have that sort of attitude. And I was really… since I joined Prepaid I’ve really trying to break out of my bubble and do things that are a little uncomfortable as far as umm… ummm… talking to people and you know I made a resolution this year to overcome a few fears that I have that I’m really scared of…and I think that by getting into that a little that I can overcome some of that. Umm but his... he did act jealous, but he wouldn’t say he was jealous. He would just say he was concerned.

    DF: But he would tell other people about it?

    JA: What do you mean?

    DF: Did he tell Sky Hughes?

    JA: Oh, yeah, he… I guess it got… I may have told Sky about that.

    DF: But they probably had a conversation with him and he probably voiced his opinion

    JA: They had many conversations.

    DF: …on how he didn’t like it.

    JA: I know that him and Sky had lot of fights and arguments and it was… and I was the root of that a lot of time, but I think, you know, all in all, they… especially more recently they got along a lot better. I think she gave him a really hard time about our relationship, so it’s one of the reasons he really wanted to keep it under wraps.

    DF: So moving over to his trip to Cancun that he was going to. Umm…. when did you first find out about that, that he was going with Mimi?

    JA: Oh... I didn’t find out… I found out about that at his memorial services on Monday... it was the Monday night Memorial services.

    DF: So you didn’t know he was going to Cancun?

    JA: I knew he was going. Yeah.

    DF: You didn’t know he was taking Mimi?

    JA: I didn’t know that. I think that’s awesome actually.

    DF: Yeah… well, unfortunately, Mimi had called him a week or two before and uhhh had told him, Look if you want to take somebody else that’s fine, but I have something to tell you; I don’t look at you that way. I don’t look at you as a boyfriend. If you want to be friends, we can be friends, and that really broke his heart.

    JA: I know...umm… I mean he didn’t tell me that but I found out from his Bishop afterward when I talked to his Bishop, and his Bishop did say that Travis really took that one hard, and he said he took it to heart and he realizes that it’s speaking from a Bishop’s perspective he said it’s because, you know, Mimi is of a certain caliber when it comes to her spirituality and Travis was just in another place.

    DF: He’s struggling… and it’s something he struggled with for a long time.

    JA: Well, I feel… I feel responsible for that part.

    DF: Why do you feel responsible?

    JA: Because I wasn’t… I mean I had moved away but I had participated with him in so many things that kept us both down spiritually for a long time. I mean if I had just cut ties completely I could probably be married right now. I could probably be working on my own family… umm…

    DF: What kept you to him? I don’t understand.

    JA: Well, moving is expensive for one. So once I was there I was kind of stuck there. Umm…

    DF: But why do you continue to go back to him. You know what he wants. You know that it’s not healthy but yet you continue to go back and it brings us to the point where we’re here now. Okay… I mean…

    JA: Ummm…..I guess I… I… physically...

    DF: You keep saying you knew that it wasn’t healthy and you knew it was contributing to something that wasn’t good and…but yet you guys continued to do it.

    JA: Yeah… and part of my ummm perspective now has to do with the fact that I’m going through a re_____(unintelligible) process that I’ve worked out with, you know, my bishop and he’s given me, you know, certain scriptures to read and ponder and pray about, and it just… it brings me back to where I was prior to all of that. Umm I don’t know how much I ever really was there as much as I am now because even before I was baptized, even the 2 days before I was baptized, four days, it was on Wednesday, I was baptized on Sunday, umm before Thanksgiving, and it was just like Travis and I were making out and you know… that was prior to we hadn’t gone all the way at that point which is too far, and I called him that evening and I said I didn’t… it felt different. The first time that was great, whatever. And then it just felt different this time. And it was just before I was about to be baptized and I had already had my interview and so it was like... it was just different. He’s like Yeah, I feel the same way and I think that’s the Spirit telling us this that or the other I think by driving the Spirit away so much you just get into this pattern of… of… I don’t know... it was just… it was …there was a couple times where I didn’t answer his text messages and he would send me little sad faces or eventually he would wait and then he would call and then he would call again and if I didn’t answer he would call again three times.

    DF: You guys kept this relationship hidden from everybody else and uhhh 'cos nobody really knew about it. There were some people who I’ve talked to and said yeah they continued to have a relationship even after they broke up, and there are others who are saying you had become obsessive with him to the point to where you would uhh go into his house when he wasn’t there or when you weren’t invited, and he would talk to people saying you know she just kind of showed up and I don’t want to tell her to leave but uh… you know…I don’t want her here.

    JA: Oh, there were… that was… that must have been early on... cos there were a couple times when…We established a rule early on just don’t, you know, don’t come over… he said, you can come over anytime but I need to know first.

    DF: Yes.

    JA: He’s like you just never know if there’s people…

    DF: 'Cos you ran into somebody one time, right? Didn’t you run into like one of his ex girlfriends as well, or was it Deanna that you ran into?

    JA: Oh, yeah… well, that was… I was…that was okay that I was there. He asked me to stay there and umm be with Napoleon because that was during conference, general conference in October of last year. He took a road trip with some friends from his church to Utah and umm unless he’s going to California he pretty much leaves Napoleon at home and so he needed someone to be there, and it’s like I got full house privileges. I could sleep in the bed, I could eat, you know, food…

    DF: I talked to her and she said that was kind of an unusual kind of situation and she didn’t expect you to be there.

    JA: She didn’t at all and so… first I was like, well I was like, Did you give Deanna any… any… you know flack over coming over unannounced, (giggles) because we had just set this rule, and he’s like, I talked to her about it. He’s like, but I’ll tell you what I was on the phone with three hours with her she was freaking out that you were there… and umm I think the more people knew about us associating the more stress we both got from it and so umm it was just easier to try and keep it a secret, and we didn’t always do a good job of that. I think his roommates may have seen or heard some things. Ummm but they were kind of keep to themselves types so we didn’t worry too much about them.

    DF: Okay

    JA: There was actually one roommate, John Hepworth who ended up remarrying his same wife and moved back to Utah, and umm…I was cleaning his house one day and, John told me, he was like, you know Travis is dating, and I said, Okay, and… I assumed he was, you know, going on dates and things and he’s like, No, he’s really trying to date and umm… and I said, Oh, Okay, and he’s like, he’s desperate to get married, and I said, I know that’s true. And he’s like, I just wanted to tell you that because I don’t think he’s being honest with you. And I was like, Okay. So that night, umm…you know, I confronted him about it, and we had a really big fight and it was also a bunch of things were thrown in the mix together and then we… he said, Listen, I’m not dating anyone, umm… but, he was very angry at John for getting into his business. Umm he told John in a very nice way, I think, Hey, I know that you have probably have good intentions but just… you know…mind your own business kind of thing, and from then on, John, I don’t think John or I said anything.

    DF: (Sighs)

    JA: And that was… that was in October, I think.

    DF: You’ve kind of given me a really good run down of your relationship and umm… how you guys thought of each other and stuff, and I was pretty close to right on with my… with my theory on how you guys, you know, why you continued to see each other and what was going on during that time. Ummm I think there’s some other things that you’re not telling me. I think maybe you were … the jealousy probably continued even after the fact that you moved away, umm…for instance, the uhh…was it the week of the … well the first week of June, you took a trip to Salt Lake City. Remember that trip we talked about?

    JA: Oh this year, I’m sorry. I’m thinking back, umm Yeah…

    DF: You had left…I think it was like a Monday.

    JA: More like Monday, June 2nd. I remember that now.

    DF: Monday, June 2nd, in the morning or afternoon or something I can’t remember late morning

    JA: I think it was morning.

    DF: Okay, and you had gone down to Reading and rented a car

    JA: Mmm Hmmm.
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    Transcript of Video 2 continued...

    DF: Where did you rent that car?

    JA: Uhh the Reading Airport.

    DF: Okay, and do you remember what car company it was?

    JA: I don’t remember the rental company but I remember the make and model. It was a Ford Focus.

    DF: Yeah, I got that from the people in Utah. They said you showed up in a Ford Focus.

    JA: Uh huh. It was a white, four door, no umm cruise control. I like road trips. Cruise Control.

    DF: You don’t remember what company it was?

    JA: Uh… maybe

    DF: Was it with your credit card or?

    JA: Yeah.

    DF: Okay

    JA: Yeah. I could look it up.

    DF: And so you took a trip and you decided to go to, instead of going over to Utah, you went straight out to the Los Angeles area.

    JA: I went to Santa Cruz first.

    DF: Santa Cruz.

    JA: Mmm hmmm.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: and I stayed the night in Monterey. And the next day I drove to Pasadena.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: waiting for Laura to call me back.

    DF: You didn’t contact her at all?

    JA: Uh… she contacted me finally after I had already left LA.

    DF: It was too late; you had already left at that point.

    JA: Yeah, and we had plans to do that again (unintelligible)

    DF: And which route did you take home from there?

    JA: I was supposed to get on the 15 and go all the way up,

    DF: Uh huh…

    JA: and I somehow got off of 15.

    DF: Where did you end up?

    JA: Umm for awhile I was lost, and I’m not above sleeping in the car so I slept for awhile. I’m a heavy sleeper and I sleep a lot, so.

    DF: But you were on the 15 for awhile and you ended up getting off the 15 somewhere?

    JA: Yeah, I looked at a map but I’m pretty sure I know where I went. Can I draw you a map?

    (Detective Flores tears off a sheet of paper)

    DF: Sure.

    JA: ‘Cos I eventually started seeing signs umm for Phoenix, and I was like… and it was several hundred miles away still, like that’s weird, where am I going, ummm… (JA begins to draw a map on paper). So you have California, Los Angeles, and … ummm Nevada... Arizona…Utah, and I was supposed to go somewhere right up here… oops.. I’m a lefty…so 15 kinda' does one of these

    DF: Yeah… goes through let’s say Las Vegas right here…

    JA: Oh yeah. I’m sorry. My map is so wrong.

    DF: No… that’s okay… that’s okay. So we’ll just put…just put…

    JA: I know it cuts through Arizona on the corner... Las Vegas... umm…St. George is somewhere here… and then… the 40 runs somewhere this way, ‘cos somehow I ended up on the 40, and when I saw the 40, I’m like… the only thing I associate with the 40 is Flagstaff, and Flagstaff is somewhere Utah... I mean northern Arizona, and so ummm… I was going east, and I was like this isn’t, what’s going on here? I wasn’t going the right way. I’ve had for the last 2 years, I’ve had a car that has a GPS system in it and it’s really good, and umm…it…I think it hasn’t served me as far as getting a sense of direction when I moved to Palm Desert…

    DF: Yeah, you kind of rely on it a little too much.

    JA: Too much. In fact, when I moved, when I moved in with the last place I lived in Arizona I did not know how close it was to Travis. I didn’t realize. Ummm…I have a very bad sense of direction and it wasn’t until I began to… I used my GPS the whole time I was there pretty much just to find things, Umm anyway, so I got back… I looked at the Mapquest that I had Mapquested a bunch of places…I was (unintelligible) Death Valley…I was

    DF: Did you actually cross over into Arizona? Is that how far you went?

    JA: I crossed over twice, I think. My map is wrong because the 93 goes North, and then I hit the 15 again, and then I got here, and then I hit Arizona, and then I’m here… but somehow I got north on the 93

    DF: Okay

    JA: and then I hit the 15. So, I mean I don’t know where Phoenix is, Mesa, it’s gotta’ be over here. I didn’t go anywhere near there.

    DF: So you took this trip and you left on…was it Monday the 2nd? Right? And you didn’t get to Utah until Thursday, you told me.

    JA: Yeah, I got to Utah on Thursday.

    DF: So Thursday, that’s the 5th.

    JA: Uhh yeah… I think so.

    DF: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Okay so we have 48 hours there but well, obviously 3 days, but there’s 48 hours... This trip took you a little over 48 hours. Umm…I have a problem with this trip.

    JA: Well I went first to…

    DF: Yeah, I know you went down here. But obviously, Yreka right there, beautiful little place here except it’s kind of smoky. I was hoping to see some mountains, but…

    JA: You really should see Mt. Shasta, if you get a chance.

    DF: Okay. I’ve gone over this trip over and over in my mind and on paper and even if there’s still 20 some odd hours, even if you pulled over to sleep a couple of times.

    JA: But, did I tell you that I got stranded?

    DF: Yeah.

    JA: Okay.
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    Transcript of Video 2 conclusion.

    DF: You mentioned that. If you slept for 10 hours.

    JA: I only slept for like an hour.

    DF: here and here… it would still leave 18 somewhat hours or something else. This is what people are focusing on. This trip that you took. She left. She took Thursday. Wednesday. This was when Travis was killed.

    JA: I did not go near his house. Isn’t there… aren’t there…

    DF: I pulled your cell records. Your cell phone was turned off between here and here. Okay. But… the last place that pulled it was here. The next place it turned on was here. What does that show me?

    JA: Oh… well I began… Oh no, no, no...

    DF: Is there plenty of time for you to do that? Yes! And do I believe that you had come to visit Travis? Yes. I truly believe it. Did you have the opportunity? Yes. You were traveling alone. There are no other witnesses. Your phone just happened to turn off from here to here.

    JA: Well, I didn’t turn it off physically, but it died.

    DF: And then it magically…you found your charger here?

    JA: It was… it was under the …packed (??) under the seat of the passenger side, and it was when I was…

    DF: When you were lost you couldn’t have maybe pulled over and found it or…?

    JA: Well, I did finally start looking when I was stranded. I wouldn’t have pulled over when I was lost.

    DF: Okay. I’ve been focusing on this and going over and over in my mind why this happened… why your phone turns off here outside of Los Angeles…

    JA: What city is that because I got…

    DF: going towards…

    JA: as far as ummm

    DF: It’s not cities, there are towers.

    JA: Oh, okay.

    DF: There are towers dotted all over this place. One tower hit here, the other tower here on the 93. There’s no way somebody can get on that 15 and magically get on that 93, 'cos that 15 goes right through Las Vegas. Right there. It continues this way. It never goes through Arizona.

    JA: I got off before Las Vegas.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: I didn’t get back on.

    DF: To 15, you didn’t have to go through Las Vegas and then come down south, go through Boulder City…

    JA: I went through Boulder City going north?

    DF: Did you cross over the dam?

    JA: Uh huh

    DF: And you didn’t think that was odd you were crossing over Arizona?

    JA: Well, after…I figured out I was lost by then and I found 93 and found my way back to 15.

    DF: And this tower here, it’s not just over the border in Arizona, it’s quite a distance inside of Arizona that it hit, because there’s a mountain range all along here, and if you’re on this side of the mountain range, pretty good distance, that signals not going to hit or power to Utah or Nevada or California. It’s only going to hit in Arizona.

    JA: Well, I had somehow gotten off of the 15 and got onto the 40… is what happened.

    DF: Well, the only way you can get onto the 40 is if after you cross the bridge, or the dam…

    JA: I think I got on the 40 in California.

    DF: From the 15?

    JA: Well, like…’cos I had actually gotten… I actually began to drive the10 west.

    DF: But do you see what I’m saying… the confusion we’re having? And we’ll come back to this…

    JA: Well, I got on the 40 somewhere over here.

    DF: In California.

    JA: Yeah, and continued to drive this way. Realized I was not in the right place at all, and then I got onto the 93 North and then I hit the 15 again and then I went through Las Vegas and then St. George and then onto Utah.

    DF: Okay. That still doesn’t make any sense to me. And I can pull the maps and show them to you and you can go over and over again, but I don’t think you’re being completely honest with me about that trip.

    JA: I honestly got lost. It’s… it’s bad timing.

    DF: Were you at Travis’s house on Wednesday?

    JA: Absolutely not! I was nowhere near Mesa. I was nowhere near Phoenix.

    DF: (Sighs)

    JA: I wasn’t even close to him. Umm

    DF: What if I can show you proof you were there?
    Would you change your mind?

    JA: I wasn’t there!

    DF: Be honest with me, Jodi.

    JA: I was not at Travis’s house. I was not…

    DF: You were at Travis’s house. You guys had a sexual encounter, which there’s pictures, and we know there are pictures, because I have them. I will show them to you. Okay? So… what I’m asking you is for you to be honest with me. I know you were there.

    JA: Are you sure those pictures aren’t from another time?

    DF: Positive. Absolutely positive.

    JA: The last time I had any sexual contact with Travis was in April.

    DF: Remember I told you about the camera. That camera was damaged. Someone put it in the washing machine. Ran it through a wash cycle with some clothes of Travis’s, but the card is intact. Remember I told you that card was destroyed? I didn’t want to tell you the truth, because I wanted to make sure those photos were accurate and we can pull deleted photos. I don’t care if you delete ‘em six months ago, we can pull every photo that was on there… pull the little pixels together, get the time stamps, and we can verify those time stamps, and I have pictures of you in Travis’s bedroom with Travis, pictures of him, and it’s obvious you guys are having sex, taking photos of each other, and they’re dated and time stamped on the day he died.

    JA: Are you sure it’s me? I mean…’cos I was not there…

    DF: Jodi. It’s you…and you know it’s you…

    End of Video 2
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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation
    Video 3

    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 3 - YouTube

    JA = Jodi Arias
    DF = Detective Flores

    Prepared by: TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com

    DF: I know all the details of this case. The only thing I don’t know is why? Why did you choose to go visit Travis that day? And why did you do what you did?

    JA: I never hurt Travis.

    DF: You did. You hurt him. That’s why we’re here. That’s why I flew up here, because I needed to talk to you about this. I can just arrest you and throw you in jail, but I want to know why. Why did you do this to him?

    JA: I wouldn’t hurt Travis. He’s done so much for me.

    DF: There’s so much evidence in that house. So much… and it all points to you.

    JA: I…I lived there. I was there for months and months and months.

    DF: Mmm Hmm. I know you took pictures of him in the shower, just before he died.

    JA: I don’t think he would allow that…

    DF: Mmm Hmm…and the camera actually took a couple of photos by accident during the time he was being killed.

    JA: Really?

    DF: Yeah, Jodi, really! You were there! Quit playing this game. It’s time for you to just come out and tell me…

    JA: I didn’t…no…I did not hurt Travis. I did not hurt Travis. I wouldn’t do that to him.

    DF: We have the pictures.

    JA: Can I see the pictures?

    DF: We have your blood at the scene…your hair with blood at the scene…your left palm print at the scene, in blood. What’s going on there?

    JA: Well, I can explain the blood and the hair. I don’t know about my left palm print.

    DF: How can you explain the blood and the hair?

    JA: Well, because I used to bathe Napoleon all the time and… umm

    DF: You haven’t been there since April, right?

    JA: Mmm Hmm

    DF: He’s had the house cleaned several times since then, and this hair was not just a hair, you know, from the shower or something. This hair was stuck with blood and obviously had blood on it at the time it got stuck where it ended up.

    JA: My hair would have been all over.

    DF: There is no way… there is no other hair.

    JA: Can you… can you take a hair sample and like…

    DF: We have your DNA

    JA: No, no, no… but I mean like, you know how they can to drug tests and find out when things were done? Can you…

    DF: No. We can’t do that.

    JA: Can’t you measure the time?

    DF: We have DNA matching that hair to you,

    JA: Okay, I know, but my…

    DF: and that hair had a follicle on it, and that means that that hair wasn’t there very long. The follicle will usually dissipate and go away after a certain time…it will fall off the hair itself.

    JA: Well, when I would brush my hair there…

    DF: Jodi…

    JA: I mean…

    DF: this one, you absolutely cannot … you cannot explain that away. You either had blood on your hand

    (Jodi immediately turns both hands, palms upward, and starts to examine her hands/palms as DF talks about her having blood on her hand)

    DF: when you touched the wall or there was blood on the wall when you touched the blood…

    JA: Could my palm print have already been there and then I touched it?

    DF: Jodi… Jodi… This is over. This is absolutely over. You need to tell me the truth.

    JA: Listen, the truth is I did not hurt Travis.
    Okay, so…

    DF: Jodi! You can continue to do this, okay? The records show that you reported a gun stolen… a 25 auto. This happens to be the same caliber as the weapon used to kill him.

    JA: A 25 auto was used to kill Travis?

    DF: Mmm hmm, yeah, along with multiple stab wounds. Jodi… if you want I could show you some pictures of him. Do you want to see pictures of him?

    JA: Part of me does and part of me doesn’t?

    DF: Why, because you don’t want to remember?

    JA: No! I just…

    DF: Jodi!

    JA: There’s a morbid curiosity.

    DF: Jodi…

    JA: I wanted to know how he died!

    DF: We can keep playing these games, over and over again. I am not going to believe you.

    JA: All right, listen…

    DF: When you start telling me the truth, then I can believe you, but I can’t deny this evidence. I can’t. The trip you took doesn’t make sense. The opportunity was there. Your pictures on that date with him, your blood is in the house, mixed with his… mixed, not alongside, but mixed. Your hair is there with blood, and your palm print is there in blood. It’s over.

    JA: Could it have been my blood from before?

    DF: Your image is not important right now. Saving the rest of your life is.

    JA: Listen, if I’m found guilty, I don’t have a life. I’m not guilty. I didn’t hurt Travis. If I hurt Travis, if I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty.

    DF: Was there anybody else with you?

    JA: I was traveling alone. The whole time

    DF: Was there anybody else with you at Travis’s house on Wednesday the 4th?

    JA: I was not at Travis’s house on Wednesday the 4th.

    DF: You were, because that’s when the blood was left on… the bloody palm print was left on his wall. I don’t know what to tell you. If you were in my shoes and I had this evidence against… against you, what would you say?

    JA: If I had that evidence against you?

    DF: Yeah!

    JA: It would be pretty obvious, but I guess being in my position I’d … it just seems so impossible. I’d want to see it, I’d want to know, I mean…I’m not like.. I’m not a murderer but I guess if I were to do that I’d wear gloves, or, you know, something. I just…How can my… I don’t’ know…

    DF: I know you tried to wash him off, tried to get some of the blood off…tried to clean him up a little bit, but you’re even denying the pictures of you being there. There are pictures of you laying on the bed in pigtails.

    JA: Pigtails?

    DF: Yes. I’ve got pictures of you that I’ve blown up, and you’ve got the little mole right there. It’s the same one. It’s you. It’s obvious. I can show you some of these pictures. Do you want to see the pictures? Will that change your mind?

    JA:I mean…I am curious.
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    Transcript of Video 3 continued...

    DF: Okay. Let me take a break then. Let me go find them. I’ll bring them in and show you.

    JA: I wasn’t there.

    DF: You need to think about what you’re saying. This continuing to lie is not going to help you.

    JA: If it’s something I didn’t do it won’t help me either. Okay, let’s say for a second that I did, and I say I did it…

    DF: Mmm Hmmm

    JA: I mean…

    DF: The motive is there, jealousy issue…

    JA: But I wasn’t… I wouldn’t even say it was jealous. I mean… There may have been some jealousy there but…

    Then what is there… what caused this?

    JA: I think if anyone… maybe Travis was jealous, but…

    DF: That’s not what everybody else says. Oh, they know he was jealous but they think that you were absolutely obsessed. Obsessed is the word that they used. That’s the word I hear from everybody – Fatal Attraction. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that. Look at Jodi. Jodi had to have done this, or she had someone to do it for her. There’s not one person that says anything else. Why is that? That’s the perception they have of you, and there’s a reason for that perception-- maybe because it’s true.

    JA: Maybe because we kept hanging out.

    DF: Mmm Hmm.

    JA: But not because it’s true.

    DF: Because of this… I can prove you were there. I can prove it, but what I don’t have is answers of why it happened, or, you know, maybe something just got out of hand. Maybe things got out of hand…

    JA: Did you find the gun? Maybe that would…

    DF: Jodi…we’re just playing games here. That gun was in your possession. When did you report it stolen?

    JA: Umm…I didn’t even know that there were guns until my grandparents reported it stolen the day their house was broken into.

    When was that?

    JA: I don’t remember. It was a few months ago, maybe?

    DF: What did you do with the gun?

    JA: I don’t have a gun.

    DF: They’re going through your house right now, so… are they going to find anything there that will lead you back to this?

    JA: I don’t think they would. I mean there’s nothing that could link me there. I mean that’s pretty compelling I have to admit if you found my palm print there. I don’t know…I just… that’s

    DF: Do you have a pair of sweatpants that’s got stripes around the back side with zippers?

    JA: Umm…

    DF: Somebody seen you wearing those before.

    JA: I’ve got so many clothes. Yeah, I think I do…Wait! I have… Well, I have one that zips in the back.

    DF: Mmm Hmm… Its got like stripes… like a big stripe… well, kinda’ towards the back.

    JA: It’s got a black stripe all the way down and they’re white. It’s got a black…I have those. They’re at the house.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: It’s got umm…I have two pairs actually, one is too small and one is just about right. Umm… when I bought … anyway one was too small and it was on sale and it was a good deal ummm…but yeah, they have stripes and they have a zipper. What does that mean, what is that?

    DF: Because I believe you were wearing a pair like that when this happened. Remember I told you about the camera? It was taking pictures by accident.

    JA: Mmm hmmm

    DF: The camera was upside down. Flash, another time, camera flashed -- looks like it was on the ground. May be it was kicked, look at the pictures, and it’s obviously a female, and one of them was wearing those pants.

    JA: Oh, I didn’t even bring those pants on that trip, so…

    DF: And if we find those pants is that gonna’ make my case a little bit better? Yeah.

    JA: (Sighs…)

    DF: Okay, we’re gonna’ take a little break, but I need you to think about what you’re doing here, because the best thing for you to do is for you to tell me the truth. Tell me exactly what happened, because you know what, because I think your mom and your dad really deserve the truth. They’re gonna’ be asking, and it’s absolutely (sigh) it’s so important that you tell me why this occurred, what was going through your mind and what caused you to do this. It happened, and I can prove it happened, and there’s no doubt in my mind and there absolutely is no doubt in anybody else’s mind who’s investigating this that you were there and you did this, but… I’ll let you think about that. Okay? I’m going to go look for some pictures and I’ll bring them over and we’ll continue this discussion. Okay? Let me go find them. I’ll be right back.

    JA: (Unintelligible… Take your time…???) I’m not a murderer.

    DF leaves the room and closes the door.

    13:47 – 14:25
    Jodi sits quietly not moving.

    14:25 – 14:57
    Jodi rubs fingers under both eyes – examines fingertips/hands.

    14:57 – 15:08
    Jodi runs fingers through her hair – leans back – does yoga pose.

    Jodi reaches arms across table, rests head atop outstretched arms.

    Jodi takes sip of water.

    Detective Flores returns.

    JA: What kind of gun is that? Just curious…

    DF: It’s a Glock.

    JA: I just bought a gun.

    DF: Did you?

    JA: Mmm hmm.

    DF: They probably found it by now.

    JA: Probably. (Unintelligible: I was taking it somewhere ???)

    DF: These are just a few photos, and I want to be careful showing…not showing you certain photos

    JA: Please don’t show me (unintelligible)

    DF: because some of them are very…bad. That’s obviously Travis’s house, right? Remember that?

    JA: Umm…yeah.

    DF: Flips through binder of photos/case file

    JA: If Travis were here today he would tell you that it wasn’t me.

    DF: Well, my job is to speak for Travis right now, and everything Travis is telling me is that Jodi did this to me. Have you ever shot that 25 auto? Ever touched it?

    JA: The one that was stolen?

    DF: Mmm Hmmm

    JA: I’ve never seen it.

    JA: My grandpa says it looks like a toy gun.

    DF: Mmm Hmmm

    JA: I don’t know what a 25 looks like. I know what a 22 looks like

    DF: It looks like a 22 actually.

    JA: Well, the 22’s that I saw kinda’ look like the ones in the westerns where they have the barrel and the long…you know…

    DF: Mmm hmm.

    JA: But there was another 22 in the store that looked like a toy gun it looked like a squirt gun – like a water gun…I don’t know…

    20:50 – 21:10
    DF: (Flips through book with crime scene photos)
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    Transcript of Video 3 conclusion.

    DF: I wanted to know which pictures to show you. What about that one? (DT shows Jodi the photo of Travis sitting in the shower looking at her)
    (Unintelligible last question to JA)

    JA: Is he naked? In the shower?

    DF: Yeah. Yep. Yes, he is.

    DF: This is

    JA: Travis would never go for that.

    DF: Soon after you and him had sex on his bed.

    JA: That couldn’t have been too soon after.

    DF: An hour or so…

    JA: The last time we had sex in his bed was in April.

    DF: two hours…
    (DF flips through pages/photos)

    DF: These didn’t come out very good because they’re copies. That’s your photos. That’s you! I wanted to cover you up because …

    JA: Oh!

    DF: That’s you… all of you

    JA: That looks like me.

    DF: That is you. (Unintelligible…We got them all right there???)

    (Jodi lifts up the piece of paper that DF had placed atop the photograph of a naked JA in order to cover JA’s “private parts.” JA wanted to see this part so she lifted the paper and looked)

    DF: You can look at the rest of them if you want. There’s a few of them. There’s a few more. I’ll try not to show you…because I don’t want to put you out there like that… Let’s just say I’ve seen all of you, and I’ve seen all of Travis, but the one that sticks in my mind of Travis is…. on the autopsy table. I’m not going to show you that one… or should I? But… this one I don’t know if I should show you, but nothing bad… too bad, but it’s just one of the photos that was taken by accident, and this is just a small portion of it…

    DF: (Turns photo/book towards JA so she can view)

    That’s your foot, Jodi. These are your pants. Now it’s off color because they had to enhance it and the color had to change just a little bit. That’s Travis…

    JA: This is his bathroom… That is not my foot.

    DF: Those are your pants. It’s a different color like I said because we had to enhance it and the color changes. The zippered backs…

    JA: I have both of those pants at home, if these are the same ones. I don’t have a zipper there though… not on mine. This is a black stripe and this is white and the black goes around (unintelligible)

    (Turns pages in book…)

    DF: I couldn’t even recognize Travis he had been there so long.

    JA: (Unintelligible) I keep thinking …brother… dress him (????)

    DF: Well this is another one that’s just a copy, but it’s you…same day…all time stamped. First picture… see… the date… 6-4-08 5:22 p.m. The photo of you started, you know, on Travis’s bed about 1:30-1:45 something like that.

    JA: I don’t know that kind of camera they got.

    DF: Right there. See that…

    JA: Mmm hmmm…that spot?

    DF: See those spots here? They look a different color because we used a chemical to enhance this. That right there is blood. That’s a mixture of yours and his, and that’s your palm print…of your left palm.

    JA: I don’t have any cuts on my left palm. (JA looks at her palm)

    DF: Nobody said that your cut was on the palm. Do you have any recent cuts that are healed?

    JA: Well my cat scratches me… little things.. These are all her work. You can see this is her… that’s her… I’ve got scars. She’s a feral cat. All these little things are from her, though.

    DF: Well, enough about your cat…but, why is your palm print in blood?

    How can that be my palm print?

    DF: Because you were there.

    JA: (JA points to a photo in the binder as DF moves closer to JA with his binder/book)
    What is this?

    DF: That’s before we used the chemical. We thought we’d get something from that, but this is where your palm print was, right on the wall.

    (DT flips pages.. )

    DF: I can go over and over and over again…over and over again…

    (DF closes the binder/book.)

    DF: There’s no doubt in my mind that you were there. There’s no doubt in my mind that you did this. None! So you can go until you’re blue in the face and tell me you weren’t there and you had nothing to do with it and I won’t believe you. I will not believe you, because Travis is telling me that you did this to him. That’s my job. My job is to speak for him, and this is what he’s telling me, and… I want to know why?

    JA: That’s…

    DF: it’s killing me inside. I don’t know why…

    JA: there’s no reason for it. There’s no reason why. There’s no reason I would ever want to hurt him.

    There’s no way anybody else …

    JA: He never raped me, never … (DF interrupts her)

    DF: There’s no way any one else could have left your palm print in blood on that wall. No way. Get that through your head.

    JA: If I was ever going to try to kill somebody, I would use gloves. I’ve got plenty of them.

    DF: Nobody said you, you know, you had planned this out perfectly. Maybe you were going there to just talk to him, have a good time with him -- something got out of hand…

    JA: Even if I were there, and even if I were going there to just have a good time with him…

    DF: What if I tell you somebody saw you there… a neighbor? Do you remember some of the neighbors?

    JA: Just Dave.

    DF: The next door neighbor and his wife?

    JA: I don’t know his wife.

    DF: Some of the neighbors across the street

    JA: Well, I’ve never met them.

    DF: But you’ve hung around there quite a bit and they know you. Yeah, they’ve seen you there, on that day…

    JA: I wasn’t there that day.

    DF: Jodi, you were there that day.

    JA: And even if I … I’m trying to think… the majority of the time that I spent there I had platinum blonde hair, so I mean…and I never once said Hi to them, met them, shook their hand, met them face to face, crossed the street. When I spent time there, he wanted to keep it private so it was umm…I spent the majority of the time inside – not, you know, walking around outside, except for a few times when I took his dog for a walk

    DF: Would they see your car there, or did you park it down the street?

    JA: No they would see it there. I drove an Infinity, so they would definitely recognize the car, I’m sure. Well, there were a lot of cars there a lot of the time.

    DF: Where’s the Infinity now?

    JA: I gave it back to the bank.

    DF: Is it in a pound yard somewhere? Are we going to find any evidence in that car?

    JA: You’re free to look!

    DF: We’re gonna’ look.

    JA: You can also look in the rental car.

    DF: What company did you rent it from?

    JA: I don’t remember but I can check my ummm I can check my debit card record.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: I remember the make and model.

    DF: Well, we’re waiting for it anyway. But you know all the new cars have GPS in them.

    JA: Oh!

    DF: Factory. Not for you to use…

    JA: Well then that’s good

    DF: but for us to use if we need to.

    JA: Well then that’s good, because I was also going to ask you. I don’t know if this is something that you can recall but a lot of the stop lights in Mesa and things have cameras on them. Isn’t there any way we could back that up or you know if I were going through that tunnel is that surveillance is their surveillance anywhere?

    DF: No, unless you run a red light -- unless you got caught on a speed camera -- but nothing beats that stuff (taps his finger in his binder at the evidence), and I have a solid case against you, and I can present it to the judge as cold as it is now… I don’t know why she did it, or I can present it to the judge with your explanation…

    End of Video 3​
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    Guys, to get these up quickly I am going to go ahead and just copy & paste the transcripts without the color coding of initials. I will come back and edit as time permits in the trial and my schedule.
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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation
    Video 4

    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 4 - YouTube

    JA = Jodi Arias
    DF = Detective Flores

    Prepared by: TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com

    DF: So did you talk to your parents about what happened?

    JA: Umm…I told them I was worried about stuff.

    DF: About what stuff?

    JA: They said that… well… they knew I was upset about Travis, and I feel really bad by the way I was acting because I wasn’t, especially towards my grandparents…there were a lot of times…

    DF: Why are they not surprised that you’re sitting here talking to me… about this?

    JA: I don’t know… what do you mean?

    DF: They’re not surprised. They’re concerned. They’re hurt.

    JA: Have you talked to them?

    DF: I haven’t, but my other detectives have, and they’re very concerned with you, but they kinda’ suspected that you had something to do with Travis’s death as well. Whose parents think that?

    JA: No. No. That’s because I told them that a lot of people were dropping my name and I said I’m not worried about it because I didn’t ‘do it, but it’s very much, it’s hurting my reputation right now, and it’s casting me in a bad light.

    DF: I wouldn’t be worrying about your reputation right now. I’d be worrying about the rest of your life. That means nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    JA: Well, my reputation will affect the rest of my life, so I am worried about my reputation.

    DF: Are you going to continue with the story then that you weren’t in Mesa on the 4th, you weren’t in Travis’s house, you didn’t have sex with him that day, and you had nothing to do with his murder?

    JA: Those pictures are, I don’t know, to me, pictures are very compelling. Umm…I know that they can be modified and they can be altered and date and time stamps, I don’t know, but I… I think they can be tampered with…

    DF: I didn’t modify anything.

    JA: I didn’t think you would.

    DF: We take absolutely special care of what we do.

    I know.

    DF: We actually take an image of that card or let’s say you got a computer, we take an image of that hard drive and make a copy of it. We don’t even touch your hard drive. We just work with the copy. And that’s exactly what we do with the photos. We don’t work with the originals. We just make an exact digital copy of everything …. (unintelligible) so we don’t touch it, and then we analyze it, and our guys are so good, every case they’ve ever done that I know of has never been lost in court. It’s been argued and argued and argued. There’s no way that they duplicate or that they enhance or that they change or that they do anything to a photo.

    JA: If I (unintelligible)… see what happens

    DF: You’ll have to pay the price.

    JA: Well, what’s the price?

    DF: I don’t know.

    JA: Don’t you know what the sentences are, the sentences are carried for something …

    DF: It depends on your situation, how old you are, it depends on the type of crime, it depends on whether you show remorse for that. And part of that
    Remorse is at least coming clean. When somebody doesn’t come clean, I don’t see any remorse. I don’t know if the judge would see any remorse. I don’t know if the jury would see the remorse. But I don’t know. That’s not for me to decide. My job is to investigate, find out who did it, why they did it, and present it to a court. and that’s it.

    JA: I just can’t imagine…

    DF: You have something to tell me but you’re… you’re just so resistant. I know you’re afraid, but you’re already going through it right now. There’s no backing out. There’s no backing out to yesterday. There’s no backing out to that day. It’s already happened. And unfortunately you’re gonna’ have to face the consequences.

    I’m…you know, if I did that, I would … I would be fully ready to face the consequences. Umm…I’m not really for things like, you know…I’m all for the 10 Commandments, Thou Shalt Not Kill…

    DF: Mmm Hmmm.

    K? But…

    DF: There’s…there’s no evidence to show anybody else did that. None.

    Well…I’m just…

    DF: Do you think we’d find somebody else’s fingerprint if they did that? Possibly. There’s something that happened. You keep saying gloves. There’s things that happen when people wear gloves, then we can actually see that, oh, somebody wore gloves in this case. Nobody wore gloves in this case. Nobody.

    JA: Well, I’m just saying that if I were to carry out something like that I would have worn gloves. I have a whole box …

    Nobody else did this. There’s no evidence to show that nobody else did this but you. You were the only one. That is it, and I’m not seeing any remorse, I’m not seeing any… anything from you to make me believe anything otherwise. You can continue to say I didn’t do it.

    JA: Well…

    DF: But you’re the kid that got caught on videotape stealing candy, and you continue to say it wasn’t me. I have the proof. I have the pictures. It wasn’t me. I don’t think you would admit to it if somebody, if your own mother saw you do this, and she told me, Yeah, I saw her do this. You would say, No, it wasn’t me. Why won’t you admit to it?

    JA: I just can’t. I didn’t kill Travis. I just didn’t…I did not take his life.

    DF: Did you have anything to do with the death of Travis?

    JA: Not…I don’t think I had anything directly to do with it, but I feel responsible somewhat for it.

    DF: Then what can you tell me about his death?

    JA: You know a lot more about it than I do. When I say I feel responsible, it’s because I was… I wasn’t… planning to go there at all and he really wanted me to go, and I told him, No, and I would have if it weren’t for Ryan, and there’s nothing really with Ryan and I. In fact, he has been very hesitant to move anything forward because he’s not sure about me. Umm he said a lot of people are talking, I’ll just tell you that right now. I really wish this would get solved so that we can just put it behind us. Maybe that’s a good thing because he’s not an active Church member anyway, but…

    The reason I feel is because if I had… if it weren’t for Ryan I would have folded and I would have just scrapped all my plans and spent all of my days there.

    Umm… but I didn’t and I stood strong, and he got mad, and he got sad and he guilted me. He didn’t get really mad, he just kind of guilted me, and finally was like, Fine, whatever, and I hung up. (Sighs) I feel that if I would have gone there that I could of… that I could have done something… I could…

    DF: But you were there, Jodi. You were there on Wednesday the 4th.

    JA: Can I … Can I ask you? I don’t know if you know this. Ohhhh, I have a camera and it’s in my storage unit that I don’t use any more but Travis and I used to use frequently, and we took pictures with it. Ummmm… this is… I don’t know. This is kind of.

    DF: Do you remember taking these pictures?

    JA: There were many pictures. I… Vaguely. There were…we took tons and tons of pictures. Some I saved and most we deleted. Umm…Some he sent me through his phone.

    Attached Files:

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    Transcript of Video 4 continued...

    DF: He usually deleted all the pictures like this.

    JA: Yeah, well, before he got…

    DF: Any pictures like this that I found anywhere on his computer, camera, anything, they were deleted.

    JA: Well, prior to him getting his camera all of those pictures were on my camera. Umm…so,

    DF: All these same pictures?

    Umm…I don’t know. I don’t know. We took…umm…we took a bunch the week before I left. Umm….we took a bunch over the last 6 or 7 months. Umm we took over the last year even when we were still dating but we would delete them mostly.

    There were some that he sent me that I didn’t delete. Umm…what I’m asking… is it possible that you know that my memory card would have been in his camera, if they’re interchangeable?

    DF: How do you know if they’re interchangeable?

    JA: I don’t…That’s why I’m asking is what kind of memory card it was…

    Just a regular little sd card.

    (JA reaches across the table, picks up a pencil/pen and begins to draw on DF’s paper)
    JA: Well, cos I’ve got one…I’ve got one that’s like this big, and it’s thin, like a cracker. The one I use in my professional camera is like this size, and it’s more kinda’ like that big, and the little one is really thin, and it’s got like little thingy’s here. (unintelligible)…one looks like that in the middle part, so that one obviously probably wouldn’t be interchangeable because it’s a Canon and it’s…

    DF: It’s not interchangeable.

    JA: But… the other one… (Sighs) I don’t know. I don’t know.

    DF: Your camera’s here. His camera’s there. He just bought that camera.

    JA: Well, the other camera that I used before that’s broken now it’s in my storage unit. But it’s still there.

    DF: And you’re saying those pictures are on that camera?

    JA: I’m… no… what I’m saying is, I had several memory cards for this camera that I don’t have any more, and so, I guess… it’s so far fetched… I would guess it’s possible that my card…

    DF: You’re saying somebody took your pictures or your card and is framing you and put that into his camera and…

    JA: No, no, no, no. I’m just saying that if… if my memory cards were left at his house he could…he would have used those for his camera. I don’t know. I don’t know. I can explain the blood though and I can explain the hair. I don’t know about the palm print.

    DF: I can explain the blood or the hair.

    Well, the hair, there’s hair everywhere and probably every square inch of that house, my hair. You sweep it and you’ll get hair everywhere – all over around the toilet, around in the shower… I don’t know about the shower because the shower gets used, but definitely around the bottom of the sink area and maybe in the trash…

    DF: That still doesn’t explain the hair to me. It had a follicle in it. You haven’t been there since April. There’s no way. No way. The blood, no. The blood is mixed with his, and that’s the blood he bled that day when he was killed. Print…

    JA: Well, you can check how fresh the blood was.

    DF: No, we can’t check how fresh it is but we can go by where it is.

    JA: Oh, okay, because I cut myself.

    DF: And you’re saying that that blood that you cut yourself with back, who knows when, is still on the wall in the exact same spot?

    JA: Oh, I don’t know

    DF: where the bloody palm print was.

    JA: It was a glass that Travis had that I was using to wash Napoleon with. I used to give him baths, and I dropped it, and when I picked up all the glass, and I’m pretty casual about it because I break glass at work all the time, and it’s not a big deal. It’s nothing to be scared of. I was probably just being careless with it and I sliced myself open and…

    DF: Is that how you want to leave this? These far fetched excuses of why your blood is there, why your hair is there, why your palm print is there, what pictures are there?

    JA: I don’t know about the pictures.

    DF: That’s how you want to leave this? I wouldn’t want to. I seriously would not want to. You need to come out and tell me why this happened. I will not accept any other excuses. I will just move on with my investigation with my final report submitting all the conclusions and all the evidence and we can just let a judge and jury decide. You yourself said that if you were in my shoes you would think that I was guilty. We can leave it in the hands of a jury…

    JA: What about a lie detector test?

    DF: We can do that. That’s fine.

    JA: Would that help me at all?

    DF: I mean, you can’t use them in court, but…

    JA: Well, then there’s no point in taking it. I thought those things can be used.

    DF: In certain cases

    JA: In this case setting?

    DF: If you want, I can check. Absolutely…

    JA: If I pass the lie detector test would that help you?

    DF: It could help you.

    JA: You’re so weird anyway. (Sighs) Travis…

    DF: This is your one opportunity to talk to me because I…it’s going to be awhile before I talk to you again, and it’s not going to be in this kind of setting. Do you understand what’s going to happen to you? Well, we’re gonna’… since these charges are out of Arizona, umm…we’re going to send you through the court system here, and then we’re going to ask to extradite you to Arizona from California. I just need
    permission to bring you over because you’re out of state, and the next time we talk could be in a whole different setting. It could be in a jail somewhere. I think this setting is a little bit better. It’s up to you. Jodi, I know you were there. I know that Travis was either in the shower or just outside the shower when he was shot and I know someone was extremely angry at him, took a knife to him, and couldn’t stop. Couldn’t stop. Before you knew it, it was all over and then you panicked, and then…

    JA: I would…I’ve never been angry…that angry at him. No, not for that. I’ve been so far angrier at other people -- at other ex boyfriends.

    DF: Then tell me who could have done this.
    Who did this?

    JA: I don’t know, but if I am… if I go to trial for this and if I’m convicted for this whoever did this is going to be sitting very pretty somewhere, glad that it wasn’t them.

    DF: And, it’s my job to make sure that an innocent person does not go to jail, but I don’t see an innocent person sitting in front of me. When I asked you… I always ask this one question. Well, actually it’s two. First point is, did you kill Travis, and you kind of hesitated a little and say, I didn’t have anything to do with that. Then I ask you a similar question, did you have anything to do with Travis’s death? You hesitated again.

    JA: That’s because I feel like…if I had gone to Arizona like he asked…

    DF: Most people would say, No! Did you kill Travis? No.

    JA: Well I didn’t and I didn’t have anything to do with it. Now do I feel responsible? I’ve been carrying around guilt since I heard about him.
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    Transcript of Video 4 continued...

    DF: Why do you feel responsible? If you felt responsible it means you know something else.

    JA: No, because I…

    DF: It means your actions led to his death.

    JA: Because he always has guilted me. He has always guilted me, and, the last time…

    DF: So you feel… you feel somebody else killed him?

    JA: Well, yeah!

    DF: For what reason?

    JA: I don’t know. I don’t know that.

    DF: Then how do you feel guilty…

    JA: Because…

    DF:…if you don’t know the reason?

    JA: Here’s why I felt guilty. One of the last times we spoke, he was guilting me about not coming to see him, and part of my heart still wanted to go see him and another part just wants to move on, and pursue this new avenue, which was in Utah, and there is a tinge of guilt, you know, and he would text me and he would say, Hey, you want to come over and make out or wanna’ duh duh duh. Umm… I didn’t respond one night, and I just stayed strong, and I didn’t respond, and he called and called and called and then the next day he was like, You don’t care about me, you don’t love me, you don’t care, I was there all alone, and you didn’t want to come and hang out. You don’t want to come and keep me company, and he says it not like that, in that tone, but it’s in the sweetest, sweetest way, and it’s… it’s… guilt. Umm…

    DF: I still don’t get the guilt… I really don’t. You keep explaining it but it has nothing to do with whether he…

    JA: Because he guilted me…

    DF: …was killed or not. How is you being there going to prevent him from being killed?

    JA: Well, I kinda’ feel that if I had gone that we could have been out watching a movie or we could have…two people could have done something more than just him. I just feel like if…if there was some way that I could have prevented it or someway that I could have done something to stop it, and I told that to a few people and they’re like well, you might have been killed, too, Maybe, but maybe Travis would still be alive.

    JA: Travis has done a lot for me and I wouldn’t hurt him. He introduced the gospel to me.

    DF: Well…I have proof that says otherwise, Jodi. I can’t… (sigh) I can’t deny that proof, and that proof is not pointing at anybody else. Nobody! Nobody in this entire world, except you! Nobody! Nobody else was in that house that day, except you. You were the only one. You and him – alone!

    JA: I didn’t even go to Mesa. Can you check, can you check (unintelligible… sounds like: the gas in the car???)

    DF: Yes, we will check that.

    JA: If, you know, if that comes back…

    DF: And I’ve looked at the map and the way that you’re saying you traveled, there is no way…

    JA: Listen, the last road trip Travis and I went on, we drove to Utah, I mean, I’m sorry, we drove to Oklahoma City umm…from Mesa, and one of our stops on the way was Roswell. After he drove all night and I slept, and then when after Roswell Museum, it was my turn to drive, and he’s like, just get on this and drive 98 point something miles, and then we should be there. So I got on the road and I drove 98.6 or .2 whatever miles it was, and I woke him up and I said, I don’t think we’re here, and it was just like rolling fields forever, and I drove completely in the wrong direction, and I’m not saying… I don’t know…I’m just saying I have a poor sense of direction. I got totally lost. I know maybe that’s just bad luck. I got totally lost.

    DF: Even if you got totally lost doesn’t explain all that time. It does not … I mean…if you went four hours here, five hours in the wrong direction it’s still a long period of time.

    JA: Well, at that one point I wasn’t going anywhere because I ran out of gas. I was totally stranded. I was sitting…like a sitting duck, and that’s when I began… it was a little bit warm. It wasn’t too hot, but… umm… that’s when I just I read for a little bit. I had already slept. Umm and that’s when I started looking around the car and organizing stuff and getting trash together and had a couple bites to eat from snacks that I had and when I was cleaning out under the seat I found my phone charger, plugged it in, powered it on, and there was no cell phone reception anywhere.

    DF: So you’ve never seen his camera? His new camera?

    JA: I don’t know. He described it…

    DF: Did you ever touch his camera?

    JA: I’ve never seen it.

    DF: Okay. So there’s no reason your fingerprints should be on that.

    JA: Huh uh (indicating no)

    DF: Okay, because that things off to the lab right now, and they’re hopeful they can get some prints off the camera. And if your prints come back on that camera, what are you going to say?

    JA: Well, they won’t come back on it because I never touched it.

    DF: But you still can’t explain the rest of that stuff.

    JA: I honestly can’t explain the pictures. The other stuff, and…or the palm print, the other stuff I can explain.

    DF: No, you can’t explain the blood either, because that blood is in blood… I mean…it’s… it’s part of the print. Unless you cut yourself at the beginning of the year and left your palm print in blood and it stayed there until he was killed.

    JA: I cut myself, it was in the beginning of the year, it was before convention.

    DF: No, you can’t explain it.

    JA: I’d have to say early March.
    DF: That palm print is there, in blood, partially yours and partially his.

    JA: Is it possible that there is just like any other way in the universe that that could have gotten there?

    DF: Possible? Probable is the question you need to ask and probable is absolutely not probable.

    JA: I understand that, but it is possible.

    DF: Anything is possible.

    JA: That is very compelling.

    DF: Mmm hmmm. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I traveled here, because I came here to arrest you, and get an explanation from you. That’s the second reason, and since you’re not giving me an explanation, I guess we’ll just continue with the…

    JA: I just have no reason to hurt Travis.

    DF: You do have a reason to hurt Travis.

    JA: What would my reason possibly be?

    DF: There’s a whole history of you two and everybody knows it.

    JA: I have a whole history with other guys that go back years.

    DF: Why is everybody saying that you had something to do with his death? Why is everybody saying that you are capable of hurting him? Everybody says that. So don’t tell me that you’re not capable.

    JA: I don’t even hurt spiders.

    DF: Have you ever had any anger issues before? Never in your past?
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    Transcript of Video 4 conclusion.

    JA: I’ve had arguments. Travis and I…

    DF: Well, everybody has arguments. I’m talking about anger -- absolute anger where you lose it sometimes.

    JA: No, I had a nervous breakdown once.

    DF: Are you taking any medication or anything?

    JA: Well I had a nervous breakdown when a boyfriend and I were arguing once and umm and he began to argue with me in a way that was totally different from how we had ever argued before, and he was just like, and every time I would say something he was like “Blah…Blah,” you know, it was kind of weird like, every time I tried to formulate a thought and I was just sad and I was crying, every time I tried to formulate a thought he would interject and then twist it and it was like the weirdest psychological thing that had ever happened, and the way I reacted was, I went into my room, this was the guy I bought a house with, I went into my room and shut the door. We had separate bedrooms, and I was in his room and went down the hall into my room and shut the door and I just remember hyperventilating, and that’s all. I don’t know. I was crying, and then umm…I went to get something out of my car and when he saw that, he umm… maybe thought I was going to leave, so he asked me for the key to his truck and pulled behind my car, because he thought that because I was upset that I shouldn’t be driving anywhere. That I’m nuts…Other than arguments, no anger issues – none I can remember.

    JA: Oh… I kicked the dog once. I was a freshman in high school, and I love, love, love animals and one… we had this dog. His name was Doggy Boy, and my parents, until this dog that they have now, have never been able to and I don’t mean just them, we as a family, have never been able to care for a dog properly as far as give it attention or take it for walks or be consistent. Umm… so this dog stayed in the back yard a lot and stayed tied up on... in the shade.. with plenty of, you know, leeway. At one point, though, he was untied, and I took the trash out and he, and this is when my little brother and sister were still in diapers, and he tore, it was diaper trash. He tore diapers all over the yard, and, of course, I had to clean it up and when diapers get wet and they’re like jelly, spongy weird stuff.

    DF: Mm hmm.

    JA: and, I just… I got mad and I… I just kicked him with my right foot, and he just moved a few feet, and he didn’t yelp or anything, but he just went… he ran away and I never saw him again after that, and…I mean that’s probably an anger issue, I guess, but…

    DF: Well, one time kicking a dog is not an anger issue.

    JA: It changed my world as far as animal treatment goes, because… I just…I’ve never seen him since, and I need to apologize for that, to him, I know it sounds weird. My relationship with animals is kinda’ like, they’re like people, too, you know they have souls.

    DF: What you need to do is, you need to apologize to Travis. But you just refuse. I can’t help you anymore if you’re not going to help yourself.

    JA: You asked me why…

    DF: I can’t. I can’t, Jodi. You can keep talking till your blue in the face. I can’t continue to listen to lies. Do you have anything else that you need to tell me?

    JA: You asked me what I have been up to in the week since I got back…

    DF: Mmm hmm.

    JA: What did you mean by that?

    DF: Just what…because I know this thing has to be weighing pretty heavy on you.

    JA: I’ve been trying to put his death behind me. If I… if I did anything that had anything to do with his death in any way…

    DF: It’s not if, to me…

    JA: I wouldn’t…

    DF: It’s not if…It’s not if…at all!

    JA: Well to me it is. I would be more than remorseful.

    DF: Is it maybe something you’re blocking out of your head?

    JA: I don’t think so. I mean…I tend to write everything down. I tend to…I just finished the book, The Road Less Traveled,

    DF: Mmm Hmm.

    JA: and it said the true definition of sanity is dedication to reality at all costs. So, I think at times, you know, I may have, you know prayed, or meditated upon a certain way, you know, like me being umm…wealthy or something like that, but…

    DF: Well, this is definitely reality. We are sitting here inside of an office in the Sheriff’s Department, and you are facing first degree murder charges…

    JA: What is the difference…?

    DF: …and you are going to be booked into jail, and eventually you will be brought back to Arizona, and you will stand trial. That’s the reality, and once you realize that, I think you’ll be better for it, and if you really wanted to embrace reality, you would sit here and explain to me why this happened, but you refuse. You refuse to…

    JA: I don’t know why. I don’t know why he was killed. I don’t know why. I had issues with Travis. If anything, he had more issues with me. Umm…I’ve had worse issues with other people. They’re all still alive. I’m still friends with my ex-boyfriends. They’re all still alive.

    DF: You know I’ve been doing this a long time and there’s one thing that I can never get out of my head, ever since the first day I talked to you. There’s an old saying that, you know, something’s just not acting right. Look into it. You have not acted right from Day 1. From Day 1 when I talked to you on that phone, I just sensed it. You just… you weren’t acting like somebody who used to love this guy, or who still loved him, even as a close friend, and even now when I told you that I have all this evidence against you and that you’re facing 1st degree murder charges, you’’re just not acting right, Jodi. You’re acting like somebody who is guilty.

    JA: How so?

    DF: You tell me. I know because I’ve been doing it a long time.

    JA: It’s not that I don’t…

    DF: It took me a long time to figure it out, but within the first 30 seconds to a minute of a conversation I can… I know when somebody is acting right. There’s a certain way people act.

    JA: How did I act that would make you think…

    DF: It’s not like TV. It’s not anything like that. It’s not what you see in the movies. I see reality. When I accuse somebody of committing a heinous crime or, you know, something very serious, reality hits in and they definitely act a certain way, and that’s not you. You act just like everybody else who I accuse of doing a crime who did it. There’s no other way to tell you?

    JA: Is it because I’m not crying?

    DF: No. It’s not because of that.

    JA: What is it? I mean I’m not going to change how I act.

    DF: No. Obviously, you can’t change the way you’re acting.

    JA: No, I mean I am who I am.

    DF: Okay. You’re… you’re sincere in the way you’re acting, but uhh…

    JA: Well, how is it…

    DF: You’re just not telling the truth.

    JA: How is it different?

    DF: Well, it’s not really something you need to focus on anymore. I think you need to focus on the truth, but it’s something you refuse, so if you don’t want to continue, then we’ll just move on to the next step.

    End of Video 4
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    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation
    Video 5

    Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video 5 - YouTube

    JA = Jodi Arias
    DF = Detective Flores
    FO = Female Officer

    Transcribed by TxJan1971 at yahoo dot com

    JA: Listen, it’s not that I didn’t love Travis, and it’s not that I don’t still love him, but I really needed to move on…

    DF: Mmm hmm.

    JA: and, the last…

    DF: What prevented you from moving on? Nobody was preventing you from moving on.

    JA: Well, the only person preventing me really from moving on was myself, and until I made that step and I moved back, moved away, and we communicated gradually less and less and less, and I was fine with that. Umm…I haven’t found the guy or the man that I want to marry – the person I want to spend my life with. Umm…but in my mind, Travis did, and I was happy for him, and I thought, there was also a part of me that felt, if I stay, I’m going to jeopardize that for him as well. We both deserve to be happy. We both deserve to have, you know, be married in the Temple.

    DF: Mmm hmm.

    JA: Umm…and that’s where he wanted to go. Umm…so, I mean I didn’t know that Mimi didn’t feel that way. I had never spoken to her, except at church when I came down to Arizona. It was really brief, umm…and it was the Bishop who told me that, you know, she had essentially turned him down, and the last few umm… I mean now that I think about it, he was really just…blah… you know, in his attitude and stuff, and I just thought maybe that’s just because we’re just beginning to more distance ourselves, and, you know, he still had his trip planned to come up here. I just… the reason I… I don’t know. It’s not that I’m not remorseful that he died. I didn’t kill him. I didn’t take his life.

    DF: Did you have anything to do with it?

    JA: I had nothing to do with his death…at all…at all. The reason I hesitate is because…maybe it’s just something that’s wrong with me psychologically because I think of the butterfly effect, and it’s like, you could say that the guy pumping gas station…pumping gas down at the gas station could have potentially, because you see all these movies, these funky movies, where it’s like this effect or this effect or this effect… (unintelligible as DF starts talking and cuts her off)

    DF: I know if you would have never met him he probably would still be alive.

    JA: That’s true.

    DF: Yeah. That’s because you killed him.

    JA: No!!!

    DF: Jodi, you did!

    JA: I did not!

    DF: Jodi…you can’t convince me otherwise, unless you come up with more proof that you didn’t, but I can’t prove that anybody else…

    JA: Could it…


    DF: No! It couldn’t of…

    JA: Well, what about if the car comes back that it was never even in that area?

    DF: It still doesn’t negate the fact that we have this other evidence here.

    DF: This is absolutely some of the best evidence I’ve ever had in a case, and I’ve convicted a few people on less that this.

    JA: Well, so I’m as good as done, right? With that evidence…

    DF: Yeah…

    JA: I just can’t admit to something that I didn’t do. If it would help…if it would help my case and get me an easier sentence I know people plead guilty for those things…

    DF: No, and I don’t want you to do that. That is absolutely the last thing I want.

    JA: Well, I know…

    DF: What I want to do, is I want to sit here with you, and I want to go over why you visited him that day, what you guys talked about, what caused you to get so angry and the details on what happened, and it’s something that you probably don’t want to remember but it’s something that I need, because for me to finish a case completely, I need to know not just the details but what was going through your mind, because I need to present that as a full picture, because if I don’t, I don’t feel that I’ve completed my job, and my job is to speak for him, not anybody else. My job isn’t to speak for you. My job isn’t to speak for his family. It’s to speak for Travis, and I know something horrible happened that day. Absolutely horrible! Something that could have been avoided! Whether something was planned, I don’t know. Whether you planned it or whether it accidentally happened or if something got out of hand, I… I don’t know. All I can do is speculate, and I want to believe that you’re not this cold hearted person that could just go out and do something like this to somebody. I want to believe that, like a lot of people, things got out of control and before you knew it, it was too late. That’s what I want to believe, and that’s truly from my heart…because I sit here, and I’ve talked to you, and I’m talking to you now, and all those conversations we had on the phone, and I don’t see a cold hearted murderer like you would see on TV or that I’ve seen before sit across from me. That’s not what I see in you, and I’m going to call it begging…because I’m begging you to at least come clean and tell me why, because I don’t want to leave here today not knowing because it’s all gonna’ be forever.

    JA: I wish that I had answers. I’m sorry. I…

    DF: You need to just let the answers come out.

    JA: There’s just no reason. There’s just no reason.

    DF: There’s no good reason why this happened. There’s never a good reason why somebody dies like this.

    JA: How many times was Travis stabbed?
    (Jodi is crying)

    DF: More than I want to remember,

    DF: and I’m not going to sit here and show you pictures of him after the fact. I don’t do that. That’s not how I work. (Jodi crying) That is not for me to do. But eventually those photos will come out.

    (Jodi is crying)

    DF: Jodi…

    (Jodi is crying)

    DF: Jodi, we’re here now. We’re right here.

    DF: I think you’re feeling the reality in the moment now.

    JA: No, I’m just …feeling all of the things that I’m going to potentially miss out on with my family, and I think of all the things that Travis’s family is going to miss out on with Travis…and he had brothers and sisters, and I have brothers and sisters…and it’s…it’s not fair.

    DF: It’s not fair, but this is where we are.

    JA: I know that he’s in a good place, and I know that he’s fine. I know that he’s doing great, but what about all of his friends…all of his family that are here and they’re just going through all this, and I know that it’s temporary, but it’s so very much right now. (Jodi crying). There’s just no reason I would ever want to hurt him.

    DF: Well, whether you wanted to is…is a different question.

    JA: I’m just saying…
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    Transcript of Video 5 continued...

    DF: I don’t think you wanted to. I really don’t think you wanted to, but this speaks for itself. It speaks for itself, Jodi. It goes beyond speculation. This is way beyond speculation. This is downright proof, but there’s no back story to it. All I know is that I need a story or else it’s just cold. It’s so cold. You don’t look like the person who would plan something like this. You’re…you’re just not that person. I can believe other things but not that, but without the truth I can’t paint another picture, and it’s going to be up to the prosecutor to paint that picture, and if you want that prosecutor, and I’ve met him, and you don’t want him painting that picture, because he is good at what he does. I’ve worked with him before, and you allow him to paint that picture for you -- it’s not going to be good.

    JA: It looks like you don’t really uhh… need anything…it does look like, I mean…it looks like you don’t even need a good prosecutor anyway…so, I mean…

    DF: You’re right.

    JA: I…I have to maintain my innocence. I can’t admit to doing something that I haven’t done. I… there’s…and there’s…part of me wants to cop out and say it.

    DF: No…

    JA: Well…

    DF: If you’re gonna’ cop out it’s because you’re telling the truth.

    JA: Well that’s not really copping out.

    DF: Yeah. I don’t want you to sit here and tell me a lie to appease me. That is the worst thing you can do for me, but back there in that mind of yours is somebody screaming to get out and tell me what happened, but you just cannot.

    JA: He has done nothing but, I mean except for some mean words that he said,

    DF: I know…

    JA: people have said worse to me

    DF: Right

    JA: …or just as bad. Except for that, he has never…he has helped me. He has given me money. He was selling me his car on the…

    DF: Then why?

    JA:…easiest terms ever…

    DF: Why, Jodi? Why?

    JA: There’s no reason why…

    DF: It just happens.

    DF: Okay.

    JA: There’s just no reason…

    DF: Well, I have more work to do.

    JA: Can you give me a rundown of what’s going to happen up here when you leave?

    DF: Yeah. You’re uhh…

    JA: Like…just today, for example…

    DF: Well, you’ll probably be taken across the street to the county jail. Uhh… you’ll be processed through there. You’ll be sent in front of a judge, at least within 24 hours, and umm…there’s a warrant for your arrest, and the bond is $2 million dollars. If you can come up with the $2 million dollar bond, then the judge will decide whether to, you know, accept that $2 million or not. At that point, we’re going to file extradition papers. Basically, our courts are saying that, Hey, you have someone in custody on one of our charges and we want them brought back to Arizona or at least allow us to come pick them up, and that’s called an extradition hearing. You will be given the opportunity to either waive it or say “That’s fine, I’ll just go on my own free will” or you can fight it and say, “No, I don’t want to go back to Arizona.”

    JA: What if I say I go on my own free will? Of course, I would go.

    DF: Yeah. At that point the judge would say, Okay, she’s not fighting this so come get her, and then we would go.

    JA: Well, what if I did fight it, then what happens?

    DF: Then you would have a hearing…

    JA: Oh.

    DF: Like a little trial. DF: Not a trial…

    JA: So it just delays the inevitable, basically…

    DF: It delays it.

    JA…and costs the taxpayers money.

    DF:…and then you’ll be transferred over to Maricopa County jail in Phoenix and you’ll start your court proceedings there.

    JA: …and, umm…

    DF: I’ve already filed these charges. It went to a Grand Jury and the Grand Jury indicted you.

    JA: So it’s all public now?

    DF: It’s public record.

    JA: So, does everyone know?

    DF: If somebody goes on and checks public record they can check it and they would come up with an indictment against you for murder.

    JA: But it’s going to be on the news tonight?

    DF: We don’t report anything to the news.

    JA: Has his family called today?

    DF: No.

    DF: They don’t even know that I’m talking to you.

    JA: But they’ve been calling every day?

    DF: Every day.

    JA: Are you going to tell them?

    DF: I talk to them every day. How would you feel if your little brother or little sister was killed?

    JA: I’ve been wanting to call every day, too, but I didn’t want to look obsessive, so I just tried to limit it to once a week.

    (Jodi cries)

    JA: Will I be able to see my family (unintelligible – sounds like: before they come)?
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    Transcript of Video 5 conclusion.

    DF: I don’t know.

    JA: Can I talk to my mom?

    DF: I don’t know what their procedures are in this jail in this county.

    JA: Umm…can I talk to somebody about my affairs that need to be taken care of?

    DF: You’ll have to do it over the phone or they’ll have to come visit you, I don’t know.

    JA: It would have to be over the phone because the person that would take care of my stuff lives far away.

    DF: Are we done?

    JA: How long is it going to take you to do all the paperwork?

    DF: I don’t know. I need to go see. The procedures are different here in California than they are in Arizona. I’m used to the procedures in Arizona, so I’m getting help from this county and the deputies here and they’re assisting me, so I need to get with them and find out how long it’s going to take.

    JA: (Jodi crying) Oh, this is a really trivial question and it’s going to reveal how shallow I am, but before they book me, can I clean myself up a little bit?

    DF: You’re going to be taken the way you are. I can’t give you anything else.

    JA: How soon?

    DF: I don’t know.

    JA: Like 5 minutes, 2 hours?

    DF: I’d say within an hour. It could be 5 minutes, it could be 50 minutes. I need to go talk to my associates here, and if at any time you feel like you need to tell me something, you just go ahead and approach me.

    JA: Umm…

    DF: Okay?

    JA: Can I use the bathroom?

    DF: Yeah. I’ll get someone to come take you.

    JA: Umm…you know I’m not like violent or going to run. It’s Yreka, so, I mean do I have to go in handcuffs everywhere?

    DF: Mmm hmm.

    JA: That’s just procedure.

    DF: Whether you wrote a bad check or you’re facing murder charges, you’re going to go in handcuffs. That’s just the way it is. Okay? They don’t take, you know, different precautions for different people. It’s the same for everybody, so I’m sorry.

    JA: I need you to ask when I can start getting a phone call or two.

    DF: Once you get booked into the jail.

    JA: Do you know how many I get?

    DF: Uhh…if it’s like ours, they give you a phone and you can make as many collect calls as you want.

    JA: Oh. Okay.

    DF: Okay? Let me see if there is somebody to take you to the restroom.

    JA: It’s not too urgent but like maybe within the next 10 minutes I’ll really need to go.

    DF: Okay.

    (DF leaves the room.)

    (Jodi sits alone in the room)

    (Jodi talks to herself)

    “You should have at least done your makeup, Jodi. Gosh!”

    (Jodi starts to sing to herself lines from the song: Here with Me by Dido):

    I didn’t hear you breathe
    I wonder, how am I still here
    And I don’t want to move (unintelligible)
    It might change my memory
    And I won’t go
    And I can’t breathe
    Until you’re resting here with me
    And I won’t go
    And I can’t hide
    I won’t breathe

    (JA picks up water bottle and starts playing with it – picking off the label)

    (JA starts singing again)

    Breathe until
    Resting here with me

    (JA stops singing)

    (JA singing)

    I didn’t hear you breathe

    21:53 - 22:01
    (Jodi turns around and picks up trash can and brings it close to her, puts her hand in it, rummages around, and then turns around and puts it back)

    (Jodi giggles, runs her hand through her hair and talks to herself)


    (Jodi starts playing with her hair)

    23:15 - 23:42
    (Jodi gets up from her chair and goes over and does a headstand against the wall, stops, flips her hair from the front of her head to the back while still on the floor kneeling)

    (Jodi reaches over to the corner table and grabs a piece of paper, inspects it and puts it back)

    (Jodi turns around and begins singing

    O Holy Night
    The stars are brightly shining
    This is the day of our dear Savior’s birth

    (Jodi reaches over and takes piece of paper again from table)

    (Jodi laughs)

    (Jodi sings some lines from the song, O Holy Night)

    He knows our need
    Hear the angel voices
    Oh night divine
    Oh night when Christ was born
    Oh night

    (Jodi laughs)

    (Jodi sings some lines from O Holy Night:

    Oh night
    night divine

    (Jodi reaches behind her and takes something from the drawer of the table behind her. It appears to be a pencil/pen. Jodi pulls the table closer to her. The paper is on the table. Jodi lays her head on the paper and appears to be doing something on the top left of the paper only).

    (Jodi puts the pencil/pen back where she got it from.)

    (Jodi bends over and is very closely examining the paper. Her head is almost on the table).

    27:06 – 27:19
    (Jodi plays with her hair and runs her fingers through her hair)

    (Jodi sighs)

    (Jodi starts singing O Holy Night again)

    He knows our needs…

    (Jodi hums a few bars of this song)

    (Jodi hums)

    (Jodi Giggles and then talks to herself)
    (Unintelligible – sounds like: “Still hate me… brat!)

    (Jodi sighs)

    FO enters the room to escort Jodi to the bathroom.

    FO: Here are your shoes. Why don’t you go ahead and put those on.

    (Jodi puts on her shoes and then gets up and walks to the door and out).

    FO to JA: Stop right there and just turn around. Put your hands around your back

    (Sound of handcuffs being put on and tightened).

    End of Video 5
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