trial day 38: the defense continues its case in chief #111

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It was a local news outlet. Not HLN, Katie walked in on it kind of inadvertently and thought she'd grab a photo op as she adores JM and has been championing for him since Day One. which of course is why they can't stand her and of course JA hates her cuz she IS beautiful inside and out. JA has been staring her down in court since Day One as well.

Wait, so it there was no actual juror involved? No one legally involved with the case?
I love Jean I think she is very pretty and she reports what happened in the courtroom, she tries no to show any bias. I feel the same way about Beth.

BBM - I respectfully disagree. She has been NOTHING but bias.

Of course, thats my opinion (and MANY others) but I can only speak for myself.
JC is a paid correspondent on HLN and In Session to give her unbiased views, and I really hate it when people spew hate if someone says anything pro defense. Sorry people but she is paid to be unbiased. I don't agree with everything everyone in the media says but I do not hate anyone over it, or feel the need to put them down over their looks or attire. I really don't have the time to watch this trial minute to minute so I come on here to catch up and for the most part enjoy your posts. Thank you for those who keep us who can't watch live up to date!
Lovely, she watched the 48 hrs show, reviewed her journals, read texts, etc....
No, it's her. HLN put it on their front page this week. SHe did NOTHING WRONG. Neither did Juan. This is all posturing and letting a sociopath run the show. Shame on that a-hole

Excuse my stupidity but how did JA even see it?
Guess she isn't too concerned that she will get the death penalty.

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has reviewed 7 hours of unedited 48 footage and teh edited version

journals written by JA during time JA was "with" TA

text messages, emails, IMs from TA to numerous women????????? did she just say that?
I'm guessinge whoever produced the "rockstar" segment just got their walking papers......

But for a moment HLN became a star. They are gonna work this for all they can on every single show today. To them there is no such thing as bad publicity.
She was reviewing all of that information as a mitigation consultant NOT as an expert witness!
So many things I hear and my mind leaps.....

"....I received a box of (melted Toblerone and labelled undies) papers..."

".....I flew (over the cuckoo's nest) ....out to see her...."

"I went to jail."
The journals where Jodi lies even to herself. Video footage where she lies.

Oops, what was that? Text messages to other women? Is that an open door?
Here comes ALV with the personal bashing of Travis and portraying JA the victim, it's personal now. . . pffft
So many FU's to be distributed to so many...

Especially when we can see with our own eyes that in fact, he does greet fans and pose for pics. Why are we screaming epithets at MK?

If it's no big deal and we can see the footage, how is Kiefer a target for such venom? Geez peeps, chill out.
So...the DT thinks its a great strategy to get JM pissed off before his turn with this witness?

My gawd...these amateurs.

Bad idea IMO

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KCL: Please let Katie know that she's doing an awesome job and don't be intimidated by the DT's jealousy and contempt.

I'm just so angry they tried to embarrass Juan Martinez--he's so humble & he's a true champion for Travis' family. :furious:
44 hours? So she spent more time with her than Dr.<mod snip>? Wow...
Wonderful...with the morning defense spectacle and the tour of Lifetime movies from the 21st century...there is no way we are going to be finishing up today.
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