Tributes as KC's 109 year old Charlie White takes his leave

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    A lovely tribute article has been written about the passing of 109 year old Dr Charles H. White August 17th, in Kansas City.

    Galesburg, Illinois-born Charlie was the first ever doctor to specialize in anesthesiology in KC and:

    'Talking to Charlie was like falling into a history book. He was born in 1905, during the first months of the William Howard Taft administration. Buffalo Bill Cody and Chief Geronimo were still alive; John F. Kennedy and Laurence Olivier were not yet born.'

    Charlie had vivid recollections of everything from the original amusement park that was to inspire a young boy called Walt Disney, to removing people's tonsils with picture wire during the Great Depression. He was a friend of Edgar Snow, author of 'Red Star over China', and the two young men picked fruit together to get by, when their old car broke down on a trip to California. He was a WW2 US Army Air Force vet, and a sax player.

    This will make you blink though:

    'He later learned that his specialty had side benefits; Charlie confided to me that he rendered his kids unconscious for long drives across Kansas on their way to vacations in Colorado.'

    It's a fascinating glimpse into US history, from the words of a man who lived it first hand. And only slowed down in the very last years of his life. Well worth reading.

    Rest in Peace, Charlie White.

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