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Two dogs take a joyride and crash truck into river

Discussion in 'Bizarre and Off-Beat News' started by LinasK, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Posted: 10:13 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014 By Morgan Downing
    FOX23 - Tulsa
    TULSA, Okla. —
    No one was injured when a runaway pickup with two dogs at the wheel barreled down a hill, across a busy street and crashed on a river bed in Tulsa.
    Traffic in the area was backed up and their owner's truck is badly damaged, but the dogs were OK.

    The dogs, Roscoe and Luna, were inside their owner's truck at the top of the hill on south of downtown Tulsa. In a matter of minutes, they were barreling across Riverside Drive and into the Arkansas River river bed.

    "It's an expensive joy ride," the dogs' owner, Scott said.

    Scott said he left his dogs inside his truck for about 15 minutes while he went inside a home."I got around to the front of the house where the truck was, and it's like not there," he said. "And I was like 'did I get towed?' and I just thought no it didn't."

    One of the dogs put the car into gear and they took off.

    "Approximately three blocks down a hill," Tulsa firefighter Clay Ayers said.

    The dogs missed drivers on Riverside Drive, runners on the trail and narrowly missed landing in the Arkansas River.

    "Two boys on skateboards (saw) the vehicle leave in front of the residence and they did try to catch up with it with no luck," said Ayers.

    Police decided to let Roscoe and Luna off scot-free.
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  3. concernedmother

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    Cute story.
  4. LookingHoping

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    Glad they were ok and nobody got hurt during their driving lesson… and sorry about the expensive joy ride!

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