TX - Alex Whitfield, 11, accidentally shot to death, 29 April 2012

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    This little boy is the grandson of a woman, Susan Wenzel, who worked for me a couple of years ago. I used to see him all the time on her property playing with his friends, he was such a sweetheart and so well mannered. He was her only grandchild and the mother, Christina's, only child. What she told me is that he and other kids in the apartment were looking in a closet for change. One of the older boys found the gun and was messing with it and it went off - riccocheting off the door, hitting Alex. A nurse lived next door who started CPR. They worked on him for over 1/2 hour and he was pronounced dead. Susie,the grandmother, will be so lost without him - she talked about him all the time and had pictures of he and his mother, her daughter, all over her desk. So, so sad.

    Please keep this family in your prayers.

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    OMG, I can't imagine. Saying prayers for the family.

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