GUILTY TX - Ashley Wilson, 19, pregnant, strangled, Fort Bend County, 18 Jan 2004

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    A coroner had ruled her death by hanging a suicide,

    Wilson's body was discovered Jan. 19 in her apartment near Richmond, southwest of Houston. All physical evidence pointed to suicide, Kubricht said, and the 19-year-old had gone off anti-depressant medications because she was pregnant.

    The pregnancy apparently was the motive, Kubricht said, because Leach believed he was responsible and did not want to raise a child.

    Leach, 21, wore gloves and left none of his own DNA behind, Kubricht said.

    "He was very, very meticulous," Kubricht said. "It was very well-planned and well executed."
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    A Texas man has been prompted by Mel Gibson's Passion film to confess he killed his girlfriend, a police spokesman has said.

    Dan Leach, 21, said he killed pregnant girlfriend Ashley Nicole Wilson, found dead on 18 January, Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department said.

    "He mentioned that speaking with a friend and seeing the movie made him feel remorse," police added.
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    From August 2004:


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