TX TX - Dallas Co., BlkFemale, 25-35, upper front gold tooth, Jul'88

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    Her Texas Police Department link: http://www.dps.texas.gov/mpch/Unidentified/unDetails/U8807007
    Doe network link: http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/80uftx.html

    This young lady was located at 445390 W, near Lake Ray Hubbard in Dallas, Texas on July 19, 1988.

    Race: Black
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25-35
    Height: 5'1-5'3
    Weight: 95-100 lbs
    Hair: Black in a short afro.
    Eye color: Brown
    Her only distinguishing characteristic is that her ears were double pierced. (BTW, this isn't listed but if u look at her pic upclose, she has scars on her forehead, and on her chin.)

    Clothing: She was wearing a blue short-sleeved blouse with a v-neck. The phrase "The Wild Wave" and an image of a surfer were imprinted on the back of the blouse. She also wore blue shorts with an imprinted logo of the Texas Rangers' baseball team; gray tennis shoes; a gold-beaded necklace; and a gold Timex watch with a leather band.

    Her fingerprints are available
    Her dentals are available. ( She had an upper front gold tooth; the tooth next to it was missing.)
    Her DNA??? IDK if it's available.
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