TX - Daniel Logan Beat Two, including a 6 yr Old with a Baseball Bat, Child in Critical Cond.


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Oct 28, 2009
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The child was asleep in his bedroom when Daniel Logan allegedly entered the home and attacked him.
“Through investigation, detectives determined that Logan forced entry into a home armed with a baseball bat and assaulted two individuals including a six-year-old child,” the Williamson County Sheriff's Office's Facebook post said. “Both victims were taken to area hospitals for treatment.”

The 39-year-old is charged with two first-degree felonies: injury to a child and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a family member. According to local Austin news station Fox-7, Logan also allegedly struck his 65-year-old mother, Cynthia Logan, with the bat.
6-Year-Old Boy ‘Fighting for His Life’ After Alleged 'Random' Beating by Adult Neighbor with Bat

The young child named Jeremy suffered brain swelling and multiple skull fractures after Daniel Logan attacked him with the bat around 5 a.m. Sept. 11 in Georgetown, Texas, according to police and a local report.
The alleged attacker’s wife then heard her mother-in-law and Jeremy’s mother screaming from inside the neighbors’ house.

Then Logan’s mother walked out covered in blood and screaming for help.

His mother later told a detective from her hospital bed that she saw her son go into the neighbors’ home armed with a baseball bat.
Jeremy’s father, Arthur, posted an update on his son to the fundraising page earlier this week.

“Jeremy remains in critical care, but he continues to show movement in all his limbs and is responding,” he wrote alongside a past photo of the boy.

He said his son was very active before he was beaten.

“He spoke fluent Chinese and was studying Chinese characters, played piano and was a role model, a hero to his younger brother,” Arthur said. “He is awesome.”
Texas man beats 6-year-old neighbor with bat, leaving child unconscious

Praying for Jeremy's recovery.

mental breakdown? Meth or some other drug? What on earth. That poor little guy. Fast asleep on moment and attacked with a bat the next.
A 6-year-old boy in Texas that was allegedly hit by his neighbor with a baseball bat in September died on Tuesday after spending two months fighting for his life on a hospital ventilator, according to authorities and an update on from his father.

“Early this morning I was checking him and noticed a pale face and eyes with no motion. Then his heart stopped,” the child's father wrote on the [fundraising site] page on Tuesday. “They tried to resuscitate him, but it was not successful.”
The sheriff’s office said they are awaiting autopsy results from the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office and if the findings warrant it, will “present the case to a grand jury for the charges to be enhanced to Capital Murder.”
Texas boy, 6, dies months after neighbor allegedly attacked him with a baseball bat

RIH Jeremy :(
I saw the tragic update, and went digging for clarification but cannot figure it out. Maybe it's just been a long week, but I am confused about the relationship between the two houses.

Logan’s wife, Kristen, told deputies she was awakened by banging noises. She found the back door to her home open and fresh hole in a picket fence, according to the affidavit. She also saw the glass to a back patio door on her neighbor’s house had been shattered.

Kristen Logan said she then heard her mother-in-law, Cynthia Logan, yell from inside the neighbor’s house to call 911. She also heard another woman yelling. The elder Logan emerged through the patio door, her face covered in blood, the affidavit states the wife told them.

According to a detective who interviewed Cynthia Logan at the hospital, she told them she saw Daniel go up the stairs of the neighbors’ house. Cynthia Logan said she went upstairs too and found a child slumped over in the bedroom. She said she was hit with a bat when she told Daniel Logan to stop after he confronted a male in the house, the affidavit says.

why was his wife awakened by banging noises? how far apart are these houses? why was her mother in law inside the neighbors house?? I am SO confused
His {Logan's} mother later told a detective from her hospital bed that she saw her son go into the neighbors’ home armed with a baseball bat.

She watched him go upstairs and followed him to the second floor — where she found little Jeremy “slumped on the floor of an upstairs bedroom,” authorities said.

Her son had gone back downstairs and she followed him again, pleading with him to stop, when he turned around and whacked her in the face with the bat, according to the arrest document.
Texas man beats 6-year-old neighbor with bat, leaving child unconscious

Sounds like Daniel, Kirsten and Cynthia Logan live next door or at least share a common fenceline with Jeremy's family. Daniel's mother saw him going over to the neighbors with a bat. She followed, attempted to stop him from further harming the child. She was attacked in response. Meanwhile, all the ruckus woke Kristen who then came outside to witness her MIL come out of the home covered in blood. It sounds as if both Cynthia and Jeremy's mom were screaming and yelling for someone to call 911.

I don't know that there was any relationship aside from neighbors.

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