GUILTY TX - Eight charged in sex slavery, human trafficking operation, Edinburg, 2003

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    McALLEN — The ringleader of a sex slavery and human trafficking operation whose participants raped women and forced them to work against their will was sentenced to 23 years in federal prison today.

    Juan Carlos Soto, 26, of Nueva Italia, Michoacán, Mexico, had pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary servitude and human trafficking offenses in August of last year.

    Soto was also ordered to pay $11,532 in restitution to the victims.

    Before Federal District Judge Randy Crane handed down his sentence, Soto blamed the influence of drugs and alcohol and repented.

    “I apologize to the people I have harmed,” Soto said.

    “This is worse than bad,” Crane responded. “It’s almost like raping children. They couldn’t call for help because they were here illegally.”

    Authorities charged that Soto smuggled 121 people through the McAllen/Edinburg corridor. In addition, Soto admitted to holding by force four women, ages 19, 19, 22 and 40 that he and others in his ring raped and beat them repeatedly.

    The women were held in an Edinburg trailer used as a safehouse for smuggled persons.

    In all, seven men involved in the operation pleaded guilty.

    On Thursday, five men, including two of Soto’s brothers, received sentences between four months and 10 years. A sixth man, Jose Villa-Zavala did not appear for sentencing and is wanted by authorities.

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    Cass, where do you think they got the just over $11,000 figure as restitution for the victims? Can you believe that figure? Why bother at all? :waitasec:
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    From August 2006:


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