TX - Eric Allen, 26, shot dead by girlfriend when posing for a photo, Pflugerville, 23 Dec 2018

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    Texas woman accidentally kills her boyfriend while posing for a photo | Daily Mail Online

    A woman is facing manslaughter charges after she shot and killed her boyfriend as they posed for a picture in Texas.

    Autumn King, 20, accidentally shot her boyfriend Eric Charles Allen, 26, two days before Christmas as they posed with a rifle for a Snapchat photo.
    'Autumn stated that she was holding a tan assault rifle and that Eric was holding Autumn’s cell phone because he was going to take a picture of her holding the assault rifle', according to the affidavit seen by The Statesman.

    King told officers she had the rifle pointed towards Allen and that the assault rifle 'went off'.

    The affidavit said the bullet hit Allen, who was a father-of-four in the chest.
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    According to the report, King told investigators that she thought Allen was playing around and told him to get up.

    However when she realized that he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, she tried to drag him out to a car but couldn’t.

    Police said in court filings that they recovered a cellphone video showing the couple arguing about 16 minutes before King made the 911 call.

    “Based on what the video shows the argument between the two is about them both cheating on each other and justification for doing so,” police said, according to KXAN.

    King told police that she and Allen had argued because he often left guns around the house where children could access them.

    Cops: Woman posing with rifle for Snapchat picture accidentally kills boyfriend

    Texas woman aimed gun at boyfriend for Snapchat photo — and pulled the trigger, cops say

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