TX - Former NFL Antonio Armstrong & wife Dawn, both 42, fatally shot, Houston, *son charged* 29 Jul 2016 *Mistrials, 3rd trial in 2023 Guilty*

Updated: August 16, 2023 at 3:57 PM

Antonio ‘AJ’ Armstrong Jr. has been found guilty of murdering his parents, Dawn and Antonio Sr. at the family’s southwest Houston home in 2016. [...]

The verdict was reached on Wednesday afternoon at around 3:40 p.m.
Video is just over 8 minutes. Verdict is read around the 3 minute mark. Guilty of capital murder, no reaction from AJ. Sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after 40 calendar years.

LIVE: Jury returns from deliberation in Antonio 'AJ' Armstrong trial​

The jury has returned from deliberations in the capital murder trial of Antonio 'AJ' Armstrong Jr.
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I believe this is a legitimate lawsuit and can't blame him for filing the complaint. Curious why it wasn't done at beginning of trial rather than wait until jury deliberating. Maybe it was held up in court? moo.
In my opinion, it was filed during jury deliberations as a political move to force another hung jury. Whichever attorney filed this lawsuit should be charged with jury tampering and disbarred. IMO
I admit I initially wanted to believe he was not guilty of this terrible murder. His family was well-respected and liked by people I knew. I could not imagine that with the comfortable life they had given him - the best schools, a lovely home in a very nice neighborhood - a murderer could have come from that. I sound like a crime neophyte, like I haven’t seen a number of cases that mirrored these circumstances, when of course I have here many times. But now, as this third trial was in session, and I read more of the evidence provided, I changed my mind about his guilt. I am relieved this is now settled. The people of Harris County have paid enough for 3 trials. I cannot imagine we would been OK with a 4th try if we had gotten another mistrial.
In my opinion, it was filed during jury deliberations as a political move to force another hung jury. Whichever attorney filed this lawsuit should be charged with jury tampering and disbarred. IMO
The lawsuit was filed by Randall L. Kallinen, Esq. and Alexander C. Johnson, Esq. both are w/Kallinen Law PLLC. Curious if you read the full complaint? In addition, none of the defense attorneys from the criminal trial are representing AJ in the lawsuit. Randall Kallinen is a civil rights attorney.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023 4:55PM
It's about the victims: Dawn and Antonio Armstrong Sr.

Parents Dawn and Antonio Sr. were beautiful, successful, smart, strong leaders in the community. Both passionate about health and wellness, they owned a few gyms. Antonio Sr. was an ex-NFL player, a personal trainer, a motivational speaker and an assistant pastor at his mother's church.

Dawn loved big, often posting on Facebook how proud she was of her children and how deeply she loved her husband. On July 24, 2016 she posted a picture of their wedding day writing: "This guy is my everything. He completes me in every way. He's my best friend... and after almost two decades, it's the simple things that make us happy."

Wednesday, August 16, 2023 6:15PM

Aug 16th, 2023, 6:55 pm

The third time was the charm for prosecutors in Houston for convicting a man who they say killed his parents through a pillow while they were sleeping when he was 16 in 2016.

Antonio “A.J.” Armstrong Jr. was sentenced to life in prison after the guilty verdict came down on Wednesday afternoon, according to court records. It was the third trial, as the previous two ended in mistrials because jurors couldn’t agree on a verdict. Houston ABC affiliate KTRK reported the jury deliberated for about 10 hours over two days before reaching a unanimous conclusion of guilt.
This young man had a lot of support, family support. Saw a video on YT which I won’t post because I want to respect the family's privacy - clearly they’re distraught with the guilty verdict. AJ not only convicted of killing his parents but tore a family apart - and he allowed blame to be put on his brother JA for a crime his brother did not commit. Is AJ a psychopath? moo
My grandsons in Houston attended St Francis Episcopal and Kinkaid, the schools which the Armstrong kids attended, although not at exactly the same times. So my daughter has quite a few friends who knew the family. After the verdict I asked her if her friends think he is guilty, and yes they do. Except for a couple who aren't sure, and think it could possibly have been the older brother. But definitely an inside job. They all really liked the parents, who were very active in volunteering at the schools. It's just so awful and tragic.
What does everyone think about this?
The minute the federal lawsuit was filed during jury deliberations; I knew this case would continue. Personally, I think it is BS along with the Federal Lawsuit.

He knew right from wrong and one of the reasons I believe he killed his parent was that he thought of himself as an adult; He wanted to live without rules. Legally I have no idea about notifying his guardian. I hope it is addressed in the legal system and squashed.

The evidence was there for me to convict without a shadow of doubt.

IMO there are a lot of activists and money behind AJ that have an agenda.
bbm. From the article:

Antonio "A.J." Armstrong Jr., the Houston man convicted of shooting his parents to death when he was a teenager in 2016, is asking for another new trial.

A new defense attorney for the 23-year-old Armstrong, who last month was convicted of capital murder after two previous trials resulted in hung juries, claimed in a Harris County court filing last week the guilty verdict should be voided because of a series of purported issues. The motion for a fourth trial questions the credibility of an expert witness for the prosecution who presented damning new evidence in the most recent trial and also whether Armstrong should have been tried as an adult or a juvenile, among other things.
I really do believe that he is guilty as charged. His motive seems to be not wanting to obey his parents' ground rules - the "right" shoes, car, etc were so important to him, plus being allowed to live his life as he wanted. Well in that case, he could have just left home and made his own way in the world. He probably could have lived with Grandma and found a job of some sort. But of course he also wanted all a rich boys' toys. Some young men, after 7 years, would have repented by now. But not him. He probably thinks they brought their deaths on themselves, and they deserved it. And so he continues to protest.
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In the early morning hours of July 29, 2016, A.J. Armstrong walked into his parents' bedroom and shot them to death, in their southwest Houston home. Armstrong was 16 years old at the time.

For seven years, Armstrong and his team fought to show he was not the killer. He first shared his story with Eyewitness News in 2018, claiming an intruder killed his parents. He saw the "masked man" run from the scene.

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