TX TX - Fort Worth police seek victims of 1980s crimes

Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by I AM THE 14 CAR, Jan 21, 2011.

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    I hope Im creating this thread correctly.

    Police in Fort Worth Texas said a man already serving a life sentence has confessed to violent crimes that span two decades.
    Billy Wayne Wallace is already serving life in prison for sex crimes and a stabbing.

    He has started confessing to a lot of crimes and so far, a couple of his confessions have checked out. The families were notified & they have justice & peace.

    But theres still a couple of crimes and police are looking for the victims. Im guessing the victims never filed police reports or something (which is wierd to me). But wouldnt the police already have their names in their cold case files of these unsolved crimes ?

    I am a horrible sleuther so I decided to post this on WS because yall are all awesome sleuthers!
    I was thinking about creating a Facebook page about this in the hopes of the victims and/or their friends or family seeing it. Then I thought...well, wouldnt the police do that ?

    I would like to hear any ideas and get WS involved in finding these victims. These are very violent crimes. I dont know where to start.

    The details of the crimes are in this article.

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    I have a 1989 cold case in middle Texas... Amanda Goodman of Brownwood Texas was 13 when she was abducted and murdered. She was shot and laid out near Indian Creek. Although, if he is already in the system I would image that his DNA would have popped up as a match to the DNA found at Amanda's scene.

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