TX TX - Fred and Edwina Rogers, The Icebox Murders, Houston, 23 June 1965

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    Fred and Edwina Rogers were murdered in their home in what is still officially an unsolved case dubbed "The Icebox Murders".

    On June 23, 1965, two Houston police officers forced their way into the Rogers' home after Edwina's nephew Marvin became concerned about the couple when his phone calls to his aunt went unanswered for days. Upon entering the home, police found nothing unusual but noticed food sitting on the dining room table. One officer opened the refrigerator and found what appeared to be numerous cuts of washed, unwrapped meat neatly stacked on the shelves.

    The officer later recalled that he thought the meat was that of a butchered hog. As the officer was closing the door, he noticed two human heads visible through the clear glass of the vegetable bin. The heads were those of Fred and Edwina Rogers. What the officer initially thought was unwrapped cuts of hog meat were the couple's dismembered limbs and torsos. Police later discovered the couple's organs in a nearby sewer (the organs had been removed, cut up and flushed down the toilet) while other remains were never found.

    Police determined that Fred and Edwina Rogers had been killed on June 20, Fathers Day. An autopsy showed that Fred Rogers was killed by blows to the head with a claw hammer. His eyes had been gouged out and his genitalia were removed. Edwina Rogers had been beaten and shot, execution style, in the head.

    Police said that the bodies of Fred and Edwina Rogers were dismembered in the upstairs bathroom by a person "with some knowledge of anatomy". There was little blood in the house and it appeared it had been thoroughly cleaned after the murders.

    What little blood was found led to their son, Charles Rogers' bedroom. There, police found a blood stained key hole saw, but no trace of Charles Rogers. A search for Rogers was launched and a warrant was issued for him as a material witness to the crime, but Rogers was never found.

    Charles Rogers is considered the prime and only suspect in this unsolved case. He went missing on 23 June 1965 and has not been seen since. In 1975, he was officially declared dead so that the estate could be settled.


    Charles Rogers (murder suspect) - Wikipedia
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    My goodness! What a horrific case. I've never heard of it.

    Communicated with his parents via of notes slipped under the door. Abusive and criminal elements regarding his parents it seems. Disappeared at dawn and returned after dark. Ties to JFK. What a creepy, creepy person. Whatever happened to him? Such a sad and unbelievable story!!
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