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    Investigators in Louisiana are trying to determine whether a serial murder suspect in Port Arthur is linked to the unsolved murder of a New Iberia business owner

    The Daily Iberian reports 62-year-old Carrie Billeaud was found beaten to death last December.

    Hebert said there were several aspects of the murders in Port Arthur that are "strikingly similar" to Billeaud`s.

    All of the victims were elderly white females, and all were beaten to death. In each case, Hebert told The Daily Iberian, the only thing taken was the victim`s wallet. All of the victims` shoes were found in a room other than where their body was found.

    Hebert says detectives are working with the Acadiana Crime Lab as well as officials here to compare DNA samples taken at the Billeaud crime scene to Sinegal.

    Hebert said detectives are also trying to determine whether Sinegal was in Louisiana at the time of the killing. He said Sinegal has family members in the state, but none in the Teche Area.
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    April 9, 2007

    Sinegal Sentenced to Life in Prison

    As it turns out, Sinegal was not responsible for the 2004 murder of Carrie Billeaud, and just last month the New Iberia Sheriff's Office announced a new lead and a person of interest in the case.

    October 6, 2011

    Possible Lead in 7 Year Cold Case

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