GUILTY TX - Gelareh Bagherzadeh, 30, & Coty Beavers, 28, Murdered, Houston, Jan & Nov 2012

DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves
Mother of man slain in Harris County ‘honor killing’ relates threat

Monday, July 2, 2018

"The mother of a Houston man shot to death in an “honor killing” testified in tears Monday that she suspected Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan as soon as homicide detectives arrived at her door in the middle of the night.

“We knew who was responsible, but we didn’t know who all had helped him,” said Shirley McCormick said from the witness stand. “I told them it was Ali Irsan, and he also had to be the one who killed Gelareh.”...

The testimony, in the second week of Irsan’s death penalty trial, tied together both alleged “honor killings” that Irsan is accused of and painted a picture of the harrowing months preceding them.

However, defense lawyers have said the two homicides are unrelated, and Irsan had nothing to do with either killing..."

Mother of man slain in Harris County ‘honor killing’ relates threat
Trial testimony: Victim in ‘honor killings’ slaying shot to death only feet away from loaded assault rifle

July 5, 2018

"One of the victims of an alleged “honor killings” plot died after being shot seven times at his Harris County apartment within feet of a loaded assault rifle, police testified Thursday at his father-in-law’s capital murder trial.

The AR-15 assault rifle was propped up next to a TV console in the living room of the apartment that Coty Beavers, 28, shared with his wife, Nesreen. ...

Berry was one of the first officers at the northwest Harris County apartment and testified that Beavers was found dead just a few feet from the assault rifle that was equipped with an extended magazine.

Berry’s testimony capped a day of witnesses detailing how Nesreen and Beavers repeatedly told police and others how scared they were of Irsan...."

Trial testimony: Victim in ‘honor killings’ slaying shot to death only feet away from loaded assault rifle
911 call played to jury in Houston ‘honor killings’ death penalty trial

July 6, 2018

"A Harris County jury Friday heard the frantic 911 call from a 25-year-old newlywed recorded minutes after she found her husband shot to death in their northwest Harris County apartment.

The woman’s desperate words were played by prosecutors on the end of a second week of testimony in the death penalty trial of her father, Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan. He is accused of orchestrating the “honor killings” of both his son-in-law and his daughter’s close friend months apart in 2012.

“I just came home and he’s on the ground, there’s blood all over the place!” Nesreen Irsan told the 911 operator in near hysterics. “He’s been shot in his head or his face or his chest!”..."

911 call played to jury in Houston ‘honor killings’ death penalty trial
Young widow at center of Houston ‘honor killings’ testifies against father in his death penalty trial

Monday, July 9, 2018

"The Houston woman at the center of two alleged “honor killings” testified Monday that her father was a deeply religious Muslim who repeatedly threatened her life and the lives of others if she even dated.

“He said, ‘If you have boyfriends, I’m going to kill you,’” Nesreen Irsan testified. “‘ I’m going to put a bullet between your eyes and his eyes.’”

Nesreen Irsan, 30, took the witness stand Monday. Dressed in a white blouse, a white sweater and a denim skirt, she told the jury about strife with her father, Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, who faces the death penalty if convicted of the capital murder of Nesreen’s husband and one of her close friends.

The young widow told jurors that she and the rest of her family were terrified of her father, and then detailed a harrowing crash on the Eastex highway because she and her sister came to blows over what he could be told without putting them in jeopardy....

The trial, in its third week of testimony, is in state District Jan Krocker’s court."

Young widow at center of Houston ‘honor killings’ testifies against father in his death penalty trial
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County detective: 8 reasons Houston's 'honor killings' seem connected

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"A sheriff's homicide detective on Wednesday laid out eight reasons why two Houston "honor killings" seem connected to Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, a 60-year-old fervent Muslim who is on trial for capital murder of his daughter's husband.

Harris County Sheriff's Office Sergeant James Dousay continued his testimony Wednesday as he pieced the prosecution's case together from evidence jurors had already heard. The death penalty trial is in its third week....

Detective Dousay noted:

1. Both victims had extensive connections to Nesreen Irsan.

2. Both victims helped Nesreen Irsan "escape" from her father's control.

3. An envelope found in Ali Irsan's sport utility vehicle had the license plate numbers for cars connected to both victims.

4. Both victims lived for a time at the Beaver's family home in Spring. (Bagherzadeh never moved in but spent an extensive amount of time there with boyfriend Cory Beavers.)

5. There was phone contact between Baghezadeh and Ali Irsan before her death. An outspoken young woman, she told Ali Irsan to leave Nesreen alone and told him one of his other daughters was sending nude selfies to Christian men.

6. Six months after Bagherzadeh was killed in January 2012, Nesreen and Coty Beavers married. They moved to an out of the way apartment complex in northwest Harris County. Before and after the move, there was criminal mischief—air being let out of tires and cars being vandalized—at both locations.

7. Before and after the move, cell phone GPS records seem to indicate Ali Irsan or other family members were stalking Nesreen and Coty at both locations.

8. Finally, Dousay said his investigation, including interviews with Ali Irsan's neighbors and family members, turned up proof that Irsan had previously threatened death for people who he believed disgraced his honor. "It was my belief that the defendant believed in honor killings," Dousay said.

Under Texas law, Ali Irsan can be convicted of capital murder if the shootings were part of the same plan.

Defense attorneys for Irsan have said no one knows exactly what happened in either case, and Irsan was not connected to either...."

County detective: 8 reasons Houston's 'honor killings' seem connected
Victim’s twin brother testifies in Houston’s ‘honor killings’

July 11, 2018

"The twin brother of a Spring man fatally shot and killed in an alleged “honor killing” testified Wednesday how he and his brother discussed his possible death two weeks before it took place.

Cory Beavers, 34, described to the jury how he discussed constant harrassment with his brother, Coty, about two weeks before he died in what authorities said was one of two murders in 2012 orchestrated by the victim’s father-in-law.

Cory Beavers broke down in sobs as photos of his slain twin brother were shown to the jury in the capital murder trial of Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, a 60-year-old fervent Muslim who was angry over his daughter’s marriage to his Beaver’s brother.

“I told him the police aren’t going to do anything until they have a dead body,” Cory Beavers said in tears. “The harassment was just escalating. Even after they moved, it was following them, getting worse.”..."

Victim’s twin brother testifies in Houston’s ‘honor killings’
Nephew details ‘hit list’ in Houston ‘honor killings’ death penalty trial

July 12, 2018

"The 33-year-old nephew of a Jordanian immigrant facing the death penalty testified Thursday that his cousin confessed he committed murder and was one of three family members at the scene of the alleged “honor killing” that shocked Houston.

It was the strongest evidence yet tying Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, a 60-year-old fervent Muslim with 12 children, to a pair of “honor killings” in 2012 that included the death of his own son-in-law.

Ahmed Garcia testified he was staying with Irsan when one of the patriarch’s adult sons told him about gunning down an Iranian woman near the Galleria area...."

Nephew details ‘hit list’ in Houston ‘honor killings’ death penalty trial
Honor killings’ trial marked by emotional family testimony this week

July 13, 2018

"Family members have been the most damning witnesses so far in the three weeks of testimony in the Harris County death penalty trial of a 60-year-old Jordanian-American accused in two so-called “honor killings.”

Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan’s 30-year-old daughter, Nesreen Irsan, and 33-year-old nephew, Ahmed Garcia, were the most comprehensive witnesses in the first half of the capital murder trial, which is expected to last three to five more weeks.

His daughter gave an emotional account of Irsan’s threatening behavior before her husband and her best friend were killed in 2012.

Ali Irsan’s nephew told jurors on Thursday that Irsan’s son admitted to one of the slayings and said the father of 12 orchestrated it...."

‘Honor killings’ trial marked by emotional family testimony this week
FBI agent details investigation in ‘honor killings’ death penalty trial

July 17, 2018

"A Houston FBI agent testified Tuesday about the efforts a Jordanian patriarch went through to build a family in Montgomery County, including marrying two women, one of whom allegedly helped him commit two “honor killings.”

Shmou Ali Alrawabdeh, 40, is expected to testify this week against her husband, 60-year-old Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, a Jordanian-American on trial for capital murder. Alrawabdeh may one of last witnesses as prosecutors work to wrap up the unusual case in the fourth week of testimony....

FBI Special Agent Carlos Acosta testified on Tuesday that he was part of a task force of federal, state and local law enforcement officers assigned to investigate the fatal shootings...

In lengthy court testimony, Acosta and other officials traced Ali Irsan’s arrival to America from Jordan in 1979 on a student visa when he was 22...."

FBI agent details investigation in ‘honor killings’ death penalty trial
brian rogers‏Verified account @brianjrogers 5h5 hours ago
Wife: Husband accused of two Houston-area ‘honor killings’ planned at least 3 deaths … #HouCrime #IrsanTrial


Wife testifies her husband confessed to pulling the trigger in one of two Houston-area ‘honor killings’

"The wife of a Jordanian immigrant testified Wednesday how her husband slipped into his son-in-law’s northwest Harris County apartment and fatally shot him minutes after his daughter left for work, one of two “honor killings” she and their son helped him commit.

Shmou Alrawabdeh, 40, the wife of a Jordanian immigrant on trial for capital murder, described in chilling detail how she, her husband and their adult son stalked and killed their son-in-law in November 2012. She testified against her husband after cutting a plea bargain deal that will reduce her pending murder charge to kidnapping...."

Wife testifies her husband confessed to pulling the trigger in one of two Houston-area ‘honor killings’
Forensic expert testifies GPS device of Jordanian immigrant tracked to scene of Houston ‘honor killing’

"A digital forensics expert testified Thursday that a GPS device owned by a 60-year-old Jordanian immigrant facing the death penalty for two “honor killings” was in the northwest Harris County neighborhood where one of the slayings took place at the time it took place.

Christian Mammarella, an expert in recovering data, was the last witness before the prosecution rested its capital murder case against Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan on Thursday afternoon...."
brian rogers‏Verified account @brianjrogers Jul 23
Breaking: Houston judge orders arrest of no-show defense witness in ‘honor killings’ death penalty trial … #HouCrime #IrsanTrial

Suspect in Houston ‘honor killings’ death penalty trial wants to testify and ‘get the story out’

July 24, 2018

"...Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, 60, told state District Judge Jan Krocker on Monday that he understood the risks of taking the witness stand. He said he wants to give his account of the events surrounding the deaths in 2012 of his son-in law and his daughter’s close friend.

“I would rather meet my maker knowing that I did everything I could,” Irsan, a devout Muslim, told the judge in open court. “I don’t want to be convicted of something that I could have explained.”

Irsan spoke during a hearing outside the presence of the jury and prosecutors. His defense attorneys, Allen Tanner and Rudy Duarte, asked for the hearing to lodge their protests and state unequivocally that they think Irsan’s testimony is a bad idea.

“You understand that we are advising you that we should rest now, without having you testify,” Tanner told Irsan.

“You understand that between the two of us, we have 62 years of criminal law experience—nine death penalty trials, right?” Duarte said.

“I understand, and I think I should get the story out,” Irsan said. “I want to tell my story.”..."
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'Honor killing' trial: Sons of man accused of killing daughter's husband testify in court

July 24, 2018

"....On Tuesday afternoon, the defense attempted to use the testimony of three of Irsan's sons to undermine Nesreen Beaver’s earlier testimony.

She claimed she was the primary caregiver in an oppressive, sometimes violent home. The sons said on the stand that their father was not abusive. All three denied knowing anything about his stalking of the Beavers.

The sons said Irsan was upset when Nesreen ran away to be with Beavers, but not enraged as earlier witnesses testified...."

'Honor killing' trial: Sons of man accused of killing daughter's husband testify in court
Houston “honor killings" defendant calls prosecutors ‘devils,’ ‘evil’ outside murder trial

July 25, 2018

"A Jordanian immigrant on trial for allegedly plotting two “honor killings” shouted that prosecutors in his case are “devils” and “evil” as he was led from the courtroom late Tuesday, after cross-examination of his son who attempted to provide him with an alibi for one of the slayings.

Earlier, several jurors in the death penalty trial of Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, 60, expressed fear and concern to the judge for their safety and that of special prosecutors who had earlier cross-examined several of the accused man’s adult children. After the jurors shared their fears with state District Judge Jan Krocker, she issued an unusual warning to both prosectors and the defense team about the concerns jurors raised over Irsan’s emotional
Irsan’s emotional response to courtroom testimony continued after the jury, attorneys and judge had departed the courtroom, and while he was being led in handcuffs through the courtroom to a holding cell.

“Those prosecutors are devils,” he told a bailiff in a raised voice. “They want my life. I need to defend myself. The prosecutors are evil.”...

After testimony ended Tuesday, a Harris County Sheriff’s bailiff told the judge in open court that four jurors told him they intimidated by Irsan staring down prosecutor Marie Primm, and then making a hand gesture as though he was snapping a bundle of pencils.

“She had never seen that look of nastiness and was scared,” the bailiff, as he told the judge about one of the juror’s words.

Krocker alerted the special prosecutors including Primm, Anna Emmons and Jon Stephenson of the concerns. The judge denied a motion for a new trial from defense attorneys Allen Tanner and Rudy Duarte.

The commotion overshadowed dramatic testimony from Irsan’s 22-year-old son that his father could not have committed a murder on January 15, 2012, because his family was driving him to a pharmacy. The son said he was going through opioid withdrawals.

“I just remember the flashlight,” Niless Irsan told the jury about a traffic stop on the night in question....

...when Primm cross-examined him about taped jail conversations he had with his father, she was able to stir Ali Irsan’s ire.

“Do you remember saying, ‘I’m going to burn the whole country down if I have to,’ to which your father responded, ‘Please do,’” Primm asked.
“If you say it happened,” Niles Irsan said.

Earlier in the day, prosecutors dredged up a variety of family secrets as three of Irsan’s sons testified.

The prosecution said he disciplined his 12 children by tying them to a board then beating them and hitting them in the head with his cane. They also Irsan used his cane to whip a daughter who had cerebral palsy.

His sons, called as defense witnesses, strongly denied the allegations against their father.

“You are aware that your father tied his children to a board and beat them, correct?” asked Primm.

“Incorrect,” said Irsan’s 20-year-old son, Nader.

The 20-year-old gave contentious testimony for about two hours trying to shift blame for Beavers’ death to his mother and older brother, Nasim Irsan.

In his testimony, Nader Irsan said that his brother Nasim confessed to shooting Beavers.

“He admitted that he killed, and I quote, ‘the Beavers guy,’” Nader Irsan told the jury. “I told him to stop talking.”

The strategy emerging from the defense seems aimed at shifting the blame from Irsan to his son Nasim, and his wife, Shmou Alrawabdeh, for killing Beavers and Bagherzadeh....

... the defense called Nader Irsan, 20, Nadim Irsan, 18, and Niles Irsan, 22, to the witness stand as part of an effort to show that their sister Nesreen, whose husband and best friend were killed, was a sadistic disciplinarian who abused her younger siblings.

Niles testified that Nesreen beat him several times a times and also tortured him.

“I had vinegar injected into my femoral artery,” Niles Irsan said. “They tried to inject air, an air bubble, into my arteries to form an embolism. I had gas poured on me and was set on fire. My nose was broken. I was tied up and beaten. I was stabbed a few times.”

He gave few details about the allegations while being questioned by defense attorney Allen Tanner, but later said it was just his hand that was burned with gasoline...." Sharing Button&utm_medium=social
Found some tweets from yesterday:

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 20h20 hours ago
#honorkilling trial. Three sons of Ali Irsan testify. Say father was upset but not enraged when his daughter left home to be with boyfriend @kprc2

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 19h19 hours ago
Irsan expected to take the stand in his own defense #honorkilling @kprc2 @ Houston, Texas

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 19h19 hours ago
#breaking four jurors in Irsan trial pull aside bailiff, concerned about gesture they said they saw Irsan make towards a prosecutor @kprc2

And today:

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 3h3 hours ago
Attorney for Irsan asks judge to declare a mistrial after jurors approach bailiff concerned about jurors' concerns that Irsan made threatening gesture to prosecutor @kprc2 #honorkilling

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 3h3 hours ago
Son, Nile Irsan, is back on the stand. Under cross-examination by prosecutor now @KPRC2

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 3h3 hours ago
Son is off witness stand. Judge asked defense if there are any more witnesses. Defense attorney briefly goes into hall. Returns to court. Now approaching judge. Jury sent out of court @KPRC2

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 3h3 hours ago
#breaking Ali Irsan says he wants to testify. His attorney says he should not. Defendant says he will testify. Now Irsan called before judge. Judge explains Irsan must answer questions asked @KPRC2 Jury about to return to court. Shackles removed from Irsan's feet.

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 3h3 hours ago
#breaking Ali Irsan on stand @KPRC2 Questions begin.

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 3h3 hours ago
Ali Irsan talks about education when he grew up in Jordan @KPRC2

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 3h3 hours ago
Irsan explains childhood, Muslim faith and praying @KPRC2

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 3h3 hours ago
Irsan says his father was strict disciplinarian @KPRC2

Ryan Korsgard‏ @KPRC2Ryan 3h3 hours ago
Irsan says "he got beat" by his father after Irsan wrote a note to a girl when Irsan was 14 or 15 @KPRC2 Irsan says he once tried to commit suicide (many years ago) by taking 120 aspirin pills.

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