GUILTY TX - Gregory Biggs, 37, hit by car, stuck in windshield, Fort Worth, 26 Oct 2001

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    Remember this case? Here's an update:

    FORT WORTH — An appeals court upheld the murder conviction of a woman who ran over a homeless man and then left him to die after he became lodged in her windshield.

    Chante Mallard The Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth upheld Chante Mallard's conviction on Thursday. Her attorney had argued that the evidence was legally and factually insufficient to convict her in the death of Gregory Glenn Biggs.

    Mallard was convicted in 2003 and sentenced to 50 years in prison. She also received ten years for tampering with evidence for helping dump Biggs' body and burning one of her car seats in an attempted cover-up.

    Robert Ford, Mallard's appellate attorney, says he will take the case to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

    The prosecution argued that Mallard, by hitting Biggs, caused his death by driving home with the man in her windshield and then hiding him in her garage.

    The appeals court judges said evidence showed that the initial impact did not kill Biggs, but that Mallard's actions afterward ensured his death.


    "Her attorney had argued that the evidence was legally and factually insufficient to convict her . . . . "

    THERE'S A MAN STUCK IN HER WINDSHIELD. That's insufficient evidence????????
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    I do remember!!! How horrific. Wasn't she drinking or something? And decided she was too scared to call police so she parked the car in her garage and let him bleed to death?


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