TX - HCSO: Man shot by deputies after he opened fire

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    KATY -- Harris County Sheriff's deputies say they were forced to open fire on a man after he refused to drop his rifle and fired two shots at deputies Sunday night.


    Gilliland said the man may suffer from mental issues.


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    The suspect is alive. Interesting that police chose to shoot him in the leg. At least I'm assuming they shot him in the leg intentionally, and not because they are bad marksmen. I don't know enough from the article to determine if I think that was a good choice or not, to aim at the leg. In another situation, that decision could be fatal for the officer/s. An enraged, wounded perp may just shoot the officer and kill him or her.
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    "Deputies found the man in thebackyard, where they said he confronted them with his rifle and fired.
    "Deputies ordered him to drop the rifle that he had in his hand," said Deputy Thomas Gilliland. "He refused and at that point, he raised his rifle toward the first deputy that was standing near the gate along the side of the house and fired two times at that deputy. Our deputy returned fire."
    Shooting was April 12. http://www.click2houston.com/news/hcso-responding-to-deputyinvolved-shooting/32332500 April 13
    From checking Google Maps, houses on 19200 block of Rolling Sage in Katy are maybe 10-20 feet apart.
    Shooting in close quarters.
    Man w rifle (& mental health issues), expert marksman or first timer, presents danger in densely pop. neighborhood.


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