TX TX - Houston, HispFem Skeletal UP962, 25-45, on Cypress Creek bank, Jun'00

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    This case was updated in the Doe Network, 11/20/2011
    821UFTX, formerly Hot Case 104

    NAMUS link:

    NAMUS Rule Outs:
    Patricia Schmidt, VA

    Full DNA entered
    Dental chart in NAMUS

    Unidentified Female
    Date of Discovery: June 5, 2000
    Location of Discovery: Cypress Creek, Harris County, Texas
    Estimated Date of Death: 1-3 months prior to discovery
    State of Remains: Partial skeletal - missing one or both hands.
    Cause of Death: Unknown

    Estimated Age: 25-45 years old
    Race: White and/or Hispanic
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4'11" to 5'2"
    Weight: Unknown
    Hair Color: Unknown
    Eye Color: Unknown

    Distinguishing Marks/Features: Perimortem fractures of ribs 5-7 and nasal bone (possibly postmortem).

    Dentals: Available. Significant occlusal wear.
    Fingerprints: Not available.
    DNA: Available in FBI NMPDD (ref #F-2511MP).

    Clothing: Black elastic full brief female underwear with a bow in front, Limited Jeans blue jeans, and a thin brown belt with buckle made of vinyl-like material.

    Jewelry: None listed.

    Additional Personal Items: None listed.

    The victim's skeletal remains were on the Cypress Creek bank at 20333 F.M. 249 behind the Chasewood Bank. Scene investigators believe the remains washed down the creek during a period of flooding.

    If you have any information, please contact:
    Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences 713-796-9292
    Harris County Sheriff's Office713-221-6000

    ME Agency Case Number: ML00-1490
    LE Agency Case Number: 00-06051709 [35/173]
    NCIC Case Number: U120005250
    NamUs Case Number: MP/UP # 962
    Former Hot Case Number: 104

    I didn't find another thread for this UID. If there is one, please let me know and I'll merge them. Thanks.
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