TX - Hudson father, son charged in alleged gang rape of girl, 16

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    On March 5, the girl was at Johnson Jr.’s home at 431 Harris St. for a party and had been drinking when she was told by Johnson Jr., his juvenile brother and another man believed to be 21 years old to lie down on a mattress in the backyard. When she did so, the alleged sexual assault began, although she told the men to stop, the affidavit stated. Johnson Jr. is accused of forcing her to have sex with him and also sexually assaulting her with a beer bottle, according to the affidavit.

    Mother defends her sons/husband:


    Rodriguez went on to say she thinks the scenario is especially unlikely because it allegedly happened about 15 feet from her bedroom window and that Johnson Sr. was only at her home for 20 minutes before leaving for Center. There are neighbors within 30 feet on both sides of the residence, as well as dogs chained up in the backyard, she added.

    As for the alleged victim, Rodriguez said she hopes the girl recants her story.


    “We were riding around and Bubba told me that he did have sex with that one girl,” McCauley said. “He said he stuck a beer bottle up in her. He was trying to brag about it a little bit. He told me that it did hurt her a little. There were other boys back there. He didn’t tell me their names, though.”
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