GUILTY TX - Ishmael Lopez for setting fire to his mother & 2 others, Waco, 2007

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    WACO, Texas — A man burned his mother, aunt and another woman by dousing them with gasoline and setting them on fire Wednesday, police said.
    Waco police Sgt. Ryan Holt said Ishmael Reuben Lopez, 23, pulled a knife on his mother during an early morning argument at their home. When the other two women tried to stop Lopez, he retrieved a jug of gasoline, threw it on them and set them on fire, Holt said.
    Lopez, who ran away and remained missing Wednesday afternoon, apparently was burned in the attack, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported in its online edition Wednesday.
    Police have issued an arrest warrant charging Lopez with aggravated assault in connection with a previous unrelated incident.
    Holt said the women had severe burns and were moved from a Waco hospital to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. Their conditions were not immediately available.,2933,289841,00.html
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    What kind of a monster is this man :furious: What is going on...does everyone have a can of gasoline handy just in case they want to set their family members on fire? This is happening way to often. Those poor women and to think that one of their sons would do that to his mom. I hope they find this guy. Kind of hard for him to lie his way out of it if he got burned too.
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    Ishmael Reuben Lopez was sentenced to 35 years on 10/22/2008. Sentence expiration is 07/19/2042.

    I think it is a little scary that this guy will be walking the streets at some point. As he is only 25 there is a good chance he will outlive his sentence.

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