TX - Jay McDaniel & Sarah Olson, both 30, murdered, Cass County, 16 Nov 2009

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    CASS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Two people are found shot to death in East Texas, and there are no known suspects for the crime. It happened in Cass County on County Road 1114, located off Highway 59 between Linden and Atlanta Texas.

    The victims have been identified as Sarah Olson of Queens City, and Jay McDaniel of Hooks, Texas. Both were 30-years-old.

    Police say McDaniel was a prison guard with a TDC unit in New Boston. As for Olson we're still learning details on her. We do know the victims were found dead in a Ford Mustang, Wednesday morning.

    Thursday, forensic investigators were searching the car for clues and finger prints. The Mustang was found on a dead-end dirt county road Wednesday Morning around 10am.

    Authorities say Olson and McDaniel's bodies were found in the back seat.
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    hopefully they can get some fingerprints or dna. Found in the backseat makes me think someone else was driving and possibly had an accomplice to pick them up.

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